English to Welsh Meaning :: treat

trin, driniasit, driniasom, driniasid, driniasent, driniasem, driniasech, driniasant, driniasai, driniant, drinian, driniaist, driniais, driniai, driniaf, drinia’, driniom, driniasoch, feddyginiaethent, driniaswn, driniech, drinied, driniem, drinien, drinient, drinier, drinies, driniest, driniet, drinio, drinioch, driniodd, drinion, driniwch, feddyginiaethaist, feddyginiaethais, feddyginiaethai, feddyginiaethaf, feddyginiaetha’, feddyginiaetha, drinnith, drinnir, feddyginiaethan, drinnid, drinni, driniych, driniwyf, driniwyd, driniwn, feddyginiaethen, driniont, feddyginiaethant, feddyginiaethasai, feddyginiaethasant, feddyginiaethasech, feddyginiaethasem, feddyginiaethasent, feddyginiaethasid, feddyginiaethasit, feddyginiaethasoch, feddyginiaethasom, feddyginiaethaswn, feddyginiaethech, feddyginiaethed, feddyginiaethem, feddyginiaethiff, feddyginiaethont, feddyginiaethon, feddyginiaethom, feddyginiaethodd, feddyginiaethoch, feddyginiaetho, feddyginiaethith, feddyginiaethir, trinia, feddyginiaethid, feddyginiaethi, feddyginiaethet, feddyginiaethest, feddyginiaethes, feddyginiaether, feddyginiaethwch, meddyginiaethych, feddyginiaethwn, feddyginiaethwyd, feddyginiaethwyf, feddyginiaethych, meddyginiaetha, meddyginiaetha’, meddyginiaethaf, meddyginiaethai, meddyginiaethais, meddyginiaethaist, meddyginiaethan, meddyginiaethant, meddyginiaethasai, meddyginiaethasant, meddyginiaethasech, meddyginiaethet, meddyginiaethi, meddyginiaethasent, meddyginiaethasid, meddyginiaethasit, meddyginiaethasoch, meddyginiaethasom, meddyginiaethaswn, meddyginiaethech, meddyginiaethed, meddyginiaethem, meddyginiaethen, meddyginiaethent, meddyginiaether, meddyginiaethes, meddyginiaethest, ymdriniasant, meddyginiaethasem, meddyginiaethid, meddyginiaethiff, meddyginiaethir, meddyginiaethith, meddyginiaetho, meddyginiaethoch, meddyginiaethodd, meddyginiaethom, meddyginiaethon, meddyginiaethont, meddyginiaethwch, meddyginiaethwn, meddyginiaethwyd, meddyginiaethwyf, triniant, triniasoch, triniasit, triniasid, triniasent, triniasem, triniasech, triniasant, triniasai, triniont, trinian, triniaist, triniais, triniai, triniaf, trinia’, triniasom, thrinien, triniaswn, triniech, trinied, triniem, trinien, trinient, trinier, trinies, triniest, triniet, trinio, trinioch, triniodd, triniom, trinion, thriniem, thriniais, triniwch, thriniai, thriniaf, thrinia’, thrinia, trinnith, trinnir, trinniff, trinnid, trinni, triniych, triniwyf, triniwyd, triniwn, ymdriniech, thriniaist, thrinian, thriniant, thriniasai, thriniasant, thriniasech, thriniasem, thriniasent, thriniasid, thriniasit, thriniasoch, thriniasom, thriniaswn, thriniech, thrinied, thriniwyf, thriniych, thrinient, thrinier, thrinies, thriniest, thriniet, thrinio, thrinioch, thriniodd, thriniom, thrinion, thriniont, thriniwch, thriniwn, thriniwyd, drinia, ymdrinnith, thrinni, thrinnid, thrinniff, thrinnir, thrinnith, ymdrinia, ymdrinia’, ymdriniaf, ymdriniai, ymdriniais, ymdriniaist, ymdrinian, ymdriniant, ymdriniasai, ymdriniasem, ymdriniet, ymdriniest, ymdrinies, ymdrinier, ymdrinient, ymdrinien, ymdriniem, ymdrinied, ymdrinio, ymdriniaswn, ymdriniasom, ymdriniasoch, ymdriniasit, ymdriniasid, ymdriniasent, drinniff, ymdriniasech, ymdrinioch, ymdriniodd, ymdriniom, ymdrinion, ymdriniont, ymdriniwch, ymdriniwn, ymdriniwyd, ymdriniwyf, ymdriniych, ymdrinni, ymdrinnid, ymdrinniff, ymdrinnirtrin, ymdrin, feddyginiaethu, hymdrin, meddyginiaethuwledd, gwledd, gwleddoedd, ngwledd, ngwleddoedd, wleddoedd
Treat :
- triny gellir ei drindrintrintrin

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Noun(1) something considered choice to eat(2) an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight
Verb(1) interact in a certain way(2) subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition(3) provide treatment for(4) act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression(5) provide with a gift or entertainment(6) provide with choice or abundant food or drink(7) engage in negotiations in order to reach an agreement(8) regard or consider in a specific way

Show Examples

(1) this is my treat(2) I like to treat myself from time to time(3) The illustrations are another treat and bear many surprises.(4) Summarising, political correctness is a one-way street: they may use every form of rudeness but we must treat their concerns as sacred; this must be fought.(5) For those who love movies, the treat couldn't have been any better.(6) The chapters do treat these issues briefly and with circumspection, but Leneman could have been bolder in pushing her analysis in this direction.(7) It's an old-fashioned cinematic treat , and certainly one of the greatest surprises of the year.(8) At the end of the book Domninus says that he intends to treat some of the subjects more fully in Elements of Arithmetic but it is not known if he ever wrote it!(9) But don't let that put you off; it's an entertaining and varied treat , leftfield music of the most listenable variety.(10) A breathtaking display of flowers in their varied forms and colours was a delightful treat for the visitors who thronged the YWCA grounds throughout the day.(11) The story is told in splendid pictures - a treat to read to the young folk and to enjoy yourself.(12) treat this evidence with caution(13) they took me to the circus as a birthday treat(14) he wanted to take her to the pictures as a treat(15) don't treat me like a fool(16) I'm going to save the listening pleasure for a treat at the end of exams.
Related Words
(1) trick or treat ::
twyllo neu drin
2. present ::
3. pleasure ::
4. kickshaw ::
5. behave toward ::
ymddwyn tuag
6. regard ::
7. tackle ::
mynd i'r afael â
9. cure ::
11. regale with ::
diddanu gyda
12. do by ::
wneud erbyn
13. care for ::
gofalu am
14. process ::
15. regale ::
16. address ::
Different Forms
treat, treatable, treated, treating, treats
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Treat these folk well.

Treat these folk well.

Vikings Season 1, Episode 9

Why did you come treat with me?

Why did you come TREAT with me?

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7

He\'s sworn to treat all wounded men,
friend or foe.

He's sworn to TREAT all wounded men, friend or foe.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 10

Do you understand that Stephanie\'s
not here to treat your imaginary ailments?

Do you understand that Stephanie's not here to TREAT your imaginary ailments?

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 10

The only way to treat disease
is to understand disease,

The only way to TREAT disease is to understand disease,

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 7

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