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rhodianna, rhodiorodianasech, rodianasem, rodia, rodia’, rodiaf, rodiai, rodiais, rodiaist, rodian, rodianasai, rodianasant, rodiannodd, rodiannom, rodianasent, rodianasid, rodianasit, rodianasoch, rodianasom, rodianaswn, rodianna, rodianna’, rodiannaf, rodiannai, rodiannais, rodiannaist, rodiannan, rodiannant, rodiannech, rodianned, rodiannem, rodiannen, rodiannent, rodianner, rodiodd, rodiannest, rodiannet, rodianni, rodiannid, rodianniff, rodiannir, rodiannith, rodianno, rodiannoch, rodiasant, rodiasech, rodiannon, rodiannont, rodiannwch, rodiannwn, rodiannwyd, rodiannwyf, rodiannych, rodiant, rodiasai, rodiych, rodi, rodiasem, rodiasent, rodiasid, rodiasit, rodiasoch, rodiasom, rodiaswn, rodid, rodiech, rodied, rodiem, rodien, rodient, rodier, rodies, rodiest, rodiet, rodiff, rodio, rodioch, rodiannes, rodiom, rodion, rodiont, rodir, rodith, rodiwch, rodiwn, rodiwyd, rodiwyf, rhodianasech, rhodianasem, rhodia, rhodia’, rhodiaf, rhodiai, rhodiais, rhodiaist, rhodian, rhodianasai, rhodianasant, rhodiannodd, rhodiannom, rhodianasent, rhodianasid, rhodianasit, rhodianasoch, rhodianasom, rhodianaswn, rhodianna, rhodianna’, rhodiannaf, rhodiannai, rhodiannais, rhodiannaist, rhodiannan, rhodiannant, rhodiannech, rhodianned, rhodiannem, rhodiannen, rhodiannent, rhodianner, rhodiodd, rhodiannest, rhodiannet, rhodianni, rhodiannid, rhodianniff, rhodiannir, rhodiannith, rhodianno, rhodiannoch, rhodiasant, rhodiasech, rhodiannon, rhodiannont, rhodiannwch, rhodiannwn, rhodiannwyd, rhodiannwyf, rhodiannych, rhodiant, rhodiasai, rhodiych, rhodi, rhodiasem, rhodiasent, rhodiasid, rhodiasit, rhodiasoch, rhodiasom, rhodiaswn, rhodid, rhodiech, rhodied, rhodiem, rhodien, rhodient, rhodier, rhodies, rhodiest, rhodiet, rhodiff, rhodio, rhodioch, rhodiannes, rhodiom, rhodion, rhodiont, rhodir, rhodith, rhodiwch, rhodiwn, rhodiwyd, rhodiwyf
Stroll :
- drostrolledstrollerscerddedteithiau cerdded

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Noun(1) a leisurely walk (usually in some public place
Verb(1) walk leisurely and with no apparent aim

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(1) A short stroll along memory lane reveals an interesting range of speciality shops including antiques, art and craft, gift shops and galleries.(2) We started a leisurely stroll through what really were beautiful gardens.(3) When you get back, take a short stroll on the Riverfront Promenade, which begins on the east side of Tower Bridge at the foot of Capitol Mall.(4) When last Tuesday I took a leisurely stroll to a San Francisco cafÔö£┬« it seemed an ordinary Californian day.(5) Hand in hand, they made a leisurely stroll across the garden, stopping from time to time to remark on one bravely struggling flower here or a sturdy vine there.(6) The young man that was about to rudely spoil Carlow's lazy stroll in the sun to victory was still marooned in the stand.(7) It is a short stroll from the town centre and is within walking distance of the Dart station.(8) The announcement is welcome news for the many walkers who use the Barrow track for a leisurely stroll .(9) We began to stroll casually down the street.(10) Watching people stroll the grounds and explore the 18th century hall was very rewarding.(11) we took a stroll in the garden(12) Rather than turn straight round and return home we had a coffee break and then a short stroll along the path by the Bridgwater Canal.(13) Milk, bread, and other necessities are just a short stroll away.(14) It is suitable for most age groups who enjoy a leisurely stroll , making a lovely afternoons walk for families.(15) In the case of the Eel Garden, it's a short stroll out of the Dive Urge dive centre and into the sea.(16) Their supporters can barely rouse themselves for regulation home league wins achieved at a stroll .
Related Words
(1) to stroll ::
i gerdded
1. saunter ::
2. amble ::
3. wander ::
4. walk ::
5. turn ::
6. promenade ::
7. mosey ::
8. constitutional ::
10. saunter ::
11. amble ::
12. wander ::
13. meander ::
14. ramble ::
15. promenade ::
16. walk ::
17. go for a walk ::
mynd am dro
18. stretch one's legs ::
ymestyn un o coesau
19. get some air ::
cael rhywfaint o awyr
20. mosey ::
21. perambulate ::
Different Forms
stroll, strolled, stroller, strollers, strolling, strolls
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