English to Welsh Meaning :: sprout

egino, blaguro, flaguro, blagura, blagura’, blaendarddodd, blaendarddasoch, blaendarddasant, blaendardda’, blaendarddaf, blaendarddai, blaendarddais, blaendarddaist, blaendarddan, blaendarddant, blaendarddasai, blaendarddom, blaendarddasech, blaendarddasem, blaendarddasent, blaendarddasid, blaendarddasit, blaendarddet, blaendarddest, blagurasant, blaendarddech, blaendardded, blaendarddem, blaendardden, blaendarddent, blaendardder, blaendarddes, blaendarddoch, blaendarddaswn, blaendarddi, blaendarddid, blaendarddiff, blaendarddir, blaendarddith, blaendarddo, blaguraf, blagurai, blaendarddon, blaendarddont, blaendarddwch, blaendarddwn, blaendarddwyd, blaendarddwyf, blaendarddych, blaguri, deiliasem, blagurais, blaguraist, blaguran, blagurant, blagurasai, brigasent, blagured, blagurem, blagurasent, blagurasid, blagurasit, blagurasoch, blagurasom, blaguraswn, blagurech, blaendarddasom, blagurasem, blaguren, blagurent, blagurer, blagures, blagurest, blaguret, blaguron, brigem, blagurwch, blaguriff, blagurir, blagurith, blaguroch, blagurodd, blagurom, briged, blaguront, brigen, blagurwn, blagurwyd, blagurwyf, blagurych, briga, briga’, brigasem, ddeiliech, brigais, brigaist, brigan, brigant, brigasai, brigasant, brigasech, brigaf, brigai, brigasid, brigasit, brigasoch, brigasom, brigaswn, brigech, brigiff, brigir, brigent, briger, briges, brigest, briget, brigi, brigid, deiliasech, blagurid, brigith, brigo, brigoch, brigodd, brigom, brigon, deiliaf, deiliai, brigwn, brigwyd, brigwyf, brigych, deili, deilia, deilia’, brigont, brigwch, deiliais, deiliaist, deilian, deiliant, deiliasai, deiliasant, deilid, ddeilia’, deilied, deiliasent, deiliasid, deiliasit, deiliasoch, deiliasom, deiliaswn, ddeilia, deiliech, ddeiliaf, deiliem, deilien, deilient, deilier, deilies, deiliest, deilir, flaendarddais, deiliwch, deilio, deilioch, deiliodd, deiliom, deilion, deiliont, deiliet, deilith, deiliff, deiliwn, deiliwyd, deiliwyf, deiliych, ddeili, ddeiliasem, ddeiliasent, ddeiliai, ddeiliais, ddeiliaist, ddeilian, ddeiliasai, ddeiliasant, ddeiliasech, ddeilith, flaendarddent, ddeiliasid, ddeiliasit, ddeiliasoch, ddeiliasom, ddeiliaswn, ddeilid, ddeiliff, ddeilio, ddeiliem, ddeilien, ddeilient, ddeilier, ddeilies, ddeiliest, ddeiliet, flaendarddai, ddeilied, ddeilioch, ddeiliodd, ddeiliom, ddeilion, ddeiliont, ddeilir, eginaf, eginiff, eginais, ddeiliwn, ddeiliwyd, ddeiliwyf, ddeiliych, egina, egina’, eginid, eginai, eginir, eginaist, eginan, eginant, eginasai, eginasant, eginem, eginen, eginasid, eginasit, eginasoch, eginasom, eginaswn, eginech, egined, eginasech, eginasent, eginent, eginer, egines, eginest, eginet, egini, eginwch, flaendardden, eginwyd, eginith, eginoch, eginodd, eginom, eginon, eginont, blaendardda, eginwn, ddeiliwch, eginwyf, eginych, flaendardda, flaendardda’, flaendarddaf, flaendarddasent, eginasem, flaendarddasit, flaendarddan, flaendarddant, flaendarddasai, flaendarddasant, flaendarddasech, flaendarddasem, blagurasech, flaendarddasid, flaendarddaist, flaendarddasoch, flaendarddasom, flaendarddaswn, flaendarddech, flaendardded, flaendarddir, flaendarddith, flaendardder, flaendarddes, flaendarddest, flaendarddet, flaendarddi, flaendarddid, flaendarddiff, flagurasid, flagurasit, flaendarddo, flaendarddoch, flaendarddodd, flaendarddom, flaendarddon, flaendarddont, flaendarddwch, flaendarddwn, flaendarddwyd, flaendarddwyf, flaendarddych, flagura, flagura’, flaguraf, flagurai, flagurais, flagurwyf, flaguran, flagurant, flagurasai, flagurasant, flagurasech, flagurasem, flagurasent, frigan, flagurasoch, flagurasom, flaguraswn, flagurech, flagured, flagurem, flaguren, flagurent, flagurer, flagures, flagurest, flaguret, flaguri, flagurid, flaguriff, flagurir, flagurith, flaguroch, flagurodd, flagurom, flaguron, flaguront, flagurwch, flagurwn, flagurwyd, flaguraist, flagurych, friga, friga’, frigaf, frigai, glasoch, frigaist, frigasom, frigasai, frigasant, frigasech, frigasem, frigasent, frigasid, frigasit, friges, frigant, frigaswn, frigech, friged, frigem, frigen, frigwyd, glaser, glasasoch, frigo, frigoch, frigest, friget, frigi, frigid, frigiff, frigir, frigith, glasasom, frigent, frigodd, frigom, frigon, frigont, frigwch, frigasoch, glasan, frigwyf, frigych, glasa, glasa’, glasaf, glasai, glasais, frigwn, frigais, glasant, glasasai, glasasant, glasasech, glasasem, glasasent, glasasid, glasest, glasaswn, glasech, glased, glasem, glasen, glasent, glasasit, glases, impiwyf, glaset, glasi, glasid, glasiff, glasir, glasith, glasaist, glaswn, himpien, glaswyf, flaendarddem, glasodd, glasom, glason, glasont, glaswch, himpiem, glaswyd, himpient, glasych, himpi, himpia, himpia’, himpiaf, himpiai, himpiasid, himpiasit, himpian, himpiant, himpiasai, himpiasant, himpiasech, himpiasem, himpiasent, himpiais, himpiaist, himpiasoch, himpiasom, himpiaswn, himpid, himpiech, himpied, himpiodd, himpiom, himpier, himpies, himpiest, himpiet, himpiff, himpio, himpioch, impiasid, glaso, himpion, himpiont, himpir, himpith, himpiwch, himpiwn, impiaist, impian, himpiych, impi, impia, impia’, impiaf, impiai, impiais, lasest, himpiwyf, impiant, impiasai, impiasant, impiasech, impiasem, impiasent, impien, impient, impiasoch, impiasom, impiaswn, impid, impiech, impied, impiem, lasant, lasasai, impier, impies, impiest, impiet, impiff, impio, impiodd, impiom, impion, impiont, impir, impith, impiwch, impiwn, impiwyd, impioch, impiych, lasa, lasa’, lasai, lasais, lasaist, lasan, lasasom, lasaswn, lasasant, lasasech, lasasem, lasasent, lasasid, lasasit, lasasoch, lasych, impiasit, lasech, lasem, lasen, lasent, laser, lases, lasodd, lasom, lasi, lasid, lasiff, lasir, lasith, laso, lasoch, himpiwyd, laset, lason, lasont, laswch, laswn, laswyd, laswyfegino, blaguro, blaendarddu, brigo, deilio, flaendarddu, glasu, nglasu, hegino, impio, lasu, mlaendarddu, mlaguro, mrigo, neilioeginyn, heginyn, himpiau, himpyn, impiau, impyn
Sprout :
- sprouteginoblaguroysgewyll

