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lledaenu, ledaenu, ymledu, daenu, dannu, hulio, hymledu, nhaenu, nhannu, taenu, tannu, thaenu, thannuledaenir, daenaf, daenasant, daenai, daenais, daenaist, daenan, daenant, daenasai, daened, daenasech, daenasem, daenasent, daenasid, daenasit, daenasoch, daenasom, daenaswn, daenech, daenem, daeniff, ledaenon, daenen, daenent, daener, daenes, daenest, daenet, daeni, huliodd, daena’, daenir, daenith, daeno, daenoch, daenodd, daenom, daenon, daenid, huliai, daenwch, daenwn, daenwyd, daenwyf, daenych, huli, hulia, hulia’, huliasent, huliem, huliais, huliaist, hulian, huliant, huliasai, huliasant, huliasech, huliasem, hulien, huliasit, huliasoch, huliasom, huliaswn, hulid, huliech, hulied, daenont, huliasid, hulient, hulier, hulies, huliest, huliet, huliff, hulio, hulioch, ledaena, hulion, huliont, hulir, hulith, huliwch, huliwn, huliwyd, ledaenasai, huliych, huliom, ledaena’, ledaenaf, ledaenai, ledaenais, ledaenaist, ledaenan, ledaenant, huliwyf, ledaenech, ledaenasant, ledaenasech, ledaenasem, ledaenasent, ledaenasid, ledaenasit, ledaenasoch, ledaenasom, lledaenent, lledaenais, ledaened, ledaenem, ledaenen, ledaenent, ledaener, ledaenes, ledaenest, ledaenaswn, ledaenont, ledaeni, ledaenid, ledaeniff, ledaenith, ledaeno, ledaenoch, ledaenodd, ledaenom, lledaenai, lledaenasent, ledaenwch, ledaenwn, ledaenwyd, ledaenwyf, ledaenych, lledaena, lledaena’, lledaenaf, lledaenasid, lledaenaist, lledaenan, lledaenant, lledaenasai, lledaenasant, lledaenasech, lledaenasem, ledaenet, thaenith, lledaenasit, lledaenasoch, lledaenasom, lledaenaswn, lledaenech, lledaened, lledaenem, daena, lledaenodd, lledaenest, lledaenet, lledaeni, lledaenid, lledaeniff, lledaenir, lledaenwyf, lledaeno, lledaenoch, lledaenes, lledaenom, lledaenon, lledaenont, lledaenwch, lledaenwn, lledaenwyd, lledaenith, taenon, taenasant, taena, taena’, taenaf, taenai, taenais, taenaist, taenan, thaenasem, taenasai, taenont, taenasech, taenasem, taenasent, taenasid, taenasit, taenasoch, taenant, lledaener, taeni, taenech, taened, taenem, taenen, taenent, taener, taenes, taenom, taenet, taenaswn, taenid, taeniff, taenir, taenith, taeno, taenoch, taenodd, taenest, thaenai, taenwch, taenwn, taenwyd, taenwyf, taenych, thaena, taenasom, thaenaf, lledaenych, thaenais, thaenaist, thaenan, thaenant, thaenasai, thaenasant, thaenasech, thaena’, thaener, thaenasit, thaenasoch, thaenasom, thaenaswn, thaenech, thaened, thaenir, thaenen, thaenent, thaenasid, thaenes, thaenest, thaenet, thaeni, thaenid, thaeniff, thaenem, ymledest, thaenwyf, thaeno, thaenoch, thaenodd, thaenom, thaenon, thaenont, thaenwch, lledaenen, thaenwyd, ymledet, thaenych, ymleda, ymleda’, ymledaf, ymledai, ymledais, thaenwn, thaenasent, ymledasom, ymledant, ymledasai, ymledasant, ymledasech, ymledasem, ymledasent, ymledasid, ymledes, ymledasoch, ymledan, ymledaswn, ymledech, ymleded, ymledem, ymleden, ymledent, ymleder, ymledasit, ymledom, ymledi, ymledid, ymlediff, ymledir, ymledith, ymledo, ymledaist, ymledodd, huliaf, ymledon, ymledont, ymledwch, ymledwn, ymledwyd, ymledwyf, ymledych, ymledochdaen, nhaen, thaen
Spread :
- lledaeniadtaenadwyspreaderlledaenulledaenu

