English to Welsh Meaning :: tipple

diotant, diotasoch, diotasit, diotasid, diotasent, diotasem, diotasech, diotasant, diotasai, ddiotent, diotan, diotaist, diotais, diotai, diotaf, diota’, diotasom, ddioten, diotaswn, diotech, dioted, diotem, dioten, diotent, dioter, diotes, diotest, diotet, dioti, diotid, diotiff, diotir, diotith, diotoch, ddiotaist, ddiotais, ddiotai, ddiotaf, ddiota’, ddiota, diotych, diotwyf, ddiotan, diotwn, diotwch, diotont, dioton, diotom, diotodd, gwini, dioto, ddiotant, ddiotasai, ddiotasant, ddiotasech, ddiotasem, ddiotasent, ddiotasid, ddiotasit, ddiotasoch, ddiotasom, ddiotaswn, ddiotech, ddioted, ddiotem, diota, ddioter, ddiotes, ddiotest, ddiotet, ddioti, ddiotid, ddiotiff, ddiotir, ddiotith, ddioto, ddiotoch, ddiotodd, ddiotom, ddioton, ddiotont, ddiotwch, ddiotwn, ddiotwyd, ddiotwyf, ddiotych, gwina, gwina’, gwinaf, gwinai, gwinais, gwinaist, gwinan, gwinant, gwinasai, gwinasant, gwinasech, gwinasem, gwinasent, gwinasid, gwinasit, gwinasoch, gwinasom, gwinaswn, gwinech, gwined, gwinem, gwinen, gwinent, gwiner, gwines, gwinest, gwinet, diotwyd, gwinid, gwiniff, gwinir, gwinith, gwino, gwinoch, gwinodd, gwinom, gwinon, gwinont, gwinwch, gwinwn, gwinwyd, gwinwyf, gwinych, hyfant, hyfasoch, hyfasit, hyfasid, hyfasent, hyfasem, hyfasech, hyfasant, hyfasai, winent, hyfan, hyfaist, hyfais, hyfai, hyfaf, hyfa’, hyfasom, winen, hyfaswn, hyfech, hyfed, hyfem, hyfen, hyfent, hyfer, hyfes, hyfest, hyfet, hyfi, hyfid, hyfiff, hyfir, hyfith, hyfoch, winaist, winais, winai, winaf, wina’, wina, hyfych, hyfwyf, winan, hyfwn, hyfwch, hyfont, hyfon, hyfom, hyfodd, yfi, hyfo, winant, winasai, winasant, winasech, winasem, winasent, winasid, winasit, winasoch, winasom, winaswn, winech, wined, winem, hyf, winer, wines, winest, winet, wini, winid, winiff, winir, winith, wino, winoch, winodd, winom, winon, winont, winwch, winwn, winwyd, winwyf, winych, yf, yfa’, yfaf, yfai, yfais, yfaist, yfan, yfant, yfasai, yfasant, yfasech, yfasem, yfasent, yfasid, yfasit, yfasoch, yfasom, yfaswn, yfech, yfed, yfem, yfen, yfent, yfer, yfes, yfest, yfet, hyfwyd, yfid, yfiff, yfir, yfith, yfo, yfoch, yfodd, yfom, yfon, yfont, yfwch, yfwn, yfwyd, yfwyf, yfychdablenna, diota, gwina, ngwina, lymeitian, llymeitian, nhablenna, niota, slotian, tablenna, thablenna, yfed, yslotian
Tipple :
- llymaidtippledddiodyddtippling

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Noun(1) a serving of drink (usually alcoholic
Verb(1) drink moderately but regularly

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(1) She said she managed the stress and exhaustion of the treatment for her brain tumour by getting as much sleep as possible and relaxing with her favourite tipple - a whiskey - every night.(2) those who liked to tipple and gamble(3) What is your favourite tipple and where in Oxford do you drink it?(4) And as an editor there he got to kibitz and tipple with the likes of Dorothy Parker, Stephen Vincent Benet and P.G. Woodhouse.(5) But especially so, if it was connected to his favourite tipple - beer - and with the aim of raising Ôö¼├║10,000.(6) The Greeks are still the top when it comes to drinking our tipple .(7) The mine tipple stood at Scarlet, WVa., at the end of the Trace Fork Subdivision south of Holden.(8) If you haven't had the sense to drink plenty of water the night before, or better still, alternate a drink of H20 with your favourite tipple , then Mother Nature is your greatest ally.(9) Eat, drink and be merry├ö├ç┬¬ and if you plan to knit anything more complicated than stocking stitch, do it before that tipple .(10) So I asked for the only drink I knew: advocaat and cherry brandy - renowned as the favourite tipple of Jewish grandmas and great aunts everywhere.(11) The national drink is a rye vodka known as koskenkorva; but today's Finns have a preferred tipple , drinking more coffee per capita than any other nation.(12) Short of their favourite tipple , wine, the French quickly took to absinthe just as prohibition was enjoying a burst of public support, and absinthe quickly became the favoured temperance target.(13) she drank several glasses of sherry, her favourite tipple(14) You think of all the nasty things that might have happened, especially so as he didn't even come back to gulp down the full glass of his favourite tipple which then stands forlornly on the table where he left it.(15) As most readers may guess, I occasionally tipple , imbibe, or more accurately├ö├ç┬¬ consume copious amounts of alcoholic beverages from the high heel pumps of women of ill repute.(16) Tours, which cost Ôö¼├║2.15, run throughout the day - and include the chance to sample a half pint of your favourite tipple .
1. draft ::
2. potation ::
3. bib ::
Different Forms
tipple, tippled, tipples, tippling
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