English to Welsh Meaning :: smell

arogl, aroglau, arogleuon, gwynt, gwyntoedd, ngwynt, ngwyntoedd, harogl, haroglau, harogleuon, wynt, wyntoeddarogli, arogleuon, arogleuo, aroglaf, arogleuwyd, aroglai, aroglais, aroglaist, aroglan, aroglant, aroglasai, aroglasant, aroglen, aroglasem, aroglasent, aroglasid, aroglasit, aroglasoch, aroglasom, aroglaswn, aroglech, arogled, aroglem, aroglasech, arogler, arogleuan, arogleuet, arogles, aroglest, aroglet, arogleua, arogleua’, arogleuaf, arogleuai, gwyntia’, arogleuaist, arogla’, arogleuant, arogleuasai, arogleuasant, arogleuasech, arogleuasem, arogleuasent, arogleuasid, arogleuasit, arogleuais, arogleuid, arogleuech, arogleued, arogleuem, arogleuen, arogleuent, arogleuer, arogleues, arogleuest, arogleuwn, arogleui, arogleuaswn, arogleuiff, arogleuir, arogleuith, arogleuoch, arogleuodd, arogleuom, arogleuont, arogleuwch, gwyntient, aroglont, arogleuych, aroglid, arogliff, aroglir, aroglith, aroglo, arogloch, arogleuasoch, aroglom, aroglon, arogleuwyf, aroglwch, aroglwn, aroglwyd, aroglwyf, aroglych, gwynti, gwyntia, aroglodd, arogleuasom, gwyntiasid, gwyntiai, gwyntiais, gwyntiaist, gwyntian, gwyntiant, gwyntiasai, gwyntiasant, gwyntiasech, gwyntien, gwyntiasent, gwyntiaf, gwyntiasit, gwyntiasoch, gwyntiasom, gwyntiaswn, gwyntid, gwyntiech, gwyntied, gwyntiem, gwyntiasem, harogles, gwyntiont, gwyntier, gwynties, gwyntiest, gwyntiet, gwyntiff, gwyntio, gwyntioch, gwyntiodd, harogleuaswn, gwyntion, haroglest, gwyntir, gwyntith, gwyntiwch, gwyntiwn, gwyntiwyd, gwyntiwyf, gwyntiych, harogla, gwyntiom, haroglasit, haroglais, haroglaist, haroglan, haroglant, haroglasai, haroglasant, haroglasech, haroglasem, harogler, haroglasid, haroglai, haroglasoch, haroglasom, haroglaswn, haroglech, harogled, haroglem, haroglen, haroglent, haroglasent, harogleuasant, haroglet, harogleua, harogleua’, harogleuaf, harogleuai, harogleuais, harogleuaist, harogla’, harogleuant, harogleuasai, aroglent, harogleuasech, harogleuasem, harogleuasent, harogleuasid, harogleuasit, arogla, harogleuasom, harogleuan, haroglaf, harogleuwyd, harogleuech, harogleued, harogleuem, harogleuen, harogleuent, harogleuer, harogleues, harogleuest, harogleuet, harogleui, haroglom, harogleuiff, harogleuir, harogleuith, harogleuo, harogleuoch, harogleuodd, harogleuom, harogleuont, harogleuwch, harogleuwn, haroglon, harogleuych, harogli, haroglid, harogliff, haroglir, haroglith, haroglo, harogloch, haroglodd, synhwyrai, harogleuid, haroglont, haroglwch, haroglwn, haroglwyd, haroglwyf, haroglych, sawr, sawra’, sawraf, sawrer, sawrais, sawraist, sawran, sawrant, sawrasai, sawrasant, sawrasech, sawrasem, sawrasent, sawrasid, sawroch, sawrasoch, sawrasom, sawraswn, sawrech, sawred, sawrem, sawren, sawrent, sawrasit, sawrodd, sawres, sawrest, sawret, sawri, sawrid, sawriff, sawrir, sawrith, sawro, sawrai, harogleuwyf, sawrom, sawron, sawront, sawrwch, sawrwn, sawrwyd, sawrwyf, sawrych, synhwyra, synhwyrasid, harogleuasoch, synhwyrais, synhwyraist, synhwyran, synhwyrant, synhwyrasai, synhwyrasant, synhwyrasech, synhwyrent, synhwyrasent, synhwyraf, synhwyrasit, synhwyrasoch, synhwyrasom, synhwyraswn, synhwyrech, synhwyred, synhwyrem, synhwyren, synhwyrasem, wyntien, synhwyrodd, synhwyres, synhwyrest, synhwyret, synhwyri, synhwyrid, synhwyriff, synhwyrir, synhwyrith, synhwyra’, synhwyroch, wyntient, synhwyrom, synhwyron, synhwyront, synhwyrwch, synhwyrwn, synhwyrwyd, synhwyrwyf, synhwyrych, synhwyro, wyntiasent, wyntiaf, wyntiai, wyntiais, wyntiaist, wyntian, wyntiant, wyntiasai, wyntiasant, wyntiem, wyntiasem, wyntia’, wyntiasid, wyntiasit, wyntiasoch, wyntiasom, wyntiaswn, wyntid, wyntiech, wyntied, wyntiasech, wyntiont, wyntier, wynties, wyntiest, wyntiet, wyntiff, wyntio, wyntioch, wynti, wyntiom, wyntion, synhwyrer, wyntir, wyntith, wyntiwch, wyntiwn, wyntiwyd, wyntiwyf, wyntiych, wyntiodd, wyntiaarogli, arogleuo, gwyntio, gwynto, ngwyntio, ngwynto, sawru, synhwyro, wynto
Smell :
- aroglharogliarogliarogleuondrewllyd

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Noun(1) the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form(2) any property detected by the olfactory system(3) the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people(4) the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents(5) the act of perceiving the odor of something
Verb(1) inhale the odor of; perceive by the olfactory sense(2) emit an odor(3) smell bad(4) have an element suggestive (of something(5) become aware of not through the senses but instinctively

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(1) Deer are extremely cautious animals with keen senses of smell and hearing.(2) Smoking can also affect your breathing, taste and sense of smell .(3) My last apartment had a smell to it - though I have no idea why.(4) He had a smell of the rose, it had a lovely perfume.(5) dogs locate the bait by smell(6) I could hear fireworks, and smell the smoke from bonfires, and I fell asleep.(7) Voters smell out opportunism from a long way off and don't like it.(8) He could smell the intoxicating bubble-gum perfume as she neared him, and the scent lingered in the air long after she rushed by him.(9) the dogs smell each other(10) In some cases, the vomited milk may smell curdled because it has mixed with stomach acid.(11) Yes, lobsters' small antennae work like the human nose, only the crustaceans' sense of smell is keener.(12) his nose can smell out an animal from ten miles away(13) You can usually hear him swearing and smell the cigar smoke before he approaches.(14) Hummingbirds don't have much sense of smell , so the scent of the herbs won't deter them from seeking nectar from their blossoms.(15) A police dog who happens to smell an illegal substance on casual passing in a train station is probably cause for detaining you.(16) he can smell out weakness in others
Related Words
(1) to smell ::
i arogli
1. odor ::
3. spirit ::
4. scent ::
5. olfaction ::
6. get a sniff of ::
cael arogli o
7. sniff ::
8. stink ::
9. smack of ::
smack o
10. smell out ::
arogli allan
11. smack ::
Different Forms
smell, smelled, smelling, smells, smelly
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