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trawsblannu, drawsblannu, thrawsblannu, nhrawsblannutrawsblaniad, drawsblaniad, trawsblaniadau, drawsblaniadau, nhrawsblaniad, nhrawsblaniadau, thrawsblaniad, thrawsblaniadaudrawsblanasom, drawsblanno, drawsblannaist, drawsblannais, drawsblannai, drawsblannaf, drawsblanna’, drawsblanna, drawsblanaswn, drawsblannant, drawsblanasoch, drawsblanasit, drawsblanasid, drawsblanasent, drawsblanasem, drawsblanasech, drawsblanasant, trawsblanasid, drawsblannech, drawsblanned, drawsblannem, drawsblannen, drawsblannent, drawsblanner, drawsblannes, drawsblannest, drawsblannet, drawsblanni, drawsblannid, drawsblanniff, drawsblannir, drawsblannith, drawsblannan, drawsblanasai, drawsblannoch, drawsblannodd, drawsblannom, drawsblannon, drawsblannont, drawsblannwch, drawsblannwn, drawsblannwyd, drawsblannwyf, drawsblannych, trawsblanasai, trawsblanasant, trawsblanasech, trawsblanasem, trawsblanasent, thrawsblannaf, trawsblanasit, trawsblanasoch, trawsblanasom, trawsblanaswn, trawsblanna, trawsblanna’, trawsblannaf, trawsblannai, trawsblannais, trawsblannaist, trawsblannan, trawsblannant, trawsblannech, trawsblanned, trawsblannem, thrawsblanna, trawsblanner, trawsblannes, trawsblannest, trawsblannet, trawsblanni, trawsblannid, trawsblanniff, trawsblannir, trawsblannith, trawsblanno, trawsblannoch, trawsblannodd, trawsblannom, trawsblannon, thrawsblanna’, trawsblannent, thrawsblanaswn, thrawsblanasom, thrawsblanasoch, thrawsblanasit, thrawsblanasid, thrawsblanasent, trawsblannont, thrawsblanasech, thrawsblanasant, thrawsblanasai, trawsblannych, trawsblannwyf, trawsblannwyd, trawsblannwn, trawsblannwch, thrawsblannid, thrawsblannai, thrawsblannais, thrawsblannaist, thrawsblannan, thrawsblannant, thrawsblannech, thrawsblanned, thrawsblannem, thrawsblannen, thrawsblannent, thrawsblanner, thrawsblannes, thrawsblannest, thrawsblannet, trawsblannen, thrawsblanasem, thrawsblanniff, thrawsblannir, thrawsblannith, thrawsblanno, thrawsblannoch, thrawsblannodd, thrawsblannom, thrawsblannon, thrawsblannont, thrawsblannwch, thrawsblannwn, thrawsblannwyd, thrawsblannwyf, thrawsblannych, thrawsblanni
Transplant :
- trawsblaniadtrawsblannutrawsblannutrawsblannutrawsblaniadau

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Noun(1) (surgery(2) an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor, the recipient(3) the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location
Verb(1) lift and reset in another soil or situation(2) be transplantable(3) place the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient(4) transfer from one place or period to another

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(1) How do doctors choose who deserves to have a life-saving liver transplant ?(2) The world's first successful lung transplant was performed at Toronto General in November of 1983.(3) Not only is he the majority leader, he's also a cardiac transplant surgeon.(4) The best current methods for transplant surgery or against organ rejection cannot be separated from the research and healthcare settings that make such practices possible.(5) kidneys available for transplant(6) a heart transplant(7) The transplant rejects the body rather than the other way around, a very nasty situation called graft versus host disease.(8) A leading clergyman who has bounced back after a transplant operation and surgery for cancer is facing a third major operation this week.(9) If you have had an autologous transplant , your body will not reject the bone marrow.(10) Growing early season plants in pots for transplant in October will provide ripe tomatoes by Christmas.(11) Even with a human-to-human organ transplant the body's defence mechanisms attempt to destroy the foreign organ.(12) lift and transplant bulbs when they are becoming overcrowded(13) You may have to take medicine for the rest of your life to prevent your body from rejecting the transplant .(14) I do it all the time, especially in word processing, when I want to transplant a sentence from one location to another in one of my hellishly long essays.(15) He's had a heart transplant operation and it's proved successful.(16) He is likely to be in hospital for at least a month and will be taking drugs to suppress his immune system so that his body does not reject the transplant .
Related Words
(1) organ transplant ::
trawsblaniad organ
1. transfer ::
2. replant ::
3. graft ::
5. graft ::
Different Forms
transplant, transplantation, transplanted, transplanting, transplants
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