English to Welsh Meaning :: take

gymryd, cymryd, chymryd, cipio, codi, dilyn, nghipio, nghodi, nghymryd, nilyncymerwch, cipia’, cipiasit, cipiaf, cipiai, cipiais, cipiaist, cipian, cipiant, cipiasai, cipiasant, cipiasech, cipiasem, cipiasent, cipiasid, cipio, cipiasoch, cipiasom, cipiaswn, cipid, cipiech, cipied, cipiem, cipien, cipient, cipier, cipies, cipiest, cipiet, cipiff, cipiodd, codaf, cipioch, cipiom, cipion, cipiont, cipir, cipith, cipiwch, cipiwn, cipiwyd, cipiwyf, cipiych, cod, cymeriff, coda’, cipia, codai, codais, codaist, codan, codant, codasai, codasant, codasech, codasem, codasent, codasid, codasit, coda, codith, codaswn, codech, coded, codem, coden, codent, coder, codes, codest, codet, codi, codid, codiff, cymera, codasom, codo, codoch, cododd, codom, codon, codont, codwch, codwn, codwyd, codwyf, codych, cwyd, cymer, codir, cymerasom, cymeraf, cymerai, cymerais, cymeraist, cymeran, cymerant, cymerasai, cymerasant, cymerasech, cymerasem, cymerasent, cymerasid, codasoch, cymerasoch, cymera’, cymeraswn, cymerech, cymered, cymerem, cymeren, cymerent, cymerer, cymeres, cymerest, cymeret, cymeri, cymerid, cymerasit, chipia’, cymerir, cymerith, cymero, cymeroch, cymerodd, cymerom, cymeron, cymeront, cymerwn, cymerwyd, cymerwyf, cymerych, chipi, chipiasoch, chipio, chipiaf, chipiai, chipiais, chipiaist, chipian, chipiant, chipiasai, chipiasant, chipiasech, chipiasem, chipiasent, chipiasid, chipiasit, chipia, chipioch, chipiasom, chipiaswn, chipid, chipiech, chipied, chipiem, chipien, chipient, chipier, chipies, chipiest, chipiet, chipiff, cipi, chodom, chipiodd, chipiom, chipion, chipiont, chipir, chipith, chipiwch, chipiwn, chipiwyd, chipiwyf, chipiych, choda’, chodaf, choded, chodaist, chodan, chodant, chodasai, chodasant, chodasech, chodasem, chodasent, chodasid, chodasit, chodasoch, chodasom, chodaswn, chododd, chodais, chodem, chodent, choder, chodes, chodest, chodet, chodi, chodid, chodiff, chodir, chodith, chodo, chodoch, chodech, chymerant, chodon, chodont, chodwch, chodwn, chodwyd, chodwyf, chodych, chymera, chymera’, chymeraf, chymerai, chymerais, chodai, chymeran, gipiwyd, chymerasai, chymerasant, chymerasech, chymerasem, chymerasent, chymerasid, chymerasit, chymerasoch, chymerasom, chymeraswn, chymerech, chymered, chymeraist, chymeron, chymerent, chymerer, chymeres, chymerest, chymeret, chymeri, chymerid, chymeriff, chymerir, chymerith, chymero, chymeroch, chymerodd, dilynant, chymeren, chymeront, chymerwch, chymerwn, chymerwyd, chymerwyf, chymerych, dilyn, dilyna’, dilynaf, dilynai, dilynais, dilynaist, dilynan, chymerom, dilyner, dilynasant, dilynasech, dilynasem, dilynasent, dilynasid, dilynasit, dilynasoch, dilynasom, dilynaswn, dilynech, dilyned, dilynem, gipiasai, dilynent, ddilynes, dilynes, dilynest, dilynet, dilyni, dilynid, dilyniff, dilynir, dilynith, dilyno, dilynoch, dilynodd, dilynom, dilynen, ddilynasant, dilynwch, dilynwn, dilynwyd, dilynwyf, dilynych, ddilyn, ddilyna’, ddilynaf, ddilynai, ddilynais, ddilynaist, ddilynan, ddilyner, ddilynasai, dilynont, ddilynasech, ddilynasem, ddilynasent, ddilynasid, ddilynasit, ddilynasoch, ddilynasom, ddilynaswn, ddilynech, ddilyned, ddilynem, ddilynen, ddilynent, ddilynant, ddilynwn, ddilynest, ddilynet, ddilyni, ddilynid, ddilyniff, ddilynir, ddilynith, ddilyno, ddilynoch, ddilynodd, ddilynom, ddilynon, dilynon, ddilynwch, dilynasai, ddilynwyd, ddilynwyf, ddilynych, gipi, gipia, gipia’, gipiaf, gipiai, gipiais, gipiaist, gipian, gipiant, ddilynont, gipies, gipiasem, gipiasent, gipiasid, gipiasit, gipiasoch, gipiasom, gipiaswn, gipid, gipiech, gipied, gipiem, gipien, gipiwn, gipier, gipiasech, gipiest, gipiet, gipiff, gipio, gipioch, gipiodd, gipiom, gipion, gipiont, gipir, gipith, gipiwch, gipient, gymerasoch, godasit, gipiych, goda’, godaf, godai, godais, godaist, godan, godant, godasai, godasant, godasech, chymerem, godasent, godasid, gymerasom, godasoch, godasom, godaswn, godech, goded, godem, godent, goder, godes, godest, godet, godasem, gipiasant, gymera’, godir, godith, godo, godoch, gododd, godom, godon, godont, godwch, godwn, godwyd, godwyf, gymerasit, gymera, godiff, gymeraf, gymerai, gymerais, gymeraist, gymeran, gymerant, gymerasai, gymerasant, gymerasech, gymerasem, gymerasent, gymerasid, godych, gymerith, gymeraswn, gymerech, gymered, gymerem, gymeren, gymerent, gymerer, gymeres, gymerest, gymeret, gymeri, godi, gymeriff, gymerir, gipiwyf, gymero, gymeroch, gymerodd, gymerom, gymeron, gymeront, gymerwch, gymerwn, gymerwyd, gymerwyf, gymerych, gymerid, godid
Take :
- cymrydcymryd

