English to Welsh Meaning :: start

dechrau, cychwyn, dasgu, nghychwyn, mheico, neidio, nhanio, nhasgu, peico, tanio, tasgu, thasgudechrau, ddechrau, cychwyn, cychwyniad, cychwyniadau, chychwyniad, chychwyniadau, dechreuoedd, ddechreuoedd, gychwyniad, gychwyniadau, nghychwyniad, nghychwyniadau, nechrau, nechreuoeddcychwyn, gychwyn, beicwyd, beicech, beicasech, beica’, beicaf, beicai, beicais, beicaist, beican, beicant, beicasai, beicasant, beicwyf, beicasem, beicasent, beicasid, beicasit, beicasoch, beicasom, beicaswn, beicith, beiciff, cychwynnan, beicen, beicent, beicer, beices, beicest, beicet, beici, beicid, beicwn, beicir, beicem, beico, beicoch, beicodd, beicom, beicon, beicont, beicwch, cychwynasit, cychwynasoch, beicych, cychwyna, cychwynasai, cychwynasant, cychwynasech, cychwynasem, cychwynasent, cychwynasid, cychwynnont, daniont, cychwynasom, cychwynaswn, cychwynna’, cychwynnaf, cychwynnai, cychwynnais, cychwynnaist, chychwynnest, cychwynni, cychwynnid, cychwynned, cychwynnem, cychwynnen, cychwynnent, cychwynner, cychwynnes, cychwynnest, cychwynnet, beiced, cychwynnech, cychwynniff, cychwynnir, cychwynnith, cychwynno, cychwynnoch, cychwynnodd, cychwynnom, cychwynnon, chychwynasech, chychwynnodd, chychwynasem, cychwynnwn, cychwynnwyd, cychwynnwyf, cychwynnych, chychwyn, chychwyna, chychwynasai, chychwynasant, chychwynnoch, chychwynnom, chychwynasent, chychwynasid, chychwynasit, chychwynasoch, chychwynasom, chychwynaswn, chychwynna’, chychwynnaf, chychwynner, dechreuan, chychwynnaist, chychwynnan, chychwynnant, chychwynnech, chychwynned, chychwynnem, chychwynnen, chychwynnent, chychwynnai, chychwynnes, chychwynnais, chychwynnet, chychwynni, chychwynnid, chychwynniff, chychwynnir, chychwynnith, chychwynno, dania’, daniaf, chychwynnon, chychwynnont, chychwynnwch, chychwynnwn, chychwynnwyd, chychwynnwyf, chychwynnych, dania, danion, cychwynnwch, daniai, daniais, daniaist, danian, daniant, daniasai, daniasant, daniasech, danien, danient, daniasid, daniasit, daniasoch, daniasom, daniaswn, daniech, danied, daniem, daniasem, daniasent, danier, danies, daniest, daniet, danio, danioch, daniodd, daniom, dannir, dasgiff, dannith, daniwch, daniwn, daniwyd, daniwyf, daniych, danni, dannid, danniff, dasgid, dasgir, dasga, dasga’, dasgaf, dasgai, dasgais, dasgaist, dasgan, dasgant, dasgech, dasgem, dasgasech, dasgasem, dasgasent, dasgasid, dasgasit, dasgasoch, dasgasom, dasgaswn, dasgasai, dasged, dasgasant, dasgen, dasgent, dasger, dasges, dasgest, dasget, dasgi, dasgwn, dasgwyd, dasgith, dasgo, dasgoch, dasgodd, dasgom, dasgon, dasgont, dasgwch, dechreuiff, gychwynnem, dasgwyf, dasgych, dechreua, dechreua’, dechreuaf, dechreuai, dechreuais, dechreuaist, dechreued, dechreuem, dechreuasai, dechreuasech, dechreuasem, dechreuasent, dechreuasid, dechreuasit, dechreuaswn, dechreuech, ddechreuych, dechreuant, dechreuen, dechreuent, dechreuer, dechreues, dechreuest, dechreuet, dechreui, dechreuid, dechreusoch, ddechreuet, dechreusom, dechreuith, dechreuo, dechreuoch, dechreuodd, dechreuom, dechreuon, dechreuont, dechreusant, ddechreuest, ddechreui, dechreuson, dechreuwch, dechreuwn, dechreuwyd, dechreuwyf, dechreuych, ddechreua, ddechreua’, ddechreuasid, ddechreuaswn, ddechreuais, ddechreuaist, ddechreuan, ddechreuant, ddechreuasai, ddechreuasech, ddechreuasem, ddechreuasent, ddechreuaf, ddechreuasit, ddechreuai, ddechreuech, ddechreued, ddechreuem, ddechreuen, ddechreuent, ddechreuer, ddechreues, ddechreuon, ddechreuont, ddechreuid, ddechreuiff, ddechreuir, ddechreuith, ddechreuo, ddechreuoch, ddechreuodd, ddechreuom, beica, dechreuir, ddechreusant, ddechreusoch, ddechreusom, ddechreuson, ddechreuwch, ddechreuwn, ddechreuwyd, ddechreuwyf, gychwynasom, gychwynaswn, gychwynasai, gychwynasant, gychwynasech, gychwynasem, gychwynasent, gychwynasid, gychwynasit, gychwynasoch, cychwynnant, gychwyna, gychwynna’, gychwynnaf, gychwynnai, gychwynnais, gychwynnaist, gychwynnan, gychwynnant, gychwynnech, gychwynniff, neidiasoch, gychwynnir, gychwynnen, gychwynnent, gychwynner, gychwynnes, gychwynnest, gychwynnet, gychwynni, gychwynnid, neidiasit, neidiasom, gychwynnith, gychwynno, gychwynnoch, gychwynnodd, gychwynnom, gychwynnon, gychwynnont, gychwynnwch, neidiais, neidian, gychwynnwyf, gychwynnych, naid, neidi, neidia, neidia’, neidiaf, neidiai, gychwynnwn, neidiaist, gychwynnwyd, neidiant, neidiasai, neidiasant, neidiasech, neidiasem, neidiasent, neidiasid, peicasit, neidiest, neidiaswn, neidid, neidiech, neidied, neidiem, neidien, neidient, neidier, neidies, taniasech, neidiet, neidiff, neidio, neidioch, neidiodd, neidiom, neidion, neidiont, neidir, peicai, peicais, neidiwch, neidiwn, neidiwyd, neidiwyf, neidiych, peica, peica’, peicaf, pheicir, neidith, peicaist, peican, peicant, peicasai, peicasant, peicasech, peicasem, peicasent, pheicasent, peicasoch, peicasom, peicaswn, peicech, peiced, peicem, peicen, peicent, peicer, peices, peicest, peicet, peici, peicid, peiciff, peicir, peicith, peico, peicoch, peicodd, pheica, pheica’, peicom, peicon, peicont, peicwch, peicwn, peicwyd, peicwyf, peicych, pheicych, pheicasech, pheicaf, pheicai, pheicais, pheicaist, pheican, pheicant, pheicasai, pheicasant, pheicem, pheicen, peicasid, pheicasid, pheicasit, pheicasoch, pheicasom, pheicaswn, pheicech, pheiced, taniasai, pheicasem, pheicent, pheicer, pheices, pheicest, pheicet, pheici, pheicid, pheiciff, pheicwyf, pheico, pheicoch, pheicodd, pheicom, pheicon, pheicont, pheicwch, pheicwn, pheicwyd, thaniwyd, pheicith, tania, tania’, taniaf, taniai, taniais, taniaist, tanian, taniant, taniech, tasgan, tanied, gychwynned, taniasem, taniasent, taniasid, taniasit, taniasoch, taniasom, taniaswn, tasgaist, tasgant, taniem, tanien, tanient, tanier, tanies, taniest, taniet, tanio, tanni, tanniff, taniom, tanion, taniont, taniwch, taniwn, taniwyd, taniwyf, taniych, tanioch, tannid, taniodd, tannir, tannith, tasga, tasga’, tasgaf, tasgai, tasgais, tasgasom, tasgaswn, tasgasai, tasgasant, tasgasech, tasgasem, tasgasent, tasgasid, tasgasit, tasgasoch, thaniai, taniasant, tasgech, tasged, tasgem, tasgen, tasgent, tasger, tasges, tasgest, tasgon, tasgont, tasgid, tasgiff, tasgir, tasgith, tasgo, tasgoch, tasgodd, tasgom, thasgen, tasgi, tasgwch, tasgwn, tasgwyd, tasgwyf, tasgych, thania, thania’, thaniaf, thasgaf, thaniasit, thaniaist, thanian, thaniant, thaniasai, thaniasant, thaniasech, thaniasem, thaniasent, thaniasid, thasga’, thaniasoch, thaniasom, thaniaswn, thaniech, thanied, thaniem, thanien, thanient, thanier, thaniwn, thaniest, thaniet, thanio, thanioch, thaniodd, thaniom, thanion, thaniont, thaniwch, thasgoch, thanies, thaniwyf, thaniych, thanni, thannid, thanniff, thannir, thannith, thasga, thasgasem, thasgasent, thasgai, thasgais, thasgaist, thasgan, thasgant, thasgasai, thasgasant, thasgasech, thasgych, thaniais, thasgasid, thasgasit, thasgasoch, thasgasom, thasgaswn, thasgech, thasged, thasgem, thasgo, thasger, thasges, thasgest, thasget, thasgi, thasgid, thasgiff, thasgir, thasgith, tasget, thasgent, thasgodd, thasgom, thasgon, thasgont, thasgwch, thasgwn, thasgwyd, thasgwyf
Start :
- dechrauDechreuoddcychwynnolgan ddechraudechrau