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Noun(1) any new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud(2) a newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed
Verb(1) produce buds, branches, or germinate(2) put forth and grow sprouts or shoots

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(1) Some species will sprout right away; others could take a year or more to grow.(2) The point is to wait until the soil is so chilled that seed cannot sprout , but stays dormant until warming soil and moisture trigger germination in spring.(3) Basically those plants that can sprout the quickest and grow the fastest literally shade out their competitors and they're more likely to produce seeds.(4) During the spring new plants sprout but their fruits don't immediately ripen.(5) In the field, bulbs sprout after the first rains in the autumn, and plants may flower by the end of winter (March).(6) Chitting describes the process whereby seeds are placed between layers of damp kitchen towel and allowed to sprout prior to planting.(7) many black cats sprout a few white hairs(8) After planting, the seeds sprout and plants emerge more or less normally.(9) Banyan trees usually sprout at the most unlikely spots, like rooftops, cracks in concrete structures or over walls.(10) With the first rains, leaves sprout on trees and bushes and the savannah grass grows to several yards within a few months.(11) The barley was first allowed to germinate, or sprout rootlets, in a moist environment.(12) Mutoko is the starkest example of an African media revolution which has seen a growing number of independent radio stations sprout up across the continent.(13) Meanwhile, bulbs and seeds sprout , trees bud, and insects emerge and start consuming the tender foliage.(14) Keep in mind that shaving or otherwise removing a hair from a mole is considered safe, but keep track of which ones sprout hair and which ones don't.(15) They sprout in the spring, grow foliage, then produce flowers and finally seeds.(16) the weeds begin to sprout
Related Words
(1) bean sprout ::
ffa sprout
1. germinate ::
2. grow ::
3. spring up ::
gwanwyn i fyny
4. bourgeon ::
5. stock ::
Different Forms
sprout, sprouted, sprouting, sprouts
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