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Noun(1) the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property(2) the act of photographing a scene or part of a scene without interruption
Verb(1) carry out(2) require (time or space(3) take somebody somewhere(4) get into one's hands, take physically(5) take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect(6) interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression(7) take something or somebody with oneself somewhere(8) take into one's possession(9) travel or go by means of a certain kind of transportation, or a certain route(10) pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives(11) receive willingly something given or offered(12) assume, as of positions or roles(13) take into consideration for exemplifying purposes(14) require as useful, just, or proper(15) experience or feel or submit to(16) make a film or photograph of something

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(1) don't take it home(2) Incidentally, the camera allows us to take snapshots while it is recording a video.(3) I raised my camera to take a photograph of this to send to Midland Mainline.(4) If we take Baghdad as an example, there was incredible chaos after the war.(5) I take your point, and agree somewhat, but disagree somewhat.(6) verbs which take both the infinitive and the finite clause as their object(7) do you take sugar?(8) In any case, Coyle's men did take a first minute lead with Dens defender Bobby Mann at fault.(9) When a compositor had set up his take he deposited the type set up by him on a galley upon the galley-bank, and deposited the copy from which he had set up the type in a drawer or box, or upon a table or shelf.(10) There are more clean-ups, and when Wallace is happy, producer Tony Platt calls for a take .(11) Don't take anything that Gibson wrote about as gospel on what Voudoun is about.(12) They take the shortest possible route but do not know the height of their vehicle.(13) He reached out to take her hand, but halted, his attention turning elsewhere.(14) what age do you take her to be?(15) I have always advocated that players must stand up and take criticism and accept that.(16) When she looked up at him he placed a fresh smile upon his lips and reached out to take her hand.
Related Words
(1) take care ::
cymryd gofal
1. lay hold of ::
gafael lleyg
2. remove ::
3. extract ::
4. drink ::
5. capture ::
6. steal ::
7. subtract ::
8. occupy ::
9. rent ::
10. accept ::
11. pick ::
12. consider ::
13. ascertain ::
14. write ::
15. bring ::
dod â
16. escort ::
18. derive ::
19. receive ::
20. act on ::
weithredu ar
21. regard as ::
sylw fel
22. assume ::
cymryd yn ganiataol
23. understand ::
24. captivate ::
25. endure ::
27. study ::
28. last ::
29. require ::
ei gwneud yn ofynnol
30. wear ::
31. be effective ::
fod yn effeithiol
32. select ::
33. take on ::
cymryd ymlaen
34. get hold of ::
gael gafael ar
36. subscribe ::
37. conduct ::
38. film ::
39. get ::
40. have ::
41. drive ::
42. call for ::
galw am
43. make ::
44. exact ::
45. carry ::
46. claim ::
47. charter ::
48. aim ::
49. contain ::
50. read ::
51. fill ::
52. ingest ::
53. submit ::
54. catch ::
55. revenue ::
56. scene ::
57. view of ::
golygfa o
58. return ::
1. decline ::
2. deny ::
3. disallow ::
4. disapprove ::
5. negative ::
6. refuse ::
7. reject ::
8. spurn ::
9. veto ::
Different Forms
take, takes
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