English to Welsh Meaning :: tend

tueddu, dueddu, gogwyddo, gwylied, gwylio, ngogwyddo, ngwylied, ngwylio, nhendio, nhueddu, osio, tendio, thueddudendiant, dendiodd, dendiasit, dendiasid, dendiasent, dendiasem, dendiasech, dendiasant, dendiasai, dendiasom, dendian, dendiaist, dendiais, dendiai, dendiaf, dendia’, dendia, dueddaist, dendiaswn, dendid, dendiech, dendied, dendiem, dendien, dendient, dendier, dendies, dendiest, dendiet, dendiff, dendio, dendioch, dendiasoch, gwyli, dendiom, dendion, dendiont, dendir, dendith, dendiwch, dendiwn, dendiwyd, dendiwyf, dendiych, duedda, duedda’, dueddaf, dueddai, dueddais, gogwyddasent, dueddan, dueddant, dueddasai, dueddasant, dueddasech, dueddasem, dueddasent, dueddasid, dueddasit, dueddasoch, dueddasom, dueddaswn, dueddech, duedded, dueddem, gogwyddasech, duedder, dueddes, dueddest, dueddet, dueddi, dueddid, dueddiff, dueddir, dueddith, dueddo, dueddoch, dueddodd, dueddom, dueddon, gogwyddasem, dueddent, gogwyddasant, gogwyddasai, gogwyddant, gogwyddan, gogwyddaist, gogwyddais, dueddont, gogwyddaf, gogwydda’, gogwydda, dueddych, dueddwyf, dueddwyd, dueddwn, dueddwch, gogwyddid, gogwyddasid, gogwyddasit, gogwyddasoch, gogwyddasom, gogwyddaswn, gogwyddech, gogwydded, gogwyddem, gogwydden, gogwyddent, gogwydder, gogwyddes, gogwyddest, gogwyddet, duedden, ogwyddai, gogwyddiff, gogwyddir, gogwyddith, gogwyddo, gogwyddoch, gogwyddodd, gogwyddom, gogwyddon, gogwyddont, gogwyddwch, gogwyddwn, gogwyddwyd, gogwyddwyf, gogwyddych, gogwyddi, gwyliant, gwyliodd, gwyliasit, gwyliasid, gwyliasent, gwyliasem, gwyliasech, gwyliasant, gwyliasai, gwyliasom, gwylian, gwyliaist, gwyliais, gwyliai, gwyliaf, gwylia’, gwylia, hosiais, gwyliaswn, gwylid, gwyliech, gwylied, gwyliem, gwylien, gwylient, gwylier, gwylies, gwyliest, gwyliet, gwyliff, gwylio, gwylioch, gwyliasoch, dendi, gwyliom, gwylion, gwyliont, gwylir, gwylith, gwyliwch, gwyliwn, gwyliwyd, gwyliwyf, gwyliych, hosi, hosia, hosia’, hosiaf, hosiai, ogwyddasent, hosiaist, hosian, hosiant, hosiasai, hosiasant, hosiasech, hosiasem, hosiasent, hosiasid, hosiasit, hosiasoch, hosiasom, hosiaswn, hosid, hosiech, ogwyddasech, hosien, hosient, hosier, hosies, hosiest, hosiet, hosiff, hosio, hosioch, hosiodd, hosiom, hosion, hosiont, hosir, ogwyddasem, hosiem, ogwyddasant, ogwyddasai, ogwyddant, ogwyddan, ogwyddaist, ogwyddais, hosith, ogwyddaf, ogwydda’, ogwydda, hosiych, hosiwyf, hosiwyd, hosiwn, hosiwch, ogwyddid, ogwyddasid, ogwyddasit, ogwyddasoch, ogwyddasom, ogwyddaswn, ogwyddech, ogwydded, ogwyddem, ogwydden, ogwyddent, ogwydder, ogwyddes, ogwyddest, ogwyddet, hosied, gogwyddai, ogwyddiff, ogwyddir, ogwyddith, ogwyddo, ogwyddoch, ogwyddodd, ogwyddom, ogwyddon, ogwyddont, ogwyddwch, ogwyddwn, ogwyddwyd, ogwyddwyf, ogwyddych, ogwyddi, osiant, osiodd, osiasit, osiasid, osiasent, osiasem, osiasech, osiasant, osiasai, osiasom, osian, osiaist, osiais, osiai, osiaf, osia’, osia, tendiais, osiaswn, osid, osiech, osied, osiem, osien, osient, osier, osies, osiest, osiet, osiff, osio, osioch, osiasoch, thendi, osiom, osion, osiont, osir, osith, osiwch, osiwn, osiwyd, osiwyf, osiych, tendi, tendia, tendia’, tendiaf, tendiai, tueddasent, tendiaist, tendian, tendiant, tendiasai, tendiasant, tendiasech, tendiasem, tendiasent, tendiasid, tendiasit, tendiasoch, tendiasom, tendiaswn, tendid, tendiech, tueddasech, tendien, tendient, tendier, tendies, tendiest, tendiet, tendiff, tendio, tendioch, tendiodd, tendiom, tendion, tendiont, tendir, tueddasem, tendiem, tueddasant, tueddasai, tueddant, tueddan, tueddaist, tueddais, tendith, tueddaf, tuedda’, tuedda, tendiych, tendiwyf, tendiwyd, tendiwn, tendiwch, tueddid, tueddasid, tueddasit, tueddasoch, tueddasom, tueddaswn, tueddech, tuedded, tueddem, tuedden, tueddent, tuedder, tueddes, tueddest, tueddet, tendied, wyliaf, tueddiff, tueddir, tueddith, tueddo, tueddoch, tueddodd, tueddom, tueddon, tueddont, tueddwch, tueddwn, tueddwyd, tueddwyf, tueddych, tueddi, thendiant, thendiodd, thendiasit, thendiasid, thendiasent, thendiasem, thendiasech, thendiasant, thendiasai, thendiasom, thendian, thendiaist, thendiais, thendiai, thendiaf, thendia’, thendia, thueddaist, thendiaswn, thendid, thendiech, thendied, thendiem, thendien, thendient, thendier, thendies, thendiest, thendiet, thendiff, thendio, thendioch, thendiasoch, osi, thendiom, thendion, thendiont, thendir, thendith, thendiwch, thendiwn, thendiwyd, thendiwyf, thendiych, thuedda, thuedda’, thueddaf, thueddai, thueddais, wyliasem, thueddan, thueddant, thueddasai, thueddasant, thueddasech, thueddasem, thueddasent, thueddasid, thueddasit, thueddasoch, thueddasom, thueddaswn, thueddech, thuedded, thueddem, wyliasant, thuedder, thueddes, thueddest, thueddet, thueddi, thueddid, thueddiff, thueddir, thueddith, thueddo, thueddoch, thueddodd, thueddom, thueddon, wyliasech, thueddent, wyliasai, wyliant, wylian, wyliaist, wyliais, wyliai, thueddont, wylia’, wylia, wyli, thueddych, thueddwyf, thueddwyd, thueddwn, thueddwch, wyliet, wyliasent, wyliasid, wyliasit, wyliasoch, wyliasom, wyliaswn, wylid, wyliech, wylied, wyliem, wylien, wylient, wylier, wylies, thuedden, tueddai, wyliff, wylio, wylioch, wyliodd, wyliom, wylion, wyliont, wylir, wylith, wyliwch, wyliwn, wyliwyd, wyliwyf, wyliych, wyliest
Tend :
- dueddolTueddaitueddiadautueddtueddu

