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ysgrifennu, hysgrifennuysgrifennwch, ysgrifenna, ysgrifenna’, hysgrifenasant, hysgrifennem, hysgrifenasech, hysgrifenasem, hysgrifenasent, hysgrifenasid, hysgrifenasit, hysgrifenasoch, hysgrifenasom, hysgrifenaswn, hysgrifenna, hysgrifennent, hysgrifennaf, hysgrifennai, hysgrifennais, hysgrifennaist, hysgrifennan, hysgrifennant, hysgrifennech, hysgrifenned, hysgrifenner, hysgrifennoch, hysgrifennes, hysgrifennest, hysgrifennet, hysgrifenni, hysgrifennid, hysgrifenniff, hysgrifennir, hysgrifennith, hysgrifenasai, hysgrifenno, hysgrifennodd, hysgrifennom, hysgrifennon, hysgrifennont, hysgrifennwch, hysgrifennwn, hysgrifennwyd, hysgrifennwyf, hysgrifennych, ysgrifennaf, ysgrifennith, ysgrifenasant, ysgrifenasech, ysgrifenasem, ysgrifenasent, ysgrifenasid, ysgrifenasit, ysgrifenasoch, ysgrifenasom, ysgrifenaswn, ysgrifennych, ysgrifennai, ysgrifennais, ysgrifennaist, ysgrifennan, ysgrifennant, ysgrifennech, ysgrifenned, ysgrifennent, ysgrifennem, ysgrifennen, hysgrifenna’, ysgrifenasai, ysgrifenner, ysgrifennes, ysgrifennest, ysgrifennet, ysgrifenni, ysgrifennid, ysgrifenniff, ysgrifennir, hysgrifennen, ysgrifenno, ysgrifennoch, ysgrifennodd, ysgrifennom, ysgrifennon, ysgrifennont, ysgrifennwn, ysgrifennwyd, ysgrifennwyf
Write :
- ysgrifennuyn ysgrifennu

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Verb(1) produce a literary work(2) communicate or express by writing(3) communicate (with(4) write music(5) mark or trace on a surface(6) record data on a computer(7) write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word(8) create code, write a computer program

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(1) as I write, I hear the train in the distance(2) I think it's much harder to write a successful musical than a successful play.(3) Contestants were chosen for musical aptitude, and most write songs and play instruments.(4) Next he wants to write a musical, something he's been planning to do for years.(5) We find lawyers, work with them to find expert witnesses, and write cheques.(6) These articles remind readers that literacy means the ability to both read and write as the latter is often forgotten.(7) Usually, all you need to do is send e-mail or write a letter to the company.(8) he had to write a check for $800(9) he had to write a cheque for Ôö¼├║800(10) the teacher asked us to write a poem(11) For example, a child who found it difficult to read or write without making mistakes might have the ability to sing or dance quite well.(12) Even if a parent can't read or write themselves, they should put any personal embarrassment about their own literacy problems to one side and ensure that their child learns the skills.(13) The head waitress asked Peter to write the word on a piece of paper.(14) Does your writing process change when you write a musical as opposed to the other plays you've crafted?(15) If you don't have pieces of paper or placards, write these words on your hands and on your faces.(16) my pen won't write
Related Words
1. put in writing ::
yn ysgrifenedig
2. compose ::
3. correspond ::
4. save ::
5. publish ::
6. spell ::
7. drop a line ::
gollwng llinell
Different Forms
write, writes
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