English to Welsh Meaning :: stir

droi, troi, tro, cyffro, ysgogi, trowch, throwch, cordda’, cyffroesech, corddaf, corddai, corddais, corddaist, corddan, corddant, corddasai, corddom, corddasech, corddasem, corddasent, corddasid, corddasit, corddasoch, corddasom, cordded, corddi, cyffrodd, corddem, cordden, corddent, cordder, corddes, corddest, corddaswn, corddasant, corddid, corddiff, corddir, corddith, corddo, corddoch, corddodd, chyffroai, corddon, corddont, corddwch, corddwn, corddwyd, corddwyf, corddych, cyffrô, cyffroa, cyffroaf, cyffroai, cyffroais, cyffroaist, cyffroant, cyffrôch, cyffrowyd, cyffroesem, cyffroem, cyffroent, cyffroeoch, cyffroeon, cyffroer, cyffroesai, cyffroesant, cyffroech, cyffroed, cyffroesent, cyffroesid, cyffroesit, cyffroesoch, cyffroesom, cyffroeswn, cyffroet, cyffroiodd, cyffroï, cyffroia, cyffroia’, cyffroian, cyffroid, cyffroien, cyffroies, chorddasem, cyffroi, cyffroir, cyffrois, cyffroist, cyffroiwch, cyffroiwn, cyffrôm, chorddont, chorddiff, chorddais, droais, cyffrowyf, cyffroych, cyffry, chordda, chordda’, cyffrônt, chorddai, chorddir, chorddaist, chorddan, chorddant, chorddasai, chorddasant, chorddasech, cyffroiest, chordden, chorddasid, chorddasit, chorddasoch, chorddasom, chorddaswn, chorddech, chordded, cyffrof, chorddasent, chorddent, chordder, chorddes, chorddest, chorddet, chorddi, corddet, chorddwn, chorddith, chorddo, chorddoch, chorddodd, chorddom, chorddon, chorddid, chorddwch, corddech, chorddwyd, chorddwyf, chorddych, chyffrô, chyffroa, chyffroaf, chorddem, chyffroed, chyffroiodd, chyffroent, chyffroais, chyffroaist, chyffroant, chyffrôch, chyffrodd, chyffroech, chyffroiest, chyffroem, chyffroir, chyffroeoch, chyffroeon, chyffroer, chyffroesai, chyffroesant, chyffroesech, chyffroi, chyffroï, chyffroesid, chyffroesit, chyffroesoch, chyffroesom, chyffroeswn, chyffroet, chyffrof, chyffroesem, chyffroesent, chyffroia, chyffroia’, chyffroian, chyffroid, chyffroien, chyffroies, chyffrown, chyffrowyd, chyffrois, chyffroist, chyffroiwch, chyffroiwn, chyffrôm, chyffrônt, chyffrowch, droesoch, gyffroa, chyffrowyf, chyffroych, chyffry, drô, droaf, droai, droer, droesai, droant, drôch, drodd, droech, droem, droent, droeoch, gorddest, droaist, droesant, droesech, droesem, droesent, droesid, droesit, droid, droien, droeswn, droet, drof, droï, droia, droia’, droian, gorddasai, gorddasant, droies, droiest, droiodd, droir, drois, droist, droiwch, droiwn, drôm, drônt, drowch, drown, drowyd, drowyf, droych, dry, gorddom, gordda’, gorddaf, gorddai, gorddais, gorddaist, gorddan, gorddant, gorddaswn, gorddech, gorddasech, gorddasem, gorddasent, gorddasid, gorddasit, gorddasoch, gorddasom, cordda, droesom, gordded, gorddem, gordden, gorddent, gordder, gorddes, gorddet, gorddi, gorddid, gorddiff, gorddir, gorddith, gorddo, gorddoch, gorddodd, gordda, gorddon, gorddont, gorddwch, gorddwn, gorddwyd, gorddwyf, gorddych, gyffroiest, gyffroaf, gyffroai, gyffroais, gyffroaist, gyffroant, gyffrôch, gyffrodd, gyffroech, gyffroed, gyffroem, gyffroent, gyffroeoch, gyffroeon, gyffroer, gyffroesai, gyffroesant, hysgogasem, gyffroi, gyffroesent, gyffroesid, gyffroesit, gyffroesoch, gyffroesom, gyffroeswn, gyffroet, gyffroesech, hysgogai, gyffroï, gyffroia, gyffroia’, gyffroian, gyffroid, gyffroien, gyffroies, hysgogem, gyffroiodd, gyffroir, gyffrois, gyffroist, gyffroiwch, gyffroiwn, gyffrôm, gyffrônt, gyffrowch, gyffrown, gyffrowyd, gyffrowyf, gyffroych, gyffry, hysgoga, hysgoga’, thry, hysgogasent, hysgogais, hysgogaist, hysgogan, hysgogant, hysgogasai, hysgogasant, hysgogasech, hysgogaf, gyffroesem, hysgogasid, hysgogasit, hysgogasoch, hysgogasom, hysgogaswn, troai, hysgoged, hysgogith, hysgoger, hysgoges, hysgogest, hysgoget, hysgogi, hysgogid, hysgogwch, hysgogir, hysgogent, hysgogo, hysgogoch, hysgogodd, hysgogom, hysgogon, hysgogont, syflodd, syflet, syflaf, hysgogwn, syflant, hysgogwyd, hysgogwyf, hysgogych, syfl, syfla, syfla’, syfli, syflai, syflais, syflaist, syflan, hysgogen, hysgogiff, hysgogech, syflech, syflasech, syflasem, syflasent, syflasid, syflasit, syflasoch, syflasom, syflasai, syflasant, syfled, syflem, syflen, syflent, syfler, syfles, gyffrof, syflon, syflid, syfliff, syflir, syflith, syflo, syfloch, syflest, syflom, throiwch, syflont, syflwch, syflwn, syflwyd, syflwyf, syflych, syflaswn, troem, gyffrô, troais, troaist, troant, trôch, trodd, troech, troiest, troaf, troent, troeoch, troeon, troer, troesai, troesant, throer, throaist, troï, troesent, troesid, troesit, troesoch, troesom, troeswn, troet, troesech, throant, troia, troia’, troian, troid, troien, troies, troed, trowyf, trois, troist, troiwch, troiwn, trôm, trônt, trô, trowyd, troir, troych, try, thrô, throaf, throai, chorddaf, cyffrowch, throesant, thrôch, throdd, throech, throem, throent, throeoch, throais, throesai, troesem, throesech, throesem, throesent, throesid, throesit, trown, troiodd, ysgogasai, throesom, throeswn, throet, throf, throi, throï, throia, throia’, throian, throid, throien, throies, throiest, throiodd, throir, throis, ysgogom, ysgoga, throiwn, thrôm, thrônt, thrown, throwyd, throwyf, throych, throist, ysgoget, ysgoga’, ysgogaf, ysgogai, ysgogais, ysgogaist, ysgogan, ysgogant, ysgogech, ysgogasech, ysgogasem, ysgogasent, ysgogasid, ysgogasit, ysgogasoch, ysgogasom, throesoch, ysgogasant, ysgoged, ysgogem, ysgogen, ysgogent, ysgoger, ysgoges, trof, ysgogon, ysgogid, ysgogiff, ysgogir, ysgogith, ysgogo, ysgogoch, ysgogodd, ysgogest, cyffrown, ysgogont, ysgogwch, ysgogwn, ysgogwyd, ysgogwyf, ysgogych, ysgogaswntroi, ysgogi, corddi, cyffroi, nghorddi, nghyffroi, nhroi, syflydcynnwrf, gynnwrf, cyffro, gyffro, chyffro, chynnwrf, nghyffro, nghynnwrf
Stir :
- troStirlingstirs

