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defnydd, ddefnydd, defnyddiau, deunydd, deunyddiau, ddefnyddiau, ddeunydd, ddeunyddiau, hiws, iws, nefnydd, nefnyddiau, neunydd, neunyddiaudefnyddio, arfer, nefnyddiodefnyddio, ddefnyddio, defnyddiwch, arferasech, arfered, arfera, arfera’, arferaf, arferai, arferais, arferaist, arferan, arferant, arferasai, arferasant, arferych, arferasem, arferasent, arferasid, arferasit, arferasoch, arferasom, arferaswn, arferech, arferen, arferem, defnyddid, arferent, arferer, arferes, arferest, arferet, arferi, arferid, arferiff, arferir, arferwyf, arfero, arferoch, arferodd, arferom, arferon, arferont, arferwch, arferwn, arferwyd, defnyddiasai, defnyddiasant, defnyddi, defnyddia, defnyddia’, defnyddiaf, defnyddiai, defnyddiais, defnyddiaist, defnyddian, defnyddiant, arfer, ddefnyddia, defnyddiasech, defnyddiasem, defnyddiasent, defnyddiasid, defnyddiasit, defnyddiasoch, defnyddiasom, defnyddiaswn, defnyddiech, defnyddied, defnyddiem, defnyddien, defnyddient, defnyddier, defnyddies, defnyddiest, defnyddiet, defnyddiff, defnyddioch, defnyddiodd, defnyddiom, defnyddion, defnyddiont, defnyddir, defnyddith, defnyddiwn, defnyddiwyd, defnyddiwyf, defnyddiych, ddefnyddiem, ddefnyddia’, ddefnyddiaf, ddefnyddiai, ddefnyddiais, ddefnyddiaist, ddefnyddian, ddefnyddiant, ddefnyddiasai, ddefnyddiasant, ddefnyddiasech, ddefnyddiasem, ddefnyddiasent, ddefnyddiasid, ddefnyddiasit, ddefnyddiasoch, ddefnyddiasom, ddefnyddiaswn, ddefnyddid, ddefnyddiech, harfer, harfero, ddefnyddied, ddefnyddiom, ddefnyddien, ddefnyddient, ddefnyddier, ddefnyddies, ddefnyddiest, ddefnyddiet, ddefnyddiff, ddefnyddioch, ddefnyddiodd, harferent, ddefnyddion, ddefnyddiont, ddefnyddir, ddefnyddith, ddefnyddiwch, ddefnyddiwn, ddefnyddiwyd, ddefnyddiwyf, ddefnyddiych, ddefnyddi, harfera, harfera’, harferaf, harferai, harferais, harferaist, harferan, harferant, harferasai, harferasant, harferasech, harferasem, harferasent, harferasid, harferasit, harferasoch, harferasom, harferaswn, harferech, harfered, harferem, harferoch, harferer, harferes, harferest, harferet, harferi, harferid, harferiff, harferir, harferith, harferen, arferith, harferodd, harferom, harferon, harferont, harferwch, harferwn, harferwyd, harferwyf, harferych
Use :
- defnydddefnyddiolddiwerthdefnyddiaugan ddefnyddio

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Noun(1) the act of using(2) what something is used for(3) a particular service(4) (economics(5) (psychology(6) exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage(7) (law
Verb(1) put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose(2) take or consume (regularly or habitually(3) use up, consume fully(4) seek or achieve an end by using to one's advantage(5) avail oneself to(6) habitually do something or be in a certan state or place (use only in the past tense

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(1) If you're thinking that the final figures won't be much use at all then you're probably not the only one.(2) The upstairs gym is being relocated, but the downstairs gym is still in use .(3) they use 'impact' as a verb(4) These artists are trying to shock us, exploit us, use us for their next pay cheque.(5) she saved it for future use(6) the car park is for the use of residents only(7) Court staff were also warned to be on their guard and instructed to ensure court rooms were locked at all time when not in use .(8) Our mission is to provide useful information that would be of use to both the informed citizen and the casual voter.(9) I could use another cup of coffee(10) He had only a minimal understanding of my language apparently and so we would have to use simple terms.(11) mobile phone use while driving is illegal(12) This would be based on the authorised planning use of the land at the date of an inspection.(13) For most of today's great powers, the use of force would jeopardise their economic objectives.(14) The use of the word literature was intended to send the message that this is about writing a book.(15) it was no use trying to persuade her(16) I adopt Lord Goff's reasoning, as he applied it to natural user, to the issue of reasonable use of land.
Related Words
(1) use up ::
yn defnyddio
2. advantage ::
3. need ::
4. purpose ::
6. habit ::
7. enjoyment ::
8. usage ::
9. consumption ::
10. utilize ::
11. exercise ::
ymarfer corff
12. take advantage of ::
yn manteisio ar
13. consume ::
14. practice ::
15. habituate ::
16. expend ::
Different Forms
use, useful, useless, uses, using
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