English to Welsh Meaning :: simmer

fudferwi, mudferwi, mudferwch, crychferwasent, crychferwasit, crychferwasem, crychferwasech, crychferwasant, crychferwasai, crychferwant, crychferwan, crychferwaist, crychferwais, crychferwai, crychferwaf, crychferwa’, crychferwes, crychferwasid, chrychferwasem, crychferwasoch, crychferwasom, crychferwaswn, crychferwch, crychferwech, crychferwed, crychferwem, crychferwen, crychferwent, crychferwer, crychferwi, crychferwych, chrychferwodd, crychferwid, crychferwiff, crychferwir, crychferwith, crychferwn, crychferwo, crychferwoch, crychferwodd, crychferwom, crychferwon, crychferwont, chrychferwasech, crychferwet, crychferwyf, chrychferwa, chrychferwa’, chrychferwaf, chrychferwai, chrychferwais, chrychferwaist, chrychferwan, chrychferwant, chrychferwasai, chrychferwasant, chrychferwent, fudferwed, chrychferwer, chrychferwasent, chrychferwasid, chrychferwasit, chrychferwasoch, chrychferwasom, chrychferwaswn, chrychferwch, chrychferwech, chrychferwed, chrychferwem, chrychferwen, fudferwech, crychferwa, chrychferwes, chrychferwest, chrychferwet, chrychferwi, chrychferwid, chrychferwiff, chrychferwir, chrychferwith, chrychferwn, chrychferwo, chrychferwoch, fudferwan, fudferwasai, chrychferwon, chrychferwont, chrychferwych, chrychferwyd, chrychferwyf, fudferwa, fudferwa’, fudferwaf, fudferwai, fudferwais, fudferwaist, crychferwest, fudferwant, chrychferwom, fudferwasant, fudferwasech, fudferwasem, fudferwasent, fudferwasid, fudferwasit, fudferwasoch, fudferwasom, fudferwaswn, fudferwch, grychferwaist, fudferwoch, fudferwen, fudferwent, fudferwer, fudferwes, fudferwest, fudferwet, fudferwid, fudferwiff, fudferwir, fudferwith, fudferwn, fudferwo, grychferwiff, fudferwodd, fudferwom, fudferwon, fudferwont, fudferwych, fudferwyd, fudferwyf, grychferwa, grychferwa’, grychferwaf, grychferwith, grychferwais, grychferwaswn, grychferwch, grychferwan, grychferwant, grychferwasai, grychferwasant, grychferwasech, grychferwasem, grychferwasent, grychferwasid, grychferwasit, grychferwasoch, grychferwasom, mudferwiff, grychferwai, grychferwech, grychferwed, grychferwem, grychferwen, grychferwent, grychferwer, grychferwes, grychferwest, grychferwet, grychferwi, grychferwid, grychferwir, mudferwa’, fudferwem, grychferwn, grychferwo, grychferwoch, grychferwodd, grychferwom, grychferwon, grychferwont, grychferwych, grychferwyd, grychferwyf, mudferwa, mudferwyf, mudferwaf, mudferwai, mudferwais, mudferwaist, mudferwan, mudferwant, mudferwasai, mudferwasant, mudferwasech, mudferwasem, mudferwasent, mudferwasid, mudferwid, mudferwasoch, mudferwasom, mudferwaswn, mudferwech, mudferwed, mudferwem, mudferwen, mudferwent, mudferwer, mudferwes, mudferwest, mudferwet, crychferwyd, mudferwasit, mudferwir, mudferwith, mudferwn, mudferwo, mudferwoch, mudferwodd, mudferwom, mudferwon, mudferwont, mudferwych, mudferwydmudferwi, crychferwi, nghrychferwi
Simmer :
- fudferwisimmeredmudferwisimmers

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Noun(1) temperature just below the boiling point
Verb(1) boil slowly at low temperature

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(1) simmer the sauce gently until thickened(2) To finish the shrimp, in a medium saucepan, bring three cups of the warm reserved bisque to a simmer .(3) In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the chicken stock to a simmer and maintain the head.(4) The water began to simmer , several lines of bubbles winding their way to the top.(5) Bring to a simmer and place the chicken wings around the perimeter of the pan.(6) Reduce the heat and maintain at a simmer until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, about five minutes.(7) Members of the missing Japanese citizens' families continue to simmer with anger after the three rounds of inconclusive talks.(8) Reduce the heat and maintain at a simmer until the sides begin to brown, about five minutes.(9) Reduce to a simmer and leave, approximately 30 minutes, until the liquid has reduced and the mixture starts to caramelize.(10) Bring to a gentle simmer and cook for 10-15 minutes, until the blackcurrants are completely soft and the juices have run.(11) She came into the foyer, her arms crossed, ready to bring the boiling situation back down to a small simmer .(12) Reduce the heat to a simmer , then cook for about 25 minutes until the lentils are tender.(13) Would you simply simmer with resentment, or would you chalk it up, perhaps, to the colleague's superior level of experience?(14) Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook, stirring constantly, for 3 minutes.(15) Reduce your boiling water to a simmer , and plop two raw bagels in the water.(16) Bring to a simmer , place in oven and cook until meat is tender, about two hours.
Related Words
(1) simmer down ::
mudferwi i lawr
1. boil gently ::
berwch yn ysgafn
2. cook gently ::
coginio yn ysgafn
3. bubble ::
4. stew ::
Different Forms
simmer, simmered, simmering, simmers
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