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ddatgloi, datgloi, datgloen, datgloesent, datgloa, datgloaf, datgloai, datgloan, datgloant, datglôch, datglôdd, datgloech, datgloed, datgloem, datoda’, datgloent, datgloeoch, datgloeon, datgloer, datgloesai, datgloesant, datgloesech, datgloesem, datglois, datgloir, datodent, datgloesoch, datgloesom, datgloeswn, datgloet, datglôf, datgloid, datgloies, datgloiest, datgloiff, datoda, datgloesit, datgloist, datgloith, datglôm, datglônt, datglowch, datglown, datglowyd, datglowyf, datgloych, datodasem, datodasent, datodaf, datodai, datodais, datodaist, datodan, datodant, datodasai, datodasant, datodasech, detyd, datglô, datodasid, datodasit, datodasoch, datodasom, datodaswn, datodech, datoded, datodem, datoden, datodoch, datododd, datodes, datodest, datodet, datodi, datodid, datodiff, datodir, datodith, datodo, datgloesid, datoder, datodom, datodon, datodont, datodwch, datodwn, datodwyd, datodwyf, datodych, detgly, ddatgloen, ddatgloa, ddatgloaf, ddatgloai, ddatgloan, ddatgloant, ddatglôch, ddatglôdd, ddatgloech, ddatgloed, ddatgloem, ddatgloent, ddatoda’, ddatgloeoch, ddatgloeon, ddatgloer, ddatgloesai, ddatgloesant, ddatgloesech, ddatgloesem, ddatgloesent, ddatgloesid, ddatgloesoch, ddatglois, ddatgloesom, ddatgloeswn, ddatgloet, ddatglôf, ddatgloid, ddatgloies, ddatgloiest, ddatgloiff, ddatgloir, ddatgloesit, ddatgloist, ddatgloith, ddatglôm, ddatglônt, ddatglowch, ddatglown, ddatglowyd, ddatglowyf, ddatgloych, ddatoda, ddatodasem, ddatodasent, ddatodaf, ddatodai, ddatodais, ddatodaist, ddatodan, ddatodant, ddatodasai, ddatodasant, ddatodasech, ddetyd, ddatglô, ddatodasid, ddatodasit, ddatodasoch, ddatodasom, ddatodaswn, ddatodech, ddatoded, ddatodem, ddatoden, ddatodoch, ddatododd, ddatodes, ddatodest, ddatodet, ddatodi, ddatodid, ddatodiff, ddatodir, ddatodith, ddatodo, ddatodent, ddatoder, ddatodom, ddatodon, ddatodont, ddatodwch, ddatodwn, ddatodwyd, ddatodwyf, ddatodych, ddetglydatgloi, datod, ddatod, natgloi, natod
Unlock :
- datgloiheb ei gloiddatgloidatgloi

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Verb(1) open the lock of(2) set free or release(3) become unlocked

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(1) The music selection in Mad Maestro is quite large with thirty-some songs available to unlock .(2) If it is useful to lock and unlock a car, the usage of the remote extends some more here.(3) I have to wonder at the point of having a park keeper to lock and unlock the gates to the Town Gardens.(4) the campaign has helped us unlock rich reserves of talent among our employees(5) The driver used the power locks to unlock the other man's door and it swung open in a matter of seconds.(6) I was pretty amazed at how simple and easy it was to lock and unlock folders.(7) Luckily my car has remote central locking so I am still able to lock and unlock the doors.(8) The missions are objective based, and although they don't all have to be completed it pays to as at the end it unlocks a ÔÇÿSpecialistÔÇÖ who is available for future missions.(9) Ruby puts the key into the lock and unlocks the hatch.(10) Bond climbed the few stairs and unlocked his door and locked and bolted it behind him.(11) In seconds, she was at the front door and unlocking the many locks.(12) This has been the key to unlocking the rich historical and anthropological significance of this art form.(13) I patted her hand awkwardly and walked towards the door, unlocking it with the key still in the lock.(14) The action uses the rugged and well-proven Benelli system of a bolt carrier and cam that locks and unlocks the twin-lug bolt into a barrel extension.(15) Jay pushed the door open after unlocking it and I found myself stepping in an one room apartment.(16) It locks or unlocks their respective powers inside you.
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Different Forms
unlock, unlocked, unlocking, unlocks
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