English to Welsh Meaning :: talk

siarad, siaradwch, sgwrsio, barabla’, barablasom, barablaf, barablai, barablais, barablaist, barablan, barablant, barablaswn, barablasant, barablasech, barablasem, barablasent, barablasid, barablasit, barablasoch, barablech, barablet, parablaf, barabled, barablem, barablen, barablent, barabler, barables, parablen, barablest, barabli, barabliff, barablith, barablo, barabloch, barablodd, barablom, parablais, parablasent, barablont, barablwch, barablwn, barablwyd, barablwyf, bareblais, bareblaist, parablem, bareblid, bareblir, bareblwch, bareblych, parabla, parabla’, parablwyf, barablasai, parabled, parablech, parablaswn, parablasom, parablasoch, parablasit, parablasid, barablon, parablasem, parablasech, parablasant, parablasai, parablant, parablan, parablaist, parabloch, parabler, parables, parablest, parablet, parabli, parabliff, parablwyd, parablo, parablent, parablodd, parablom, parablon, parablont, parablwch, parablwn, parablith, pharabla’, pareblais, pareblaist, parebli, pareblid, pareblir, pareblwch, barabla, pharabla, pharablet, pharablaf, pharablai, pharablais, pharablaist, pharablan, pharablant, pareblych, pharablaswn, pharablasant, pharablasech, pharablasem, pharablasent, pharablasid, pharablasit, pharablasoch, pharablest, pharablom, pharablech, pharabled, pharablem, pharablen, pharablent, pharabler, pharables, pharablasom, phareblaist, phareblais, pharablwyf, pharablwyd, pharablwn, pharablwch, pharablont, pharablon, pharablasai, pharablodd, pharabloch, pharablo, pharablith, pharabliff, pharabli, sgwrsiasem, sgwrsiech, phareblid, phareblir, phareblwch, phareblych, sgwrsi, sgwrsia, sgwrsia’, sgwrsiet, sgwrsiai, sgwrsiais, sgwrsiaist, sgwrsian, sgwrsiant, sgwrsiasai, sgwrsiasant, siaraded, soniaswn, sgwrsiasent, sgwrsiasid, sgwrsiasit, sgwrsiasoch, sgwrsiasom, sgwrsiaswn, sgwrsid, sgwrsiasech, sgwrsied, sgwrsiem, sgwrsien, sgwrsient, sgwrsier, sgwrsies, sgwrsiest, sgwrsiwch, siaradasech, sgwrsioch, sgwrsiodd, sgwrsiom, sgwrsion, sgwrsiont, sgwrsir, sgwrsith, siaradech, sgwrsiwn, sgwrsiwyd, sgwrsiwyf, sgwrsiych, siarada, siaradaf, siarada’, sgwrsiff, sgwrsiaf, siaradai, siaradais, siaradaist, siaradan, siaradant, siaradasai, siaradasant, soniest, siaradasem, siaradasent, siaradasid, siaradasit, siaradasoch, siaradasom, siaradaswn, siaradid, siaradem, siaraden, siaradent, siarader, siarades, siaradest, siaradet, siaradon, pharebli, siaradiff, siaradir, siaradith, siarado, siaradoch, siaradodd, siaradom, sonia’, barebli, soniasai, soniant, sonian, soniaist, soniais, soniai, soniaf, siaradi, sonia, sieryd, siaradych, siaradwyf, siaradwyd, siaradwn, siaradont, soniet, soniwn, soniasech, soniasem, soniasent, soniasid, soniasit, soniasoch, soniasom, sonnith, soniech, sonied, soniem, sonien, sonient, sonier, sonies, parablai, sonnir, sonniff, sonnid, sonni, soniych, soniwyf, soniwyd, soniasant, soniwch, soniont, sonion, soniom, soniodd, sonioch, soniosiarad, sôn, sgwrsio, barablu, mharablu, parablu, pharablusgwrs, sôn
Talk :
- sgwrssiaradusSonioddsiaradwrtalkies

Show English Meaning

Noun(1) an exchange of ideas via conversation(2) discussion; (`talk about' is a less formal alternative for `discussion of'(3) the act of giving a talk to an audience(4) a speech that is open to the public(5) idle gossip or rumor
Verb(1) exchange thoughts; talk with(2) express in speech(3) use language(4) reveal information(5) divulge confidential information or secrets(6) deliver a lecture or talk

Show Examples

(1) I can't talk at the moment(2) women's talk(3) Discourse is defined as talk and texts which are studied as social practice.(4) we need to talk, Maggie(5) He was having a serious talk with his mother as soon as all this was over.(6) When I get home I speak to my wife and we don't talk about football.(7) The new editor has instead upped news content and there is talk of launching a News Review section.(8) he can talk as well as you or I can(9) It could have become a little new-age preachy, with talk of enzymes and vitamins enhancing your well-being.(10) there's talk that ...(11) There has been a lot of talk regarding low fan attendance at the convention.(12) Guild members found the talk very informative and extend thanks to Ann for her time and interest.(13) we need more than just talk(14) he's all talk(15) But the Government says talk of collisions and delays is simply scaremongering.(16) In movies like this, a picture is worth a thousand words, and less talk would have been welcome.
Related Words
(1) talk about ::
siarad am
1. chatter ::
2. conversation ::
4. lecture ::
5. gossip ::
7. speech ::
8. public lecture ::
darlith gyhoeddus
9. talk of the town ::
sôn am y dref
11. speak ::
12. utter ::
13. converse ::
14. mention ::
16. confess ::
17. gossip ::
18. lecture ::
19. spill ::
Different Forms
talk, talkative, talked, talker, talkers, talkies, talking, talks, talky
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

I have to talk to her.
You don\'t.

I have to TALK to her. You don't.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 10

But I need to talk
to Dolores first.

But I need to TALK to Dolores first.

Westworld Season 3, Episode 8

I\'ll talk to King Stannis
about lending you his fleet.

I'll TALK to King Stannis about lending you his fleet.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5

We need to talk
about the car wash.

We need to TALK about the car wash.

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 3

Listen, I need to talk to you
about something.

Listen, I need to TALK to you about something.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 8

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