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synnwyr, ystyr, hystyr, hystyron, ystyronsynhwyro, hymdeimlo, ymdeimlosynhwyro, synhwyraf, synhwyrai, synhwyrasem, synhwyrais, synhwyraist, synhwyran, synhwyrant, synhwyrasai, synhwyrasant, synhwyrasech, synhwyrent, synhwyrasent, synhwyrasid, synhwyrasit, synhwyrasoch, synhwyrasom, synhwyraswn, synhwyrech, synhwyred, synhwyrem, synhwyren, synhwyrer, synhwyrom, synhwyres, synhwyrest, synhwyret, synhwyri, synhwyrid, synhwyriff, synhwyrir, synhwyrith, ymdeimla’, synhwyrodd, synhwyra’, synhwyron, synhwyront, synhwyrwch, synhwyrwn, synhwyrwyd, synhwyrwyf, synhwyrych, synhwyra, synhwyroch, ymdeimlasid, ymdeimlai, ymdeimlais, ymdeimlaist, ymdeimlan, ymdeimlant, ymdeimlasai, ymdeimlasant, ymdeimlasech, ymdeimlent, ymdeimlasent, ymdeimlaf, ymdeimlasit, ymdeimlasoch, ymdeimlasom, ymdeimlaswn, ymdeimlech, ymdeimled, ymdeimlem, ymdeimlen, ymdeimlasem, ymdeimlodd, ymdeimles, ymdeimlest, ymdeimlet, ymdeimli, ymdeimlid, ymdeimliff, ymdeimlir, ymdeimlith, ymdeimla, ymdeimloch, ymdeimler, ymdeimlom, ymdeimlon, ymdeimlont, ymdeimlwch, ymdeimlwn, ymdeimlwyd, ymdeimlwyf, ymdeimlych, ymdeimlo
Sense :
- synnwyrsynhwyrosynhwyrausynhwyro

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Noun(1) a general conscious awareness(2) the meaning of a word or expression; the way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted(3) the faculty through which the external world is apprehended(4) sound practical judgment(5) a natural appreciation or ability
Verb(1) perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles(2) detect some circumstance or entity automatically(3) become aware of not through the senses but instinctively(4) comprehend

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(1) I can see the sense in their proposal(2) Animals do not have rights in the accepted sense of the word.(3) She had been able to sense these things, but never been able to place a finger on anything.(4) she has a sense of propriety(5) That is not hypocrisy or betrayal, but simply rationality and good sense .(6) She couldn't explain it but she felt a sense of urgency that she should keep running.(7) Appealing to one's rational sense in their moment of deep anguish and distress is indeed a difficult task.(8) he could sense that he wasn't liked(9) If we suffer for no reason, if we can find no sense , no reason to our suffering, it makes us crazy.(10) dogs have a keen sense of smell(11) he earned respect by the good sense he showed at meetings(12) But mention the impending transfer deadline and the banalities are overwhelmed by his sense of urgency.(13) Taking into account the needs of suppliers is again a combination of shrewd business sense and good ethical practice.(14) she had enough sense not to do it again(15) I think that they still have a tremendous sense of the importance of tradition and of duty.(16) I could sense his great urgency to unload what he had been through.
Related Words
(1) make sense ::
gwneud synnwyr
1. sensory faculty ::
cyfadran synhwyraidd
2. feeling ::
3. appreciation ::
4. wisdom ::
5. purpose ::
6. meaning ::
7. good sense ::
synnwyr da
8. signified ::
10. discern ::
11. smell ::
12. feel ::
1. indiscretion ::
Different Forms
sense, sensed, senses, sensing
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