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anghofio, sielffoanghofiem, anghofia, anghofia’, anghofiaf, anghofiai, anghofiais, anghofiaist, anghofian, anghofiant, anghofiasai, anghofiasant, anghofiodd, anghofiasem, anghofiasent, anghofiasid, anghofiasit, anghofiasoch, anghofiasom, anghofiaswn, anghofid, anghofiech, anghofied, anghofiom, anghofien, anghofient, anghofier, anghofies, anghofiest, anghofiet, anghofiff, anghofio, anghofioch, anghofi, anghofiasech, anghofion, anghofiont, anghofir, anghofith, anghofiwch, anghofiwn, anghofiwyd, anghofiwyf, anghofiych, hanghofiem, hanghofia, hanghofia’, hanghofiaf, hanghofiai, hanghofiais, hanghofiaist, hanghofian, hanghofiant, hanghofiasai, hanghofiasant, hanghofiodd, hanghofiasem, hanghofiasent, hanghofiasid, hanghofiasit, hanghofiasoch, hanghofiasom, hanghofiaswn, hanghofid, hanghofiech, hanghofied, hanghofiom, hanghofien, hanghofient, hanghofier, hanghofies, hanghofiest, hanghofiet, hanghofiff, hanghofio, hanghofioch, hanghofi, hanghofiasech, hanghofion, hanghofiont, hanghofir, hanghofith, hanghofiwch, hanghofiwn, hanghofiwyd, hanghofiwyf, hanghofiych
Shelve :
- gohiriosilffoeddsilffoeddsilffoedd

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Verb(1) hold back to a later time(2) place on a shelf

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(1) The children seemed a little disappointed that a ride in the rubber boat was not included in their tour, but they found plenty to interest them in the rock pools in the cave and on the rock shelf .(2) It occurs in mudstones that were deposited at outer shelf or bathyal depths and in flysch facies that were deposited at bathyal depths or greater.(3) Recruitment patterns of these species along the shelf were then used to infer water-mass distributions along the shelf .(4) The rock shelf came to an end as the cliff stopped, and at the end was a thirty-foot drop into the lagoon.(5) I wanted to get a photo of the Gram Parsons BBQ pit from a small shelf in the rock above.(6) A shelf along one wall provides extra space for smaller plants.(7) Heading up Leck Fell Lane, past the cascade marking the start of the Cigalere, we continued upstream until arriving at the nice flowstone shelf with loads of straws.(8) Later, he tries another, trickier approach, via an overhanging shelf of rock and ice.(9) As the water went down, one of the aquarists placed some of the eggs that had fallen from the sides of the tank on a rock shelf .(10) This problem with the sediment trap technique is probably restricted to the continental slope and shelf and will not occur over abyssal depths.(11) The boy grabbed a lantern off a shelf and lit it, and they continued down the dark hallway.(12) Limestone deposition will then result by retrogradation from the adjoining shelf during continuous transgression.(13) There were, broadly speaking, three tracts of relevant land: there is the rock shelf , which was tidal(14) Each bank has a marginal shelf , which during the summer is covered in lilies.(15) From the cave I like to follow the reef up past a shelf at 12m to a window in the rocks at just less than 10m.(16) Figure 6 shows outcrop Al as a representative example of the shelf to shoreface successions on the footwall of the Jalan Tutong Fault.
1. postpone ::
3. delay ::
4. defer ::
5. put back ::
rhoi yn ôl
6. reschedule ::
8. put to one side ::
rhoi o'r neilltu
9. suspend ::
10. stay ::
11. keep in abeyance ::
cadwch ar encil
12. mothball ::
rhoi heibio
13. abandon ::
rhoi'r gorau
14. drop ::
15. give up ::
rhoi'r gorau iddi
16. stop ::
rhoi'r gorau i
17. cancel ::
18. jettison ::
19. ax ::
20. put over ::
roi dros
21. table ::
22. take a rain check on ::
cymryd siec glaw ar
23. put on ice ::
roi ar iâ
24. put on the back burner ::
rhoi o'r neilltu
25. put in cold storage ::
rhoi mewn storfa oer
26. ditch ::
27. dump ::
28. junk ::
Different Forms
shelve, shelved, shelves, shelving
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