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Noun(1) process or result of distributing or extending over a wide expanse of space(2) a conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures(3) farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle(4) a haphazard distribution in all directions(5) a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes(6) a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed(7) two facing pages of a book or other publication(8) the expansion of a person's girth (especially at middle age(9) decorative cover for a bed(10) act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time
Verb(1) distribute or disperse widely(2) become distributed or widespread(3) spread across or over(4) spread out or open from a closed or folded state(5) cause to become widely known(6) become widely known and passed on(7) strew or distribute over an area(8) move outward(9) cover by spreading something over(10) distribute over a surface in a layer
Adjective(1) distributed or spread over a considerable extent(2) prepared or arranged for a meal; especially having food set out(3) fully extended in width

Show Examples

(1) the red-tailed hawk has a four-and-a-half-foot spread(2) volcanic eruptions spread dust high into the stratosphere(3) With the emergence and spread of AIDS in Japan in the 1980s, insensitivity toward gay men heightened.(4) During such occasions it is usually the flag dancer who handles the flag or explains it in the presence of others in the company, who may help him spread it out.(5) Livestock are grazed to maintain and enhance perennial plant communities and spread manure over the ground.(6) Frequently observed in connection with cabin groups is a tendency to spread the effects of their presence over a needlessly large area.(7) His hands - fingers spread - graze the surface of the quiet water while his eyes, black and narrow, attest to the mystery of childhood.(8) she helped Colin to spread out the map(9) I spread a towel on the sand and sat down(10) And then we see Double Game's final two pages: a color spread of Calle's smile.(11) He engages the entire article, not merely the flashy opening spread .(12) Such corridors allow links between ecologically protected areas, so that plants and animals can spread from one to another and form a network.(13) At times, Adamma leapt up in the air with knees still bent and spread her arms wide.(14) On November 25, 2003, we sat down with family and friends around a table spread with food we grew and said thanks.(15) He began by collecting cow manure from the village, which he spread on his fields - an uncommon practice in the area.(16) He hoped the roots would harbor the fungi and spread them throughout the compost, but the fungi didn't spread well enough.
Related Words
(1) spread out ::
(2) to spread ::
I wasgaru
(3) spread over ::
lledaenu dros
(4) spread sheet ::
(5) spread through ::
ledaenu drwy'r
(6) spread wide ::
lledaenu eang
(7) chocolate spread ::
pâst siocled
(8) spread to ::
lledaeniad i
(9) spread around ::
ledaenu o gwmpas
(10) spread-eagle ::
1. expansion ::
2. span ::
3. expanse ::
4. range ::
7. feast ::
8. cattle ranch ::
ransh wartheg
9. scatter ::
10. gap ::
11. bedspread ::
12. paste ::
14. extend ::
15. scatter ::
16. disseminate ::
17. smear ::
ceg y groth
18. cover ::
19. diffuse ::
20. open ::
21. overspread ::
22. distribute ::
23. circulate ::
24. propagate ::
25. outspread ::
1. converge ::
2. join ::
Different Forms
spread, spreadable, spreader, spreaders, spreading, spreads
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

What\'s with the fancy spread?

What's with the fancy SPREAD?

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 24

Surt will spread
fire across the earth.

Surt will SPREAD fire across the earth.

Vikings Season 1, Episode 6

The rot will spread.
lf we don\'t take the foot now...

The rot will SPREAD. lf we don't take the foot now...

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 4

Colonel Koothrappali in the kitchen
with the olive spread.

Colonel Koothrappali in the kitchen with the olive SPREAD.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 8

What-- I thought you said
you were spread too thin.

What-- I thought you said you were SPREAD too thin.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 5

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