English to Welsh Meaning :: squander

afradu, afradloni, camwario, nghamwario, hafradu, hofera, oferaafradasem, afradaf, afradai, afradais, afradaist, afradan, afradant, afradasai, afraded, afradasech, afrada’, afradasent, afradasid, afradasit, afradasoch, afradasom, afradaswn, afradech, afradasant, afradloniff, afradlona, afraden, afradent, afrader, afrades, afradest, afradet, afradi, afradon, afradith, afradlonir, afradlona’, afradlonaf, afradlonai, afradlonais, afradlonaist, afradlonan, afradlonant, afradiff, afradlonem, afradlonasem, afradlonasent, afradlonasid, afradlonasit, afradlonasoch, afradlonasom, afradlonaswn, afradlonid, afradloned, afradlonasech, afradlonen, afradlonent, afradloner, afradlones, afradlonest, afradlonet, afradloni, afradlonech, afradlonwyd, afradlonith, afradlono, afradlonoch, afradlonodd, afradlonom, afradlonon, afradlonasai, afradlonwch, afradlonwn, afradem, afradlonwyf, afradlonych, afrado, afradoch, afradodd, afradom, afradlonont, afradlonasant, afredir, afradont, afradwch, afradwn, afradwyd, afradwyf, afredais, afredaist, afredi, camwariaist, camwariasit, afredwch, afredych, camwari, camwaria, camwaria’, camwariaf, camwariai, camwariais, afredid, camwariasoch, camwarian, camwariant, camwariasai, camwariasant, camwariasech, camwariasem, camwariasent, camwariasid, afrada, chamwaria’, camwariasom, camwariaswn, camwarid, camwariech, camwaried, camwariem, camwarien, camwarient, camwarir, camwariest, camwariet, camwariff, camwario, camwarioch, camwariodd, camwariom, chamwaria, camwariont, camwaries, camwarith, camwariwch, camwariwn, camwariwyd, camwariwyf, camwariych, chamwari, camwarion, chamwariasem, chamwariaf, chamwariai, chamwariais, chamwariaist, chamwarian, chamwariant, chamwariasai, camwarier, chamwariasech, hafradlona’, chamwariasent, chamwariasid, chamwariasit, chamwariasoch, chamwariasom, chamwariaswn, chamwarid, chamwariasant, chamwario, chamwaried, chamwariem, chamwarien, chamwarient, chamwarier, chamwaries, chamwariest, chamwariet, chamwariwn, gamwariais, chamwarioch, chamwariodd, chamwariom, chamwarion, chamwariont, chamwarir, chamwarith, chamwariwch, chamwariff, gamwariaist, chamwariwyd, chamwariwyf, chamwariych, gamwari, gamwaria, gamwaria’, gamwariaf, gamwariai, hafradasem, gamwarir, gamwarian, gamwariant, gamwariasai, gamwariasant, gamwariasech, gamwariasem, gamwariasent, gamwariasid, gamwaries, gamwariasom, gamwariaswn, gamwarid, gamwariech, gamwaried, gamwariem, gamwarien, gamwarient, gamwariont, gamwariasoch, gamwariest, gamwariet, gamwariff, gamwario, gamwarioch, gamwariodd, gamwariom, gamwarion, hafradai, gamwarith, gamwariwch, gamwariwn, gamwariwyd, gamwariwyf, gamwariych, hafrada, gamwariasit, hafradaf, hafradlonith, hafradais, hafradaist, hafradan, hafradant, hafradasai, hafradasant, hafradasech, hafrada’, hafradent, hafradasid, hafradasit, hafradasoch, hafradasom, hafradaswn, hafradech, hafraded, hafradlona, hafraden, hafradasent, hafrader, hafrades, hafradest, hafradet, hafradi, hafradiff, hafradith, hafradem, hafradlonasent, hafradlonai, hafradlonais, hafradlonaist, hafradlonan, hafradlonant, hafradlonasai, hafradlonasant, chamwariech, hafradlonasem, hafradlonych, hafradlonasid, hafradlonasit, hafradlonasoch, hafradlonasom, hafradlonaswn, hafradlonech, hafradlonem, hafradlonasech, hafradlono, hafradloner, hafradlones, hafradlonest, hafradlonet, hafradloni, hafradlonid, hafradloniff, hafradlonir, hafradlonwyf, hafradlonent, hafradlonoch, hafradlonodd, hafradlonom, hafradlonon, hafradlonont, hafradlonwch, hafradlonwn, hafradlonwyd, hafradwyf, hafrado, hafradoch, hafradodd, hafradom, hafradon, hafradont, hafradwch, hafradlonen, hafradwyd, gamwarier, hafredais, hafredaist, hafredi, hafredid, hafredir, hafredwch, hafredych, hafradwn
Squander :
- gwastraffuwastraffugwastraffugwastraffu

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Verb(1) spend thoughtlessly; throw away(2) spend extravagantly

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(1) They always give away too many silly goals and squander too many easy chances.(2) Continuing their protest tomorrow will only squander what dwindling public support they have left.(3) The state of the health services and the plight of many of our old people are just two reasons why we cannot afford to squander money on another stadium.(4) Today's business environment makes it impossible for organizations to afford to squander any resources.(5) Clearly, a failure of vision at this moment would squander that opportunity.(6) Bolton boss Sam Allardyce could not hide his frustration at seeing his side squander a lead yet again.(7) But what we must do, above all else, is not squander the opportunities we have.(8) entrepreneurs squander their profits on expensive cars(9) I know I am stern with her, but I do not want her to be a squanderer .(10) They squandered the opportunity and will surely rue that decision.(11) Economizers will be rewarded, squanderers will pay.(12) He squandered a real opportunity to do something about homelessness and hunger.(13) I have budgeted successfully since I was a student and have never squandered money.(14) With the defeat in Barbados, the unpredictable Pakistan side squandered the opportunity of winning their first-ever Test series.(15) It was hard not to feel some sympathy for his opponent, who must have been kicking himself afterwards having squandered a two-set lead.(16) But that didn't work out because I squandered all the money I had, somehow.
1. waste ::
1. conserve ::
Different Forms
squander, squandered, squandering, squanders
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