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gwthio, gwthiasit, gwthia, gwthiasid, gwthiasent, gwthiasem, gwthiasech, gwthiasant, gwthiasai, gwthiant, gwthian, gwthiaist, gwthiais, gwthiai, gwthiaf, gwthia’, gwthiodd, hergydiem, gwthiasom, gwthiaswn, gwthid, gwthiech, gwthied, gwthiem, gwthien, gwthient, gwthier, gwthies, gwthiest, gwthiet, gwthiff, gwthioch, hwpiest, gwthiom, gwthion, gwthiont, gwthir, gwthith, gwthiwch, gwthiwn, gwthiwyd, gwthiwyf, gwthiych, hergydi, hergydia, hergydia’, hergydiaf, hergydiai, hergydiais, gwthiasoch, hergydian, hergydiant, hergydiasai, hergydiasant, hergydiasech, hergydiasem, hergydiasent, hergydiasid, hergydiasit, hergydiasoch, hergydiasom, hergydiaswn, hergydid, hergydiech, hergydied, saca, hergydien, hergydient, hergydier, hergydies, hergydiest, hergydiet, hergydiff, hergydio, hergydioch, hergydiodd, hergydiom, hergydion, hergydiont, hergydir, hergydith, hergydiwch, hergydiwn, hergydiwyd, hergydiwyf, hergydiych, hwpi, hwpia, hwpia’, hwpiaf, hwpiai, hwpiais, hwpiaist, hwpian, hwpiant, hwpiasai, hwpiasant, hwpiasech, hwpiasem, hwpiasent, hwpiasid, hwpiasit, hwpiasoch, hwpiasom, hwpiaswn, hwpid, hwpiech, hwpied, hwpiem, hwpien, hwpient, hwpier, hwpies, wthiasant, hwpiet, hwpiff, hwpio, hwpioch, hwpiodd, hwpiom, hwpion, hwpiont, hwpir, hwpith, hwpiwch, hwpiwn, hwpiwyd, hwpiwyf, gwthi, sacasoch, sacasom, saca’, sacaf, sacai, sacais, sacaist, sacan, sacant, sacasai, sacasant, sacasech, sacasem, sacasent, sacasid, sacasit, sechem, saco, sacaswn, sacech, saced, sacem, sacen, sacent, sacer, saces, sacest, sacet, saci, sacid, saciff, sacir, sacoch, sacwn, sechais, sechai, sechaf, secha’, secha, sacych, sacwyf, sacwyd, sechaist, sacwch, sacont, sacon, sacom, sacodd, sechent, sacith, sechan, sechant, sechasai, sechasant, sechasech, sechasem, sechasent, sechasid, sechasit, sechasoch, sechasom, sechaswn, sechech, seched, sechon, sechont, hwpiych, secher, seches, sechest, sechet, sechi, sechid, sechiff, sechir, sechith, secho, sechoch, sechodd, sechom, wthiych, sechen, sechwch, sechwn, sechwyd, sechwyf, sechych, wthi, wthia, wthia’, wthiaf, wthiai, wthiais, wthiaist, wthian, wthiasai, wthies, wthiest, wthiasem, wthiasent, wthiasid, wthiasit, wthiasoch, wthiasom, wthiaswn, wthid, wthiech, wthied, wthiem, wthien, wthient, wthier, hergydiaist, wthiasech, wthiet, wthiff, wthio, wthioch, wthiodd, wthiom, wthion, wthiont, wthir, wthith, wthiwch, wthiwn, wthiwyd, wthiwyfgwthio, ngwthio, hergydio, hwpio, hwpo, saco, sechihwb, gwthiad, gwthiadau, gwthiau, ngwth, ngwthiad, ngwthiadau, ngwthiau, gwth, hergwd, hwp, hyrddiad, hyrddiadau, wth, wthiad, wthiadau, wthiau
Shove :
- gwthioGwthioddshovesgwthio

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Noun(1) the act of shoving (giving a push to someone or something
Verb(1) come into rough contact with while moving(2) push roughly(3) press or force

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(1) When the other kid made to shove past Dustin, I stuck my foot into the aisle and sent him flying.(2) Jamie gave Alex a shove in the shoulder, pushing him toward the side gate.(3) He started to walk past me, out of the kitchen, but I blocked him, giving him a little shove on the shoulders.(4) With a strong shove , he slides the book over to her.(5) I should have told the boss to shove it(6) She moved to the massive cherrywood table and began to shove her notebooks and text books into her leather backpack.(7) Then, after giving Estes a slight shove , she turns to the rest of us.(8) With a strong shove , they were pushed away from the dock and out into the murky waters.(9) ÔÇÿYou don't look so bad yourselfÔÇÖ I said while giving him a playful shove on the shoulder.(10) From behind me, a rough shove almost knocked me off my feet.(11) she gave him a hefty shove and he nearly fell(12) Bryan looked like the kind of jock who would shove past me in the hallway and laugh when I fell.(13) Liz placed both of her hands on his shoulders, tried to shove him away but failed miserably.(14) He shouted, recovering quickly from her shove and pushing her back equally hard.(15) I quickly shove past him and run down the sidewalk towards my house.(16) The soldier tried to shove past the innkeeper, but to no avail.
Related Words
(1) shove off ::
gwthio i ffwrdd
1. push ::
2. push ::
4. squeeze ::
5. jostle ::
Different Forms
shove, shoved, shoves, shoving
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