English to Welsh Meaning :: terrify

dychrynai, dychryn, ddychryn, brawychych, brawyched, brawychasem, brawycha’, brawychaf, brawychai, brawychais, brawychaist, brawychan, brawychant, brawychasai, brawychasant, brawychasech, dychryna, brawychasent, brawychasid, brawychasit, brawychasoch, brawychasom, brawychaswn, brawychech, brawycho, brawychith, dychrynen, brawychent, brawycher, brawyches, brawychest, brawychet, brawychi, brawychid, brawychiff, brawychir, brawychwyf, brawychen, brawychoch, brawychodd, brawychom, brawychon, brawychont, brawychwch, brawychwn, brawychwyd, dychrynasem, dychrynasent, dychryna’, dychrynaf, dychrynais, dychrynaist, dychrynan, dychrynant, dychrynasai, dychrynasant, dychrynasech, dychrynych, ddychryna, dychrynasid, dychrynasit, dychrynasoch, dychrynasom, dychrynaswn, dychrynech, dychryned, dychrynem, dychryno, dychrynoch, dychryner, dychrynes, dychrynest, dychrynet, dychryni, dychrynid, dychryniff, dychrynir, dychrynith, brawychem, dychrynent, dychrynodd, dychrynom, dychrynon, dychrynont, dychrynwch, dychrynwn, dychrynwyd, dychrynwyf, ddychrynent, ddychryna’, ddychrynaf, ddychrynai, ddychrynais, ddychrynaist, ddychrynan, ddychrynant, ddychrynasai, ddychrynasant, ddychrynasech, ddychrynasem, ddychrynasent, ddychrynasid, ddychrynasit, ddychrynasoch, ddychrynasom, ddychrynaswn, ddychrynech, ddychryned, ddychrynem, frawycha, ddychryno, ddychrynodd, ddychryner, ddychrynes, ddychrynest, ddychrynet, ddychryni, ddychrynid, ddychryniff, ddychrynir, ddychrynith, frawycho, ddychrynoch, ddychrynen, ddychrynom, ddychrynon, ddychrynont, ddychrynwch, ddychrynwn, ddychrynwyd, ddychrynwyf, frawychasant, frawychasech, frawychych, frawycha’, frawychaf, frawychai, frawychais, frawychaist, frawychan, frawychant, frawychasai, brawycha, ddychrynych, frawychasem, frawychasent, frawychasid, frawychasit, frawychasoch, frawychasom, frawychaswn, frawychech, frawyched, frawychen, frawychent, frawycher, frawyches, frawychest, frawychet, frawychi, frawychid, frawychiff, frawychir, frawychith, frawychem, frawychoch, frawychodd, frawychom, frawychon, frawychont, frawychwch, frawychwn, frawychwyd, frawychwyfdychryn, brawychu, dychrynu, ddychrynu, frawychu, mrawychu, nychryn, nychrynu
Terrify :
- dychrynnychrynfrawychus

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Verb(1) fill with terror; frighten greatly

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(1) He increasingly tries to terrify them rather than reassure them.(2) Junior high and high school can terrify the wits out of those who are just entering.(3) The sight of these illuminated beasts, belching out fire and smoke on a dark night was intended to terrify would-be intruders.(4) I remember the music to Doctor Who used to terrify me.(5) A robber who used a fake gun to terrify a shop assistant, sparking an armed police hunt, has been jailed for six years.(6) Some parts of the job I could do with my eyes closed, other parts baffle and terrify me.(7) I've raced motorcycles and cars, so machinery and speed don't terrify me.(8) While fireworks can cause injury to animals, the noise they make can also terrify household pets.(9) Funny how I can watch all sorts of horror movies for hours and not get scared while that movie and its sequel terrify me!(10) Since that terrifying night she has been afraid to open her front door or go out among strangers.(11) "We are terrified to go out at night because it is absolutely pitch black.(12) Squirt taught Pippi everything he knew about wrestling, and she'd probably make a good terrifier of rodents if given a chance.(13) Violent crime here is mercifully rare, despite some terrifying recent incidents.(14) More ÔÇÿTwilight ZoneÔÇÖ than terrifier , the film pushes along in a quietly outlandish journey into the bizarre that leaves you delving deeper for more.(15) The danger with mountain tops, though, is that the descent can sometimes be terrifyingly rapid.(16) Her terrifying ordeal came just months after her car was stolen and her home torched by arsonists.
1. petrify ::
2. horrify ::
3. frighten ::
4. scare ::
5. scare stiff ::
stiff dychryn
10. scare witless ::
witless dychryn
11. strike terror into ::
taro arswyd i mewn
13. terrorize ::
14. paralyze ::
15. transfix ::
16. scare the pants off ::
dychryn y pants off
Different Forms
terrifies, terrify, terrifying
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