English to Welsh Meaning :: slander

athrod, anair, athrodion, hanair, hathrod, hathrodionathrodi, absennais, absennan, absennai, absennaf, absenna’, absenna, absenaswn, absenasom, absenasoch, absenasit, absenasid, absenasent, absenasem, absenasech, absenasant, absennir, absennaist, athroden, absennant, absennech, absenned, absennem, absennen, absennent, absenner, absennes, absennest, absennet, absenni, absennid, absenniff, absennith, absenno, absennoch, absennodd, absennom, absennon, absennont, absennwch, absennwn, absennwyd, absennwyf, absennych, athroda, athroda’, athrodaf, athrodai, athrodais, athrodem, athrodan, athrodant, athrodasai, athrodasant, athrodasech, athrodasem, athrodasent, athrodasid, athrodasit, athrodasoch, athrodasom, athrodaswn, athrodech, athroded, athrodont, athrodwch, athrodent, athroder, athrodes, athrodest, athrodet, athrodid, athrodiff, athrodir, athrodith, athrodo, athrodoch, athrododd, athrodom, athrodon, absenasai, duych, athrodwn, athrodwyd, athrodwyf, athrodych, dua, dua’, duaf, duai, duais, duaist, duan, duant, duasai, duasant, duest, duet, duasem, duasent, duasid, duasit, duasoch, duasom, duaswn, duech, dued, duem, duen, duent, duer, dues, hathrodasech, duasech, dui, duid, duiff, duir, duith, duo, duoch, duodd, duom, duon, duont, duwch, duwn, duwyd, habsennent, ddua, ddua’, dduai, dduais, dduaist, dduan, dduant, dduasai, dduasant, dduasech, dduasem, dduasent, dduasid, dduasit, dduasoch, dduasom, dduaswn, dduech, dduem, dduen, dduent, dduer, ddues, dduest, dduet, ddui, dduid, dduiff, dduir, dduith, dduo, dduodd, dduwyf, habsenasit, habsenasid, habsenasent, habsenasem, habsenasech, habsenasant, habsenasai, dduych, habsenasoch, dduwyd, dduwn, dduwch, dduont, dduom, hathrodi, dduoch, habsenasom, habsenaswn, habsenna, habsenna’, habsennaf, habsennai, habsennais, habsennaist, habsennan, habsennant, habsennech, habsenned, habsennem, habsennen, habsennont, habsennwch, habsenner, habsennes, habsennest, habsennet, habsenni, habsennid, habsenniff, habsennir, habsennith, habsenno, habsennoch, habsennodd, habsennom, habsennon, hathrodych, duwyf, habsennwn, habsennwyd, habsennwyf, habsennych, hathroda, hathroda’, hathrodaf, hathrodai, hathrodais, hathrodaist, hathrodan, hathrodant, hathrodasai, hathrodasant, hathrodasem, hathrodasent, hathrodasid, hathrodasit, hathrodasoch, hathrodasom, hathrodaswn, hathrodech, hathroded, hathrodem, hathroden, hathrodent, hathroder, hathrodes, hathrodest, hathrodet, athrodaist, hathrodid, hathrodiff, hathrodir, hathrodith, hathrodo, hathrodoch, hathrododd, hathrodom, hathrodon, hathrodont, hathrodwch, hathrodwn, hathrodwyd, hathrodwyfathrodi, absennu, duo, habsennu, nuo
Slander :
- athrodenllibioddslandererenllibioathrodus

Show English Meaning

Noun(1) words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another(2) an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
Verb(1) charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone

Show Examples

(1) A slander case with global connections has been simmering in Chinatown since November.(2) No need to set him off on a slander suit.(3) Not long ago, however, the vice president filed a slander suit against some members of the Taiwan media.(4) he is suing the TV network for slander(5) In the hope that the professor has since repented of such vicious slander , I do not mention the name.(6) The defendants are further entitled to know who allegedly uttered the slander , what was said and to whom.(7) Libel and slander laws are commonly used to punish unacceptable speech.(8) he is suing the TV company for slander(9) Mass arrests and a slander campaign have been the rule ever since.(10) All of this can be had without the malicious slander or the scandalous headlines.(11) There is therefore no basis for a cause of action of slander of title.(12) The slander cases in the years between 1870 and 1890 bear out this assertion.(13) I cannot tell you how much of this is truth or malicious slander .(14) No more worries about slandering Lee Hsien Yang accidentally.(15) Every sermon he would rail against backbiters, slanderers , hypocrites, perverts, etc.(16) Publicly telling someone that they did not belong in a neighborhood could be a very slanderous insult.
2. character assassination ::
llofruddiaeth gymeriad
3. calumny ::
4. libel ::
6. malicious gossip ::
clecs maleisus
10. vilification ::
12. obloquy ::
13. lie ::
14. slur ::
15. smear ::
ceg y groth
16. false accusation ::
cyhuddiad ffug
18. bad-mouthing ::
19. smack talk ::
sgwrs smacio
20. contumely ::
22. blacken someone's name ::
duo enw rhywun
23. tell lies about ::
dweud celwydd am
26. libel ::
27. smear ::
ceg y groth
28. cast aspersions on ::
bwrw lladd ar
29. spread scandal about ::
lledaeniad sgandal ynghylch
30. besmirch ::
31. tarnish ::
32. taint ::
33. malign ::
34. traduce ::
35. vilify ::
36. disparage ::
37. denigrate ::
39. slur ::
41. dis ::
42. trash ::
43. derogate ::
Different Forms
slander, slandered, slanderer, slanderers, slandering, slanderous, slanders
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Slander a man in his own home,

Slander a man in his own home,

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4

It\'s not slander if it\'s true.

It's not SLANDER if it's true.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 1

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