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Verb(1) have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined(2) have care of or look after(3) manage or run

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(1) I write most of my stuff late at night and tend not to spend a lot of time editing it.(2) Too many people who tend bar think of it as something to do while waiting for their big career break.(3) Winning entries tend musically to sound rather similar.(4) My dream has always been to tend bar at a beachfront resort.(5) Who controls events, and in which direction do they tend ?(6) We are confident that, in the long run, things tend upward.(7) They like to hire rugged, macho-looking guys to tend bar.(8) The arguments always tend in the same direction.(9) they tend to play more hurling than football(10) We tend not to reapply sun cream frequently enough.(11) People tend not to like to wait.(12) Part of a doctor's vocation is to tend the sick with care and conscientiousness.(13) The suicide bombers believe that a place in paradise awaited him, 70 virgins waiting to tend their every need.(14) They bounced along the cracked road, the cyclist careful not to tend too near the Harbor Center tower.(15) Some cultures also tend not to make eye contact.(16) You must have a familiarity with the character and history of the land you tend .
Related Words
(1) tend to ::
yn tueddu i
1. be inclined ::
yn dueddol
2. incline ::
3. look after ::
edrych ar ol
Different Forms
tend, tended, tendencies, tendency, tending, tends
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

The cartels tend to be dramatic.

The cartels TEND to be dramatic.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 8

I tend to stand too close
to the urinal, so...

I TEND to stand too close to the urinal, so...

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 21

Which is why I tend to feel threatened
by other guys.

Which is why I TEND to feel threatened by other guys.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 10

but whenever you\'re between projects
you tend to get a little insecure.

but whenever you're between projects you TEND to get a little insecure.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 23

...and I tend towards
public displays of affection.

...and I TEND towards public displays of affection.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 12

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