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drosbennu, nhrosbennu, trosbennu, throsbennudrosbenasom, drosbenno, drosbennaist, drosbennais, drosbennai, drosbennaf, drosbenna’, drosbenna, drosbenaswn, drosbennant, drosbenasoch, drosbenasit, drosbenasid, drosbenasent, drosbenasem, drosbenasech, drosbenasant, trosbenasid, drosbennech, drosbenned, drosbennem, drosbennen, drosbennent, drosbenner, drosbennes, drosbennest, drosbennet, drosbenni, drosbennid, drosbenniff, drosbennir, drosbennith, drosbennan, drosbenasai, drosbennoch, drosbennodd, drosbennom, drosbennon, drosbennont, drosbennwch, drosbennwn, drosbennwyd, drosbennwyf, drosbennych, trosbenasai, trosbenasant, trosbenasech, trosbenasem, trosbenasent, throsbennaf, trosbenasit, trosbenasoch, trosbenasom, trosbenaswn, trosbenna, trosbenna’, trosbennaf, trosbennai, trosbennais, trosbennaist, trosbennan, trosbennant, trosbennech, trosbenned, trosbennem, throsbenna, trosbenner, trosbennes, trosbennest, trosbennet, trosbenni, trosbennid, trosbenniff, trosbennir, trosbennith, trosbenno, trosbennoch, trosbennodd, trosbennom, trosbennon, throsbenna’, trosbennent, throsbenaswn, throsbenasom, throsbenasoch, throsbenasit, throsbenasid, throsbenasent, trosbennont, throsbenasech, throsbenasant, throsbenasai, trosbennych, trosbennwyf, trosbennwyd, trosbennwn, trosbennwch, throsbennid, throsbennai, throsbennais, throsbennaist, throsbennan, throsbennant, throsbennech, throsbenned, throsbennem, throsbennen, throsbennent, throsbenner, throsbennes, throsbennest, throsbennet, trosbennen, throsbenasem, throsbenniff, throsbennir, throsbennith, throsbenno, throsbennoch, throsbennodd, throsbennom, throsbennon, throsbennont, throsbennwch, throsbennwn, throsbennwyd, throsbennwyf, throsbennych, throsbennidrosben, drosbennau, nhrosben, nhrosbennau, trosben, trosbennau, throsben, throsbennau
Somersault :
gan din
- gan dinsomersaultedcampauCYRRAEDD

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Noun(1) an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward
Verb(1) do a somersault

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(1) He was awarded 9.80 points for his vault - a handspring somersault with forward salto.(2) Paula's stomach turned a somersault(3) Once he bungled a somersault , but managed such a smooth entry into the next exercise that the spectators never suspected that anything was amiss.(4) I believe you can gyrate on the somersault , get your feet down as best as you can, and push off and go very fast off the wall.(5) Finally he came down in a somersault and landed on one knee.(6) Gymnasts start early and children as young as two use soft apparatus to learn their first somersault and handspring, under the watchful eyes of more than 20 qualified coaches.(7) With practice, the momentum created by the dolphin kick and hand movement initiating your somersault should allow you to land aggressively at the wall.(8) He launched himself off the roof, performed a double somersault and landed on his feet unharmed.(9) His heart turned a somersault at her use of his given name.(10) a backward somersault(11) I did a somersault and landed gracefully on my feet.(12) I dove to my left again, and this time rolled into a somersault that landed me in a thicket of mountain laurel at the base of the ridge.(13) I did a neat backward somersault and landed in the river in a welter of blue and silver, unpleasantly aware I could not swim.(14) Eventually they may learn to do a somersault in the water by adapting their land movements to the water, but that doesn't mean they are doing it as efficiently as an aquatic creature would do it.(15) My intention was this: to do a round-off on to a trampette then tuck backwards into a somersault and land on my feet.(16) I remember the fans gasping at Lyukin's triple somersault in the floor exercises for the Moscow News prize.
Related Words
(1) do a somersault ::
wneud din
1. somerset ::
Gwlad yr Haf
2. flip ::
3. summersault ::
4. summerset ::
Different Forms
somersault, somersaulted, somersaulting, somersaults
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