English to Welsh Meaning :: wear

gwisgo, wisgo, gwisgwch, dreuliasem, gwisgasant, dreuliasech, dreuliasant, dreuliasai, dreulian, dreuliaist, dreuliais, dreuliai, dreuliaf, dreulia’, dreulia, dreuliasid, dreulier, dreuliasent, gwisgasech, dreuliasit, dreuliasoch, dreuliasom, dreuliaswn, dreulid, dreuliech, dreulied, dreuliem, dreulien, dreulient, dreuliwyf, dreuliwn, gwisgon, dreuliet, dreuliff, dreulio, dreulioch, dreuliodd, dreuliom, dreulion, dreuliont, dreulir, dreulith, dreuliwch, gwisgasai, dreuliwyd, dreuliest, dreuliych, gwisg, gwisga, gwisga’, gwisgaf, gwisgai, gwisgais, gwisgaist, gwisgan, gwisgant, gwisgent, gwisger, gwisgasem, gwisgasent, gwisgasid, gwisgasit, gwisgasoch, gwisgasom, gwisgaswn, gwisgech, gwisged, gwisgem, gwisgen, dreuli, treulied, gwisges, gwisgest, gwisget, gwisgi, gwisgid, gwisgiff, gwisgir, gwisgith, gwisgoch, gwisgodd, gwisgom, treulian, treuliant, gwisgwn, gwisgwyd, gwisgwyf, gwisgych, treuli, treulia, treulia’, treuliaf, treuliai, treuliais, treuliaist, dreulies, gwisgont, treuliasai, treuliasant, treuliasech, treuliasem, treuliasent, treuliasid, treuliasit, treuliasoch, treuliasom, treuliaswn, treulid, threulioch, treulion, treuliem, treulien, treulient, treulier, treulies, treuliest, treuliet, treuliff, treulio, treulioch, treuliodd, treuliom, threulio, treuliont, treulir, treulith, treuliwch, treuliwn, treuliwyd, treuliwyf, treuliych, threuli, threulia, threulia’, threuliaf, threuliasom, threuliaswn, threuliais, threuliaist, threulian, threuliasai, threuliasant, threuliasech, threuliasem, threuliasent, threuliasid, threuliasit, threuliasoch, wisgiff, threuliai, threulid, threuliech, threulied, threuliem, threulien, threulient, threulier, threulies, threuliest, threuliet, threuliff, wisga, wisga’, threuliodd, threuliom, threulion, threuliont, threulir, threulith, threuliwch, threuliwn, threuliwyd, threuliwyf, threuliych, wisgych, treuliech, wisgaf, wisgai, wisgais, wisgaist, wisgan, wisgant, wisgasai, wisgasant, wisgasech, wisgasem, wisgasent, wisgid, wisgasoch, wisgasom, wisgaswn, wisgech, wisged, wisgem, wisgen, wisgent, wisger, wisges, wisgest, wisget, wisgasid, wisgasit, wisgir, wisgith, wisgoch, wisgodd, wisgom, wisgon, wisgont, wisgwch, wisgwn, wisgwyd, wisgwyfgwisgo, ngwisgo, nhreulio, treuliotraul, draul, barhad, dreuliad, mharhad, nhraul, nhreuliad, parhad, pharhad, treuliad, thraul, threuliad
Wear :
- gwisgogwisgadwygwisgwrflinediggwisgo

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Noun(1) impairment resulting from long use(2) a covering designed to be worn on a person's body(3) the act of having on your person as a covering or adornment
Verb(1) be dressed in(2) have on one's person(3) have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality(4) deteriorate through use or stress(5) have or show an appearance of(6) last and be usable(7) go to pieces(8) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress(9) put clothing on one's body

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(1) Over 90% of North American women wear a bra, many without ever asking why.(2) the environmental health people wouldn't wear it(3) Such testosterone-laden yarns do not wear well a millennium on.(4) some new tops for wear in the evening(5) Aymara men in the Altiplano region wear long cotton trousers and woolen caps with ear flaps.(6) Shannon gives the order to wear ship(7) she used to wear her hair in plaits(8) It's not starting the engine that causes extra wear and tear.(9) Purchase bicycle clothing made of reflective fabrics or add reflective tape to all of your rainy-weather wear .(10) She still continues to wear the Blue Ensign until her hand-over to the Navy, scheduled for September, and her commissioning is due in October.(11) In osteoarthritis, the alignment of the leg changes because of wear .(12) It offers 5,000 sq ft of quality footwear, from outdoor to special occasion wear and top brands like Ecco, Van Dal, and Clarks.(13) It has been showing the effects of wear and tear for some time.(14) Less wear and tear on the cars means fewer new car purchases.(15) evening wear(16) She also has an own-name, off-the-peg collection suitable for occasion wear .
Related Words
(1) wear out ::
gwisgo allan
1. use ::
2. clothes ::
3. damage ::
4. habiliment ::
5. wearing ::
6. dress in ::
wisgo mewn
7. bear ::
8. erode ::
9. last ::
10. endure ::
11. have on ::
gael ar
12. wear down ::
gwisgo i lawr
13. assume ::
cymryd yn ganiataol
14. fall apart ::
disgyn ar wahân
Different Forms
wear, wearable, wearer, wearers, wearily, wearing, wearings, wears
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