English to Welsh Meaning :: squirm

wingo, gwingaf, gwinga’, gwingai, gwingais, gwingaist, gwingan, gwingant, gwingasai, gwingasant, gwingasech, gwingent, gwingasent, gwingasid, gwingasit, gwingasoch, gwingasom, gwingaswn, gwingech, gwinged, gwingem, gwingen, gwingoch, gwinger, gwinges, gwingest, gwinget, gwingi, gwingid, gwingiff, gwingir, gwingith, gwinga, gwingasem, gwingodd, gwingom, gwingon, gwingont, gwingwch, gwingwn, gwingwyd, gwingwyf, gwingych, gwingo, wingasent, wingaf, wingai, wingais, wingaist, wingan, wingant, wingasai, wingasant, wingasech, wingasem, winga’, wingasid, wingasit, wingasoch, wingasom, wingaswn, wingech, winged, wingent, wingem, wingodd, winger, winges, wingest, winget, wingi, wingid, wingiff, wingir, wingen, wingoch, winga, wingom, wingon, wingont, wingwch, wingwn, wingwyd, wingwyf, wingych, wingithgwingo, ngwingo
Squirm :
- squirmsquirmedsquirmingsquirmssquirmy

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Noun(1) the act of wiggling
Verb(1) to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling

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(1) the toddler gave a sudden squirm(2) Li'l Bhaji gives one more satisfied squirm and dozes off looking incredibly smug.(3) Tanj did her best to shrug, a motion that came out as a squirm more than anything.(4) The mistreatment of child orphans, the poor and the women in this era is viscerally staged, making the audience squirm agonizingly in their seats.(5) The other twin let out another squeal followed by a squirm .(6) But if going into stores that carry smaller sizes truly makes her squirm , don't beg her to go in.(7) Watching a Mayo team squirm in defeat is indeed a welcome sight.(8) From where Solomon stood, he could see several of the folk squirm in response to having lost all excretory control.(9) And yet he goes and lumbers his latest outfit with a name to make you wince and squirm : Incognico.(10) This was very funny stuff, much of it excruciatingly so - straight out of the theatre of embarrassment - making viewers squirm as well as laugh.(11) I'll not mention the fact that I could actually hear the audience squirm with every failed delivery.(12) Noelle didn't squirm or fidget, but she appeared uncomfortable.(13) all my efforts to squirm out of his grasp were useless(14) Cerise smiles that annoying smile, doing the coy squirm .(15) Let us not delight in making others squirm by humiliating or embarrassing them in public.(16) The unconscious girl gave a slight squirm in the warmth of Kashiro's embrace.
1. wiggle ::
2. wriggle ::
3. wriggle ::
4. wiggle ::
5. writhe ::
6. twist ::
7. slide ::
8. slither ::
9. turn ::
10. shift ::
11. fidget ::
12. jiggle ::
13. twitch ::
14. thresh ::
15. flounder ::
16. flail ::
17. toss and turn ::
toss a throi
Different Forms
squirm, squirmed, squirming, squirms, squirmy
English to Welsh Dictionary: squirm

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