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wasgfa, gwasgfa, gwasgfeydd, ngwasgfa, ngwasgfeydd, wasgfeyddgwasgu, wasgu, ngwasgugwasgwch, gwasgaf, gwasga’, gwasgai, gwasgais, gwasgaist, gwasgan, gwasgant, gwasgasai, gwasgasant, gwasgen, gwasgasem, gwasgasent, gwasgasid, gwasgasit, gwasgasoch, gwasgasom, gwasgaswn, gwasgech, gwasged, gwasgem, gwasgasech, gwasgo, gwasgent, gwasger, gwasges, gwasgest, gwasget, gwasgi, gwasgid, gwasgiff, gwasgir, gwasga, wasgent, gwasgoch, gwasgodd, gwasgom, gwasgon, gwasgont, gwasgwn, gwasgwyd, gwasgwyf, gwasgych, gwasgith, wasgasent, wasgaf, wasgai, wasgais, wasgaist, wasgan, wasgant, wasgasai, wasgasant, wasgen, wasgasem, wasga’, wasgasid, wasgasit, wasgasoch, wasgasom, wasgaswn, wasgech, wasged, wasgem, wasgasech, wasgodd, wasges, wasgest, wasget, wasgi, wasgid, wasgiff, wasgir, wasgith, wasga, wasgoch, wasger, wasgom, wasgon, wasgont, wasgwch, wasgwn, wasgwyd, wasgwyf, wasgych, wasgo
Squeeze :
- gwasgugwasgugwasgugwasgu

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Noun(1) the act of gripping and pressing firmly(2) a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers and interest rates are high(3) a situation in which increased costs cannot be passed on to the customer(4) (slang(5) a twisting squeeze(6) an aggressive attempt to compel acquiescence by the concentration or manipulation of power(7) a tight or amorous embrace(8) the act of forcing yourself (or being forced
Verb(1) to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition(2) press firmly(3) squeeze like a wedge into a tight space(4) to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means(5) obtain by coercion or intimidation(6) press or force(7) squeeze tightly between the fingers(8) hold (someone(9) squeeze or press together

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(1) The trees were thick and so close together that it would be impossible to squeeze through the gaps.(2) Christopher gave her hands a gentle squeeze as he stood and stepped out.(3) In normal circumstances, the airlines would have had to struggle to squeeze money out of Washington.(4) This is a decent rental for a weekend night with your main squeeze .(5) Despite repeated attempts by architects to squeeze us into little boxes on top of one another, the proliferation of suburban estates shows what most people want today.(6) On one side, the bench is close to the table, creating a tight squeeze .(7) He put an arm around my shoulders and gave me a little squeeze .(8) she may be able to squeeze you in, if you play your cards right(9) I couldn't help but give her little thin hand a squeeze .(10) A squeeze round a large block and a length of crawl leads to a 6m pitch into a chamber.(11) That could put a big squeeze on profits.(12) a gentle squeeze of the trigger(13) But sometimes he has forgotten, making for a few awkward moments in the theatre as his squeeze of the moment recognized a piece of pillow talk.(14) However, even this incentive is arguably little more than a cynical attempt to squeeze extra money out of customers.(15) The Dodgers once had a squeeze call that required the third base coach, Leo Durocher, calling the base runner by his last name.(16) he was out to extract some squeeze from her
Related Words
(1) to squeeze ::
i wasgu
1. press ::
y wasg
2. crush ::
3. few drops ::
ychydig ddiferion
5. wring ::
6. credit crunch ::
wasgfa gredyd
7. clinch ::
8. power play ::
chwarae pŵer
9. compress ::
10. extract ::
11. force ::
12. crowd ::
13. extort ::
14. thrust ::
15. twinge ::
16. crush ::
17. wring ::
18. bosom ::
19. coerce ::
20. constrict ::
21. wedge ::
1. decompress ::
2. expand ::
3. open ::
4. outspread ::
Different Forms
squeeze, squeezed, squeezes, squeezing
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