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Noun(1) a prominent or sensational but short-lived news event(2) emotional agitation and excitement(3) a rapid active commotion
Verb(1) move an implement through(2) move very slightly(3) stir feelings in(4) stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of(5) affect emotionally(6) summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic(7) to begin moving(8) mix or add by stirring

Show Examples

(1) To many people these days, photographs in black-and-white bring a sense of nostalgia, and stir memories of bygone times.(2) There was a stir of motion from the corner of her room.(3) When you are ready to eat, stir the maple syrup sauce, and spoon some of it over the apple snow.(4) After the relentless ossification of the Post-Modern era, things are beginning to stir again.(5) I stood, straining eyes and ears for the faintest stir(6) Quite why this should cause such a stir I don't know.(7) the event caused quite a stir(8) Despite the stir of pro-Clippers feelings in Los Angeles, he is not very positive about his future with the team.(9) Once added, stir the rice until it's coated with the liquid from the chicken mixture.(10) Well, at least the person who did such a miserable job ended up in stir for defrauding another customer.(11) It definitely served the purpose of creating awareness, but the whole exercise failed after the initial stir it created.(12) The picture, submitted by a teacher of Japanese fencing and martial arts, has caused a stir .(13) Things are beginning to stir in Lancaster's Ryelands Park this spring and local people are needed to help turn the breeze into a whirlwind.(14) Seven budding entrepreneurs from Swindon are creating a stir with their Young Enterprise business.(15) Tully had arrived just as things were beginning to stir in the county.(16) For the sauce, stir the remaining ingredients together and season to taste with salt and pepper.
Related Words
(1) stir up ::
1. commotion ::
2. ado ::
3. splash ::
4. mix ::
5. move slightly ::
symud ychydig
6. disturb ::
8. move ::
9. arouse ::
10. spur ::
11. call down ::
galw i lawr
12. shift ::
13. stimulate ::
14. touch ::
1. freeze ::
2. still ::
Different Forms
stir, stirling, stirs
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