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strôc, nyrnod, drawiad, drawiadau, dyrnod, dyrnodau, ddyrnod, ddyrnodau, nhrawiad, da, nyrnodau, strociau, trawiad, trawiadau, thrawiad, thrawiadau, nhrawiadaumwythofwythent, fwytha’, fwythaf, fwythai, fwythais, fwythaist, fwythan, fwythant, fwythasai, fwythasant, fwythasech, fwytho, fwythasent, fwythasid, fwythasit, fwythasoch, fwythasom, fwythaswn, fwythech, fwythed, fwythem, fwythen, fwythoch, fwyther, fwythes, fwythest, fwythet, fwythi, fwythid, fwythiff, fwythir, fwythith, fwytha, fwythasem, fwythodd, fwythom, fwython, fwythont, fwythwch, fwythwn, fwythwyd, fwythwyf, fwythych, mwythent, mwytha’, mwythaf, mwythai, mwythais, mwythaist, mwythan, mwythant, mwythasai, mwythasant, mwythasech, mwytho, mwythasent, mwythasid, mwythasit, mwythasoch, mwythasom, mwythaswn, mwythech, mwythed, mwythem, mwythen, mwythoch, mwyther, mwythes, mwythest, mwythet, mwythi, mwythid, mwythiff, mwythir, mwythith, mwytha, mwythasem, mwythodd, mwythom, mwython, mwythont, mwythwch, mwythwn, mwythwyd, mwythwyf, mwythych
Stroke :
- strôcstrokedstrôcmwytho

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Noun(1) (sports(2) the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam(3) a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain(4) a light touch(5) a light touch with the hands(6) (golf(7) the oarsman nearest the stern of the shell who sets the pace for the rest of the crew(8) anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause(9) a punctuation mark (/(10) a mark made on a surface by a pen, pencil, or paintbrush(11) any one of the repeated movements of the limbs and body used for locomotion in swimming or rowing(12) a single complete movement
Verb(1) touch lightly and repeatedly, as with brushing motions(2) strike a ball with a smooth blow(3) row at a particular rate(4) treat gingerly or carefully

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(1) The U.S. medical record says only he suffered heat stroke which led to the coma.(2) Every gesture, every stroke , every movement should be accepted by the system, with nuanced response.(3) But just recently I found the diary I kept for the first year after the stroke and read the whole thing.(4) at the stroke of midnight(5) Any swimming stroke will help improve your stride, but the butterfly translates best to cross-country skiing.(6) Toussaint was illiterate, could not swim a stroke , nor could he operate a boat.(7) he has a lovely stroke(8) he was left disabled by a stroke(9) He forced the Maritzburg goalkeeper, Ryan Gary, to lie on the ball, conceding a penalty stroke .(10) Shogun Lodge, his sword in one hand, countered the stroke of the heavy iron sword with an upward movement.(11) by a stroke of good fortune(12) the rowers sing to keep their stroke(13) front crawl is a popular stroke(14) First, it is the most difficult stroke to swim correctly because it is based on tempo and rhythm.(15) Slavery and feudalism were in the end abolished, with a stroke of the pen followed if necessary by a stroke of the sword.(16) The more efficient your stroke , the less energy you expend to swim any distance.
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trawiad gwres
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3. movement ::
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5. mark ::
6. detail ::
7. thrombosis ::
8. apoplexy ::
10. diagonal ::
11. fortuity ::
12. throw ::
13. caress ::
Different Forms
stroke, stroked, strokes, stroking
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