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llithro, lithro, llithren, llithrwch, lithra’, lithred, lithraf, lithrai, lithrais, lithraist, lithran, lithrant, lithrasai, lithrasant, lithrent, lithrasem, lithrasent, lithrasid, lithrasit, lithrasoch, lithrasom, lithraswn, lithrech, lithrer, lithrodd, lithres, lithrest, lithret, lithri, lithrid, lithriff, lithrir, lithrith, llithra’, lithroch, lithrom, lithron, lithront, lithrwch, lithrwn, lithrwyd, lithrwyf, lithrych, lithra, llithraf, llithrith, llithraist, llithran, llithrant, llithrasai, llithrasant, llithrasech, llithrai, llithrasem, llithrais, llithrych, llithrasid, llithrasit, llithrasoch, llithrasom, llithraswn, llithrech, llithred, llithrent, llithrasent, llithrir, lithrasech, llithra, llithrer, llithres, llithrest, llithret, llithri, llithrid, llithriff, lithrem, llithrem, llithroch, llithrodd, llithrom, llithron, llithront, llithrwn, llithrwyd, llithrwyfllithrollithren, dryloywder, dryloywderau, lithr, lithren, lithrennau, llithr, llithrennau, nhryloywder, nhryloywderau, tryloywder, tryloywderau, thryloywder, thryloywderau
Slide :
- sleidsleidiaullithro

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Noun(1) a small flat rectangular piece of glass on which specimens can be mounted for microscopic study(2) (geology(3) (music(4) plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide(5) the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it(6) a transparency mounted in a frame; viewed with a slide projector(7) sloping channel through which things can descend
Verb(1) move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner(2) to pass or move unobtrusively or smoothly(3) move smoothly along a surface

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(1) A patch of soft snow stopped my slide and all was quiet.(2) He slid along an icy slide in the manner of a child going home from school.(3) The slide came, the slope caught them and the wheels came off.(4) Under the grass, you find a door to winter frosting up through the heat, and a slide of ice to a lake frozen like glass and lit from beneath by the moon.(5) Instead, Reid has been been given more time to halt the slide .(6) Anna played on the slide(7) If I slide a brick along the table again and again, the friction is the same each time.(8) Similarly, when the rates rise and the housing markets cool and the demand for lumber falls, the provincial government can do little to halt the slide .(9) But the stock slide has slashed the value of his original investment by two-thirds.(10) Their enduring commitment to civil society, interfaith dialogue and secular education has helped halt the slide to conservatism.(11) Normally, the pleurae are silky smooth, allowing your lungs to slide easily along your chest wall when you breathe in and out.(12) An optional stainless steel slide will soon be available at a small additional charge.(13) I watched the kids play around in the swing set and the slide .(14) Her heart pounding fiercely out of her chest, she leaned out the window a little further, preparing to slide her right foot along the ledge.(15) There is a variety of fun to be gained on the slide , tunnel, climbing frames and also a soft baby play area, and action songs.(16) The dramatic rescue unfolded when ice gave way under Nadine as she played with friends on an ice slide at the reservoir at 8pm last Monday.
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Different Forms
slide, slides, sliding
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