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bwldagu, fwldagu, ffrwtian, mwldagubwldagent, bwldaga’, bwldagaf, bwldagai, bwldagais, bwldagaist, bwldagan, bwldagant, bwldagasai, bwldagasant, bwldagasech, bwldago, bwldagasent, bwldagasid, bwldagasit, bwldagasoch, bwldagasom, bwldagaswn, bwldagech, bwldaged, bwldagem, bwldagen, bwldagoch, bwldager, bwldages, bwldagest, bwldaget, bwldagi, bwldagid, bwldagiff, bwldagir, bwldagith, bwldaga, bwldagasem, bwldagodd, bwldagom, bwldagon, bwldagont, bwldagwch, bwldagwn, bwldagwyd, bwldagwyf, bwldagych, fwldagent, fwldaga’, fwldagaf, fwldagai, fwldagais, fwldagaist, fwldagan, fwldagant, fwldagasai, fwldagasant, fwldagasech, fwldago, fwldagasent, fwldagasid, fwldagasit, fwldagasoch, fwldagasom, fwldagaswn, fwldagech, fwldaged, fwldagem, fwldagen, fwldagoch, fwldager, fwldages, fwldagest, fwldaget, fwldagi, fwldagid, fwldagiff, fwldagir, fwldagith, fwldaga, fwldagasem, fwldagodd, fwldagom, fwldagon, fwldagont, fwldagwch, fwldagwn, fwldagwyd, fwldagwyf, fwldagych
Splutter :
- spluttersplutteredsplutteringyn tasgu

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Noun(1) the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively(2) an utterance (of words, as in rage
Verb(1) utter with a spitting sound, as if in a rage(2) spit up in an explosive manner

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(1) Maybe it's the joy of playing it to friends who pride themselves on liking extreme music, and watching them splutter tea down their fronts.(2) A spindly old man produced a bagpipe and blew it in competition with the flutist, beginning in wild, warlike tones and ending with an ignominious splutter and hiss.(3) he began to splutter excuses(4) He couldn't help but think it strange that she greeted him in a splutter .(5) the engine gave one final splutter and died(6) Each splutter sprayed scarlet beads over her ghost-white frame, and over Raven when Nelly snatched at her shoulders in an attempt to steady herself.(7) She began to cough and splutter sickly, the urge to do so appearing quite abruptly.(8) With a final awkward splutter , the flame barrier vanished.(9) a splutter of laughter(10) It must have been too much for him that he could only splutter , ÔÇÿI don't believe it!(11) That didn't matter, though, as the infuriated lord proceeded to splutter his way through a listing of the problems.(12) At last the tractor began to spit and splutter in protest and Papa and I knew that our efforts had nearly paid off.(13) He coughed splutteringly as he was just getting over a nasty case of the sniffles.(14) Vic looked at them as a sooty Tom coughed and spluttered .(15) I gave a gasping cry and began breathing heavily, then choked and spluttered for his benefit.(16) But be warned - take a deep breath before you push that button or, like me, you could find yourself gasping and spluttering amid a thick mist of spray.
1. sputter ::
2. sputter ::
3. spit out ::
boeri allan
Different Forms
splutter, spluttered, spluttering, splutters
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