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gwamal, gwamalach, gwamalaf, gwamaled, ngwamal, ngwamalach, ngwamalaf, ngwamaled, wamal, wamalach, wamalaf, wamaledchwifiwr, chwifwyranwadalu, gwamalu, ngwamalu, hanwadalu, simsanu, wamalugwamala’, anwadala’, anwadalaf, anwadalai, anwadalais, anwadalaist, anwadalan, anwadalant, anwadalasai, anwadalasant, anwadalasech, anwadalasem, anwadalasent, anwadalasid, anwadalasit, anwadalasoch, anwadalasom, anwadalaswn, anwadalech, anwadaled, anwadalem, anwadalen, anwadalent, anwadaler, anwadales, anwadalest, anwadalet, anwadali, anwadalid, anwadaliff, anwadalir, anwadalith, anwadalo, gwamaloch, anwadalodd, anwadalom, anwadalon, anwadalont, anwadalwch, anwadalwn, anwadalwyd, anwadalwyf, anwadalych, gwamala, gwamalasem, gwamalasent, gwamalaf, gwamalai, gwamalais, gwamalaist, gwamalan, gwamalant, gwamalasai, gwamalasant, gwamalasech, simsana, anwadala, gwamalasid, gwamalasit, gwamalasoch, gwamalasom, gwamalaswn, gwamalech, gwamaled, gwamalem, gwamalen, gwamalent, gwamaler, gwamales, gwamalest, gwamalet, gwamali, gwamalid, gwamaliff, gwamalir, gwamalith, gwamalo, anwadaloch, gwamalodd, gwamalom, gwamalon, gwamalont, gwamalwch, gwamalwn, gwamalwyd, gwamalwyf, gwamalych, simsenwch, simsanaf, simsanai, simsanais, simsanaist, simsanan, simsanant, simsanasai, simsanasant, simsanasech, simsanasem, simsanasent, simsanasid, simsanasit, simsanasoch, simsanasom, simsanaswn, simsanech, simsaned, simsanem, simsanen, simsanent, simsaner, simsanes, simsanest, simsanet, simsani, simsaniff, simsanith, simsano, simsanoch, simsanodd, simsanom, wamalo, simsanont, simsanwch, simsanwn, simsanwyd, simsanwyf, simsenais, simsenaist, simseni, simsenid, simsenir, wamalasant, wamalasech, simsenych, wamala, wamala’, wamalai, wamalais, wamalaist, wamalan, wamalant, wamalasai, wamalych, simsana’, wamalasem, wamalasent, wamalasid, wamalasit, wamalasoch, wamalasom, wamalaswn, wamalech, wamalem, wamalen, wamalent, wamaler, wamales, wamalest, wamalet, wamali, wamalid, wamaliff, wamalir, wamalith, simsanon, wamaloch, wamalodd, wamalom, wamalon, wamalont, wamalwch, wamalwn, wamalwyd, wamalwyf
Waver :
- godwrwaveredwavererwaveringwavers

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Noun(1) someone who communicates by waving(2) the act of pausing uncertainly(3) the act of moving back and forth
Verb(1) pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness(2) be unsure or weak(3) move hesitatingly, as if about to give way(4) move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern(5) move back and forth very rapidly(6) sway from side to side(7) give off unsteady sounds, alternating in amplitude or frequency

Show Examples

(1) His touch made her resolve waver , then disappear.(2) His huge black cloak started to waver in the wind and slowly he turned around.(3) Even against such overwhelming odds, Christian's father and uncle did not waver one bit.(4) It is therefore odd to watch him waver and wobble over an issue that is not only outrageously unjust to Indian cricketers, but also flagrantly illegal.(5) We will not waver , we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.(6) Katherine frowned, and the bow wavered uncertainly in her hands.(7) His light brown hair was wavering in the breeze and he was taller than her mother.(8) Though outwardly he was composed, inwardly his resolve wavered .(9) Finally, I have not wavered from my judgement that the Revolution was a tragedy.(10) ÔÇÿMerry Christmas,ÔÇÖ I greeted her waveringly , handing her the gift-wrapped box of chocolates I'd bought awkwardly.(11) Still, he doesn't always show proper instincts, and his concentration wavers .(12) The ground wavered unsteadily beneath him and he couldn't help but curse as his back erupted in pain.(13) This is where the song gets wavery and the concept comes to fruition.(14) She leaned in to waveringly kiss him, then for a while she was quiet.(15) But you seldom get better by practicing less, doubting yourself and wavering in your commitment.(16) We have not wavered from this position, and we do not intend to do so now.
Related Words
(1) waver ::
1. flicker ::
2. falter ::
3. be undecided ::
fod heb benderfynu
4. weave ::
5. fluctuate ::
6. flutter ::
7. quaver ::
8. hesitate ::
10. flutter ::
Different Forms
waver, wavered, waverer, waverers, wavering, wavers
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