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pigo, bigo, phigo, bigasoch, biga’, bigasit, bigasid, bigasent, bigasem, bigasech, bigasant, bigasai, bigant, bigan, bigaist, bigais, bigai, bigaf, bigith, binsiem, bigaswn, bigech, biged, bigem, bigen, bigent, biger, biges, bigest, biget, bigi, bigid, bigiff, bigir, bigodd, bigoch, pigasech, bigom, bigon, bigont, bigwch, bigwn, bigwyd, bigwyf, bigych, binsi, binsia, binsia’, binsiaf, binsiai, binsiais, bigasom, binsian, binsiant, binsiasai, binsiasant, binsiasech, binsiasem, binsiasent, binsiasid, binsiasit, binsiasoch, binsiasom, binsiaswn, binsid, binsiech, binsied, binsith, binsiwch, binsien, binsient, binsier, binsies, binsiest, binsiet, binsiff, binsio, binsioch, binsiodd, binsiom, binsion, binsiont, binsir, biga, pinsia, binsiwn, binsiwyd, binsiwyf, binsiych, piga, piga’, pigaf, pigai, pigais, pigaist, pigan, pigant, pigasai, pigasant, pigasem, pigasent, pigasid, pigasit, pigasoch, pigasom, pigaswn, pigech, piged, pigem, pigen, pigent, piger, piges, pigest, piget, pigi, pigid, pigiff, pigir, pigith, pigoch, pigodd, pigom, pigon, pigont, pigwch, pigwn, pigwyd, pigwyf, pigych, pinsiom, pinsia’, pinsiaf, pinsiai, pinsiais, pinsiaist, pinsian, pinsiant, pinsiasai, pinsiasant, pinsiasech, pinsiasem, pinsiasent, pinsiasid, pinsiasit, pinsiasoch, pinsiasom, pinsiaswn, pinsid, pinsiech, pinsied, pinsiem, pinsien, pinsient, pinsier, pinsies, pinsiest, pinsiet, pinsiff, pinsio, pinsioch, phigent, phigaist, pinsiwyf, phigais, phigai, phigaf, phiga’, phiga, pinsiych, phigan, pinsiwyd, pinsiwn, pinsiwch, pinsith, pinsir, pinsiont, pinsion, phinsiest, pinsiodd, phigant, phigasai, phigasant, phigasech, phigasem, phigasent, phigasid, phigasit, phigasoch, phigasom, phigaswn, phigech, phiged, phigem, phigen, pinsi, phiger, phiges, phigest, phiget, phigi, phigid, phigiff, phigir, phigith, phigoch, phigodd, phigom, phigon, phigont, phigwch, phigwn, phigwyd, phigwyf, phigych, phinsi, phinsia, phinsia’, phinsiaf, phinsiai, phinsiais, phinsiaist, phinsian, phinsiant, phinsiasai, phinsiasant, phinsiasech, phinsiasem, phinsiasent, phinsiasid, phinsiasit, phinsiasoch, phinsiasom, phinsiaswn, phinsid, phinsiech, phinsied, phinsiem, phinsien, phinsient, phinsier, phinsies, binsiaist, phinsiet, phinsiff, phinsio, phinsioch, phinsiodd, phinsiom, phinsion, phinsiont, phinsir, phinsith, phinsiwch, phinsiwn, phinsiwyd, phinsiwyf, phinsiychpigo, mhigo, mhinsio, pinsiopigiad, bigiad, golyn, colyn, ngholyn, bigiadau, golynnau, frathiadau, frathiad, frathau, frath, cholynnau, cholyn, colynnau, brathiadau, brathiad, brathau, brath, bigad, phigiad, phigad, pigiadau, pigad, mrathiadau, mrathiad, mrathau, mrath, mhigiadau, mhigiad, mhigad, phigiadau, ngholynnau
Sting :
- Stingstingerstingilypoethionpigiadau

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Noun(1) a kind of pain; something as sudden and painful as being stung(2) a mental pain or distress(3) a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin(4) a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property(5) operation designed to catch a person committing a criminal act
Verb(1) cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort(2) deliver a sting to(3) saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous(4) cause a stinging pain(5) cause an emotional pain, as if by stinging

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(1) The nine-month undercover sting saw two police officers infiltrate drug users and dealers in the town and buy heroin and crack cocaine from them.(2) In the old days a method of easing the sting of sunburn was to make a potato poultice which would give rapid relief.(3) Before any of the women could speak, Gale felt the sting of something sharp, and willed herself not to look at the doctor's work.(4) He used the dampened cotton to dab at her wounds; giving a slight sting each time it touched her skin for how long he held it there.(5) Some of it hit my radio man, and I tried to go out and bring him back, and that's when I felt a sharp sting in my shoulder.(6) The sting of his satire is often viewed as an attack on the economic and social circumstances of the day.(7) The 12 men were arrested on Wednesday in a sting operation as police and army officials sought to crack down on illegal quarrying.(8) But speaking out regularly in a structured environment will take the sting out of shyness on the social scene.(9) I began to bleed at impact and quickly drew my finger away from the sting of the sharp plant.(10) Swindon's Operation Delta burglary squad has been working closely with the Metropolitan Police on an undercover sting operation.(11) A Canadian man has been arrested for advanced fee fraud following a sting operation instigated by a Connecticut woman fed up with receiving scam emails.(12) I recalled the sting of his betrayal(13) Householders are being tormented by the buzzing wasps and businesses like restaurants and pubs are being plagued by the insects with a sting in their tail.(14) Her words were meant to sting and hurt, to make him feel equally as bad as he had made her now feel.(15) Officers planned a sting operation and handed a marked 500 baht note to pay off one of the men.(16) As one whizzed just past my face, I felt a sharp sting of pain on my right cheek.
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Different Forms
sting, stinger, stingers, stingily, stinging, stings
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