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rhodlirodlasem, rodla’, rodlaf, rodlai, rodlais, rodlaist, rodlan, rodlant, rodlasai, rodlasant, rodlent, rodlo, rodlasent, rodlasid, rodlasit, rodlasoch, rodlasom, rodlaswn, rodlech, rodled, rodlem, rodlasech, rodloch, rodler, rodles, rodlest, rodlet, rodli, rodlid, rodliff, rodlir, rodlith, rodla, rhodler, rodlodd, rodlom, rodlon, rodlont, rodlwch, rodlwn, rodlwyd, rodlwyf, rodlych, rhodlasent, rhodlaf, rhodlai, rhodlais, rhodlaist, rhodlan, rhodlant, rhodlasai, rhodlasant, rhodlasech, rhodlent, rhodla’, rhodlasid, rhodlasit, rhodlasoch, rhodlasom, rhodlaswn, rhodlech, rhodled, rhodlem, rhodlen, rhodlodd, rhodles, rhodlest, rhodlet, rhodli, rhodlid, rhodliff, rhodlir, rhodlith, rhodla, rhodloch, rhodlasem, rhodlom, rhodlon, rhodlont, rhodlwch, rhodlwn, rhodlwyd, rhodlwyf, rhodlych, rhodlorodl, rodlau, rodlen, rodlenni, rhodl, rhodlau, rhodlen, rhodlenni
Scull :
- Scullrhodliscullerrhodlisculls

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Noun(1) a long oar that is mounted at the stern of a boat and moved left and right to propel the boat forward(2) each of a pair of short oars that are used by a single oarsman(3) a racing shell that is propelled by sculls
Verb(1) propel with sculls

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(1) She sat up swiftly from the floor but found that her neck was very sore and her head pounded beneath her skull .(2) He looked over at Andy, who was trying to skull the whole lot in one go!(3) A post-mortem examination showed a fractured skull , with bone fragments pushing into the brain's membrane.(4) She dodged the flying body and kicked Lars hard enough to crush his skull .(5) All the blood cells are formed in the marrow of the flat bones such as the skull , breastbone and pelvis.(6) a skull crammed with too many thoughts(7) "This creature had enough power to crush a human skull , " Wroe said.(8) Feeling the headache come from within her skull , she headed to the water basin and splashed some water on her face.(9) He also told a male that the lump on his head was his skull .(10) The impact of the crash has fractured his skull and he won't stop bleeding.(11) But light sears in, and I shudder, my entire body retching in the pain of my head and my skull .(12) Generally, carnivore species are more dimorphic for canine measurements than for skull length.(13) Her thoughts ran around in her head, pounding her skull .(14) I felt its claws sink in my skull and shifted my head to look at it.(15) Even if the knock is not severe enough to cause the skull to fracture, the brain bangs against the skull and can be damaged.(16) The sound vibrations reverberate in the skull and heads towards the ear, where, we are assured, the diver can hear the conversation perfectly well.
1. head ::
2. skull ::
3. scalp ::
croen y pen
4. pericranium ::
5. cranium ::
6. death's-head ::
7. sharper ::
8. potsherd ::
9. thief ::
10. knave ::
11. cheat ::
12. pot ::
13. vessel ::
14. beggar's bowl ::
bowlen cardotyn yn
15. forehead ::
16. brow ::
17. front ::
18. doom ::
19. perigee ::
Different Forms
scull, sculled, sculler, sculling, sculls
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