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gragen, cragen, chragen, nghragen, blisgyn, plisgyn, phlisgyn, phlisg, plisg, mhlisgyn, mhlisg, masglau, masgl, nghrogen, blisg, grogen, crogen, fasglau, fasgl, chrogendisbeinio, masglo, mhlisgo, nisbeinio, plisgoblisgasem, blisgaf, blisgai, blisgais, blisgaist, blisgan, blisgant, blisgasai, blisged, blisgasech, blisga’, blisgasent, blisgasid, blisgasit, blisgasoch, blisgasom, blisgaswn, blisgech, blisgasant, blisgiff, blisgem, blisgen, blisgent, blisger, blisges, blisgest, blisget, blisgi, disbeiniodd, disbeiniasid, blisgir, blisgith, blisgo, blisgoch, blisgodd, blisgom, blisgon, blisgid, disbeiniais, blisgwn, blisgwyd, blisgwyf, blisgych, disbeini, disbeinia, disbeinia’, disbeiniasent, disbeiniai, blisgwch, disbeiniaist, disbeinian, disbeiniant, disbeiniasai, disbeiniasant, disbeiniasech, disbeiniasem, disbeiniaf, disbeinient, disbeiniasit, disbeiniasoch, disbeiniasom, disbeiniaswn, disbeinid, disbeiniech, disbeinied, blisgont, disbeinien, ddisbeiniont, disbeinier, disbeinies, disbeiniest, disbeiniet, disbeiniff, disbeinio, disbeinioch, disbeiniem, ddisbeini, disbeinion, disbeiniont, disbeinir, disbeinith, disbeiniwch, disbeiniwn, disbeiniwyd, ddisbeiniant, disbeiniych, disbeiniom, ddisbeinia, ddisbeinia’, ddisbeiniaf, ddisbeiniai, ddisbeiniais, ddisbeiniaist, ddisbeinian, disbeiniwyf, ddisbeiniaswn, ddisbeiniasai, ddisbeiniasant, ddisbeiniasech, ddisbeiniasem, ddisbeiniasent, ddisbeiniasid, ddisbeiniasit, ddisbeiniasoch, blisga, fasglai, ddisbeinid, ddisbeiniech, ddisbeinied, ddisbeiniem, ddisbeinien, ddisbeinient, ddisbeinier, ddisbeiniasom, ddisbeinir, ddisbeiniest, ddisbeiniet, ddisbeiniff, ddisbeinio, ddisbeinioch, ddisbeiniodd, ddisbeiniom, ddisbeinion, fasglaf, fasglasem, ddisbeinith, ddisbeiniwch, ddisbeiniwn, ddisbeiniwyd, ddisbeiniwyf, ddisbeiniych, fasgla, fasgla’, fasglasent, fasglais, fasglaist, fasglan, fasglant, fasglasai, fasglasant, fasglasech, ddisbeinies, plisgith, fasglasid, fasglasit, fasglasoch, fasglasom, fasglaswn, fasglech, fasgled, fasglem, fasglo, fasgler, fasgles, fasglest, fasglet, fasgli, fasglid, fasgliff, fasglwyd, fasglith, fasglent, fasgloch, fasglodd, fasglom, fasglon, fasglont, fasglwch, fasglwn, fasglir, masglasai, fasglych, masgla, masgla’, masglaf, masglai, masglais, masglaist, plisgasem, masglant, masglon, masglasant, masglasech, masglasem, masglasent, masglasid, masglasit, masglasoch, masglan, masglet, masglaswn, masglech, masgled, masglem, masglen, masglent, masgler, masgles, masglom, plisga’, masgli, masglid, masgliff, masglir, masglith, masglo, masgloch, masglodd, plisgaf, masglont, masglwch, masglwn, masglwyd, masglwyf, masglych, plisga, masglasom, fasglwyf, plisgai, plisgais, plisgaist, plisgan, plisgant, plisgasai, plisgasant, plisgasech, plisger, plisgasit, plisgasoch, plisgasom, plisgaswn, plisgech, plisged, plisgir, plisgen, plisgent, plisgasid, plisges, plisgest, plisget, plisgi, plisgid, plisgiff, plisgem, phlisgest, plisgwyf, plisgo, plisgoch, plisgodd, plisgom, plisgon, plisgont, plisgwch, fasglen, plisgwyd, phlisget, plisgych, phlisga, phlisga’, phlisgaf, phlisgai, phlisgais, plisgwn, plisgasent, phlisgasom, phlisgant, phlisgasai, phlisgasant, phlisgasech, phlisgasem, phlisgasent, phlisgasid, phlisges, phlisgasoch, phlisgan, phlisgaswn, phlisgech, phlisged, phlisgem, phlisgen, phlisgent, phlisger, phlisgasit, phlisgom, phlisgi, phlisgid, phlisgiff, phlisgir, phlisgith, phlisgo, phlisgaist, phlisgodd, masglest, phlisgon, phlisgont, phlisgwch, phlisgwn, phlisgwyd, phlisgwyf, phlisgych, phlisgoch
Shell :
- cragenplisgynshellerbomiocregyn

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Noun(1) ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun(2) the material that forms the hard outer covering of many animals(3) hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles(4) the hard usually fibrous outer layer of some fruits especially nuts(5) the exterior covering of a bird's egg(6) a rigid covering that envelops an object(7) a very light narrow racing boat(8) the housing or outer covering of something(9) a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners(10) the hard largely calcareous covering of a mollusc or a brachiopod
Verb(1) use explosives on(2) create by using explosives(3) fall out of the pod or husk(4) hit the pitches of hard and regularly(5) look for and collect shells by the seashore(6) come out better in a competition, race, or conflict(7) remove from its shell or outer covering(8) remove the husks from

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(1) she'll soon come out of her shell with the right encouragement(2) Fill the shell with batter and pour into the hot oil to make jalebis.(3) The building was a shell with the roof having fallen in and walls caving in.(4) It is a nursery of humanity that cares for blending values with education, moulds character with learning and supplies substance to the shell of symbols.(5) This one hatched faster than the first, fierce little claws punching through the fragile shell and scrabbling to get free.(6) The charred shell of this once-fine building has for too long been a blot on the landscape, holding back the regeneration of the streets around it.(7) Thankfully the fire crew didn't need to use their cutting equipment and managed to coax the tortoise out of his shell by poking around inside.(8) My uncle drives a sleek black sports car, shiny as a beetle's shell .(9) Thus far, you have an FTP client and a shell busily tidying up your home directory.(10) The soldiers found sarin gas in an artillery shell that exploded while bomb disposal experts were diffusing it.(11) Even when the shell of a vehicle already exists, as it did in this case, the vehicle-design schedule traditionally spans about three years.(12) Dragging his shell along, the turtle continues his journey.(13) My medical training exposed me to what a mine, a bullet, a grenade, an artillery shell or poisonous gas could do to a body.(14) he was a shell of the man he had been previously(15) The beauty of remodeling a garage is that the shell of the building - often with both electricity and plumbing - already exists.(16) The bushy head vanished under the cape, like a tortoise withdrawing into its shell .
Related Words
(1) shell out ::
gragen allan
1. carapace ::
2. pod ::
3. projectile ::
4. framework ::
5. shield ::
6. plate ::
7. eggshell ::
blisgyn wy
8. casing ::
9. hull ::
10. bombard ::
11. crush ::
12. blast ::
13. husk ::
1. inside ::
y tu mewn
2. interior ::
Different Forms
shell, shelled, sheller, shelling, shells, shelly
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