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Noun(1) the beginning of anything(2) the time at which something is supposed to begin(3) a turn to be a starter (in a game at the beginning(4) a sudden involuntary movement(5) the act of starting something(6) a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game(7) a signal to begin (as in a race(8) the advantage gained by beginning early (as in a race
Verb(1) take the first step or steps in carrying out an action(2) set in motion, cause to start(3) leave(4) have a beginning, in a temporal, spatial, or evaluative sense(5) bring into being(6) get off the ground(7) move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm(8) get going or set in motion(9) begin or set in motion(10) begin work or acting in a certain capacity, office or job(11) play in the starting lineup(12) have a beginning characterized in some specified way(13) begin an event that is implied and limited by the nature or inherent function of the direct object(14) bulge outward

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(1) Malachi and Lilith looked round with a start at the sound of the voice.(2) I had quite a start when I saw him(3) fees start at Ôö¼├║300(4) He bustled Ouija Board into fifth soon after the start and held his position until the field quickened down the back stretch.(5) If Swindon council really is intent on saving money, it could do worse than start by looking at its advertising policy.(6) she decided to start running every day(7) An early start will enable you to compensate for the inevitable traffic jam or late taxi.(8) The scheme is aimed at alleviating some of the initial costs people face when they start work after a period of unemployment.(9) After having accepted the invite, two hours before the start of the game he phoned me to say he wasn't coming.(10) Cricket commitments meant that I was always going to be an hour late for the start .(11) Kelsey awoke with a start and shook her head a few times to get rid of her dream.(12) the start of the film is very scary(13) He is lobbying parliament to make changes to the educational system to encourage people to start their own businesses.(14) the woman gave a nervous start(15) Wherever they take their instruments and PVC trousers, these Bond dames seem to start trouble.(16) I didn't know where to start
Related Words
1. beginning ::
2. onset ::
3. lead ::
4. advantageous beginning ::
cychwyn fanteisiol
5. jerk ::
7. jump ::
8. starting line ::
llinell gychwyn
9. head start ::
dechrau da
10. kickoff ::
11. commencement ::
12. starting signal ::
gan ddechrau signal
13. begin ::
14. arise ::
15. establish ::
16. commence ::
18. activate ::
19. begin working ::
ddechrau gweithio
20. flinch ::
21. set forth ::
a nodir
23. get ::
24. initiate ::
25. take up ::
26. get going ::
cael mynd
27. jump ::
28. pop ::
Different Forms
start, started, starter, starters, starting, starts
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Go for a piss. That\'s a start.

Go for a piss. That's a START.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 3

So let\'s hear from some people
who were there at the very start.

So let's hear from some people who were there at the very START.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 21

All right, I\'ll start with an easy one.

All right, I'll START with an easy one.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 7

Look, let\'s start with
some tough love, all right?

Look, let's START with some tough love, all right?

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 11

Well, you start
out by trying to

Well, you START out by trying to

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 20

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