English to Welsh Meaning :: send

anfon, danfon, ddanfon, gyrru, ngyrru, hel, nanfon, yrruanfon, anfonwch, hanfon, anfona’, anfonasai, anfonaf, anfonai, anfonais, anfonaist, anfonan, anfonant, anfonech, anfonasant, anfonasech, anfonasem, anfonasent, anfonasid, anfonasit, anfonasoch, anfonasom, anfonaswn, anfonem, anfoniff, danfonasit, anfonen, anfonent, anfoner, anfones, anfonest, anfonet, danfonodd, anfonid, anfona, anfonir, anfonith, anfono, anfonoch, anfonodd, anfonom, anfonon, anfoni, danfonan, anfonwyd, anfonwyf, anfonych, danfona, danfona’, danfonaf, danfonai, danfonais, danfonasoch, anfonwn, danfonant, danfonasai, danfonasant, danfonasech, danfonasem, danfonasent, danfonasid, ddanfonasech, danfonet, danfonaswn, danfonech, danfoned, danfonem, danfonen, danfonent, danfoner, anfonont, danfonest, danfonasom, danfoni, danfonid, danfoniff, danfonir, danfonith, danfono, danfonoch, danfones, ddanfona’, danfonon, danfonont, danfonwch, danfonwn, danfonwyd, danfonwyf, danfonych, ddanfonasant, ddanfona, danfonom, ddanfonaf, ddanfonai, ddanfonais, ddanfonaist, ddanfonan, ddanfonant, ddanfonasai, denfyn, ddanfonem, ddanfonasem, ddanfonasent, ddanfonasid, ddanfonasit, ddanfonasoch, ddanfonasom, ddanfonaswn, gyrren, ddanfoned, gyrasech, ddanfonen, ddanfonent, ddanfoner, ddanfones, ddanfonest, ddanfonet, ddanfoni, ddanfonech, ddanfonwn, ddanfonir, ddanfonith, ddanfono, ddanfonoch, ddanfonodd, ddanfonom, ddanfonon, gyrasant, ddanfonwch, ddanfoniff, ddanfonwyd, ddanfonwyf, ddanfonych, ddenfyn, enfyn, gyr, gyrasai, ddanfonont, gyrraf, gyrasem, gyrasent, gyrasid, gyrasit, gyrasoch, gyrasom, gyraswn, ddanfonid, gyrra’, anfoned, gyrrai, gyrrais, gyrraist, gyrran, gyrrant, gyrrech, gyrred, gyrra, gyrro, gyrrer, gyrres, gyrrest, gyrret, gyrri, gyrrid, gyrriff, gyrrir, gyrrwyf, hanfonant, gyrroch, gyrrodd, gyrrom, gyrron, gyrront, gyrrwch, gyrrwn, gyrrwyd, gyrrith, gyrrent, yrrais, gyrrych, hanfona, hanfona’, hanfonaf, hanfonai, hanfonais, hanfonaist, hanfonan, hanfonom, hanfonasai, hanfonasant, hanfonasech, hanfonasem, hanfonasent, hanfonasid, hanfonasit, helasem, hanfonet, hanfonaswn, hanfonech, hanfoned, hanfonem, hanfonen, hanfonent, hanfoner, hanfones, hanfonodd, hanfonasom, hanfoni, hanfonid, hanfoniff, hanfonir, hanfonith, hanfono, hanfonoch, hanfonest, helaf, hanfonon, hanfonont, hanfonwch, hanfonwn, hanfonwyd, hanfonwyf, hanfonych, hanfonasoch, hela’, yrrer, helai, helais, helaist, helan, helant, helasai, helasant, hela, helem, gyrrem, helasent, helasid, helasit, helasoch, helasom, helaswn, helech, heliff, helwch, helen, helent, heler, heles, helest, helet, heli, helid, helwn, helir, helith, helo, heloch, helodd, helom, helon, helont, helasech, heled, helwyd, helwyf, helych, henfyn, yrasai, yrasant, yrasech, yrasem, yrres, yrasid, yrasit, yrasoch, yrasom, yraswn, yrra, yrra’, yrraf, yrrai, yrroch, yrraist, yrran, yrrant, yrrech, yrred, yrrem, yrren, yrrent, yrrodd, yrrest, yrret, yrri, yrrid, yrriff, yrrir, yrrith, yrro, yrasent, danfonaist, yrrom, yrron, yrront, yrrwch, yrrwn, yrrwyd, yrrwyf, yrrych
Send :
- anfonanfonanfon

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Verb(1) cause to go somewhere(2) to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place(3) cause to be directed or transmitted to another place(4) transport commercially(5) assign to a station(6) transfer(7) cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution(8) broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

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(1) The enchanting vivaciousness his women exude could send any man into ecstasy.(2) many parents prefer to send their children to single-sex schools(3) To return merchandise, pack it carefully (use the original packing material if possible) and send it back to us with a copy of your shipment receipt.(4) you must send us the application form by post(5) Jade Emperor cried, and he summoned Mountain God, ordering him to send mountains to fall upon the dragons.(6) it's the spectacle and music that send us, not the words(7) It would be very interesting to know the exact timing of the order to send the unarmed planes after Flight 93.(8) we'll send a representative(9) The case was heard at Andover, which has custody facilities, in case the magistrates decided to send Little to prison.(10) This was a daunting task as funds had to be raised in order to send the athletes over.(11) The United Nations announced yesterday that hundreds of staff in Pakistan and India were ordered to send their families home in the next few days.(12) We'll send letters and post notices exactly as we've done before.(13) he asked them to send a doctor(14) Eighteen months earlier she had helped send Coburn to prison as a prosecution witness in an armed robbery case.(15) send your document as a PDF attachment(16) tell them I send my regards
Related Words
(1) to send ::
i anfon
1. dispatch ::
2. call for ::
galw am
3. propel ::
4. get off ::
ddod oddi ar
5. place ::
6. commit ::
7. direct ::
8. mail ::
9. broadcast ::
10. transport ::
11. send out ::
1. accept ::
2. receive ::
Different Forms
send, sending, sends
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

They didn\'t exactly send
their A players.

They didn't exactly SEND their A players.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 13

you send him home.

you SEND him home.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 8

Maybe you should send us
that questionnaire.

Maybe you should SEND us that questionnaire.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 3

You hear me?
Send a raven and put an end to it.

You hear me? Send a raven and put an end to it.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 6

Okay, that\'s morbid. Send it back.

Okay, that's morbid. Send it back.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 9

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