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addoli, haddoli, addolaf, addolasech, addolai, addolais, addolaist, addolan, addolant, addolasai, addolasant, addolen, addolasem, addolasent, addolasid, addolasit, addolasoch, addolasom, addolaswn, addolech, addoled, addolem, addolent, addolodd, addoler, addoles, addolest, addolet, addolid, addoliff, addolir, addolith, addola, addoloch, addola’, addolom, addolon, addolont, addolwch, addolwn, addolwyd, addolwyf, addolych, addolo, haddolasent, haddolaf, haddolai, haddolais, haddolaist, haddolan, haddolant, haddolasai, haddolasant, haddolasech, haddolen, haddola’, haddolasid, haddolasit, haddolasoch, haddolasom, haddolaswn, haddolech, haddoled, haddolem, haddolasem, haddolodd, haddoler, haddoles, haddolest, haddolet, haddolid, haddoliff, haddolir, haddolith, haddola, haddoloch, haddolent, haddolom, haddolon, haddolont, haddolwch, haddolwn, haddolwyd, haddolwyf, haddolych, haddoloaddoli, crefydda, chrefydda, grefydda, nghrefyddaaddoliad, addoliadau, fawl, haddoliad, haddoliadau, mawl
Worship :
- addoliyn addoliaddolwraddolgaraddoli

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Noun(1) the activity of worshipping(2) a feeling of profound love and admiration
Verb(1) love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol(2) show devotion to (a deity(3) attend religious services

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(1) ancestor worship(2) Special religious worship and prayers were offered at the palace before the king and queen shifted residence, media reports said.(3) In fact, this freedom is at the root of the composite nature of Hinduism as they worship many deities.(4) The Constitution of the United States gives us the legal right to worship as we choose.(5) It deals with modern lives, the worship of money and several other issues.(6) the Maya built jungle pyramids to worship their gods(7) He wasn't snobby himself but he was the richest guy at Hilton and nothing attracts respect, admiration and worship to a person at a top notch private school than the most green in the place.(8) People who return from Taize invariably speak of the beauty of the chanted songs that constitute its worship .(9) Under the law, voucher students can be taught about religion but cannot be forced to pray, worship or profess a religious belief.(10) The European Convention of Human Rights grants rights of religious worship and observance in public and private.(11) May we all therefore learn to worship , and to learn, in spirit and in truth.(12) the church was opened for public worship(13) Although idol worship is not indicated in Sikhism, many Sikhs attend Hindu temples.(14) However, the Buddhists adapted their practices to include the Confucian custom of ancestor worship .(15) The hair used in sheitls originates from India where women allegedly cut their hair during religious rituals involving idol worship .(16) The Minster was probably never seen by ordinary people as their principal place of worship .
Related Words
1. reverence ::
2. service ::
3. admiration ::
4. adoration ::
5. revere ::
6. hero-worship ::
Different Forms
worship, worshiped, worshiper, worshipers, worshipful, worshiping, worships
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