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brid, frid, bridiau, fridiau, mrid, mridiau, rywogaeth, rywogaethau, rhywogaeth, rhywogaethaubridio, fridio, bridia, bridia’, bridiasid, bridiasoch, bridiasent, bridiasem, bridiasech, bridiasant, bridiasai, bridiant, bridian, bridiaist, bridiais, bridiai, bridiaf, bridiet, bridiasit, epiliasoch, bridiasom, bridiaswn, bridid, bridiech, bridied, bridiem, bridien, bridient, bridier, bridies, bridiest, bridiodd, bridioch, epiliych, bridiom, bridion, bridiont, bridir, bridith, bridiwch, bridiwn, bridiwyd, bridiwyf, bridiych, epili, epilia, epiliasit, epiliaf, epiliai, epiliais, epiliaist, epilian, epiliant, epiliasai, epiliasant, epiliasech, epiliasem, epiliasent, epiliasid, epiliet, faget, epilio, epiliasom, epiliaswn, epilid, epiliech, epilied, epiliem, epilien, epilient, epilier, epilies, epiliest, fagest, epiliff, fagi, epilioch, epiliodd, epiliom, epilion, epiliont, epilir, epilith, epiliwch, epiliwn, epiliwyd, epiliwyf, fagasent, fagasid, faga, faga’, fagaf, fagai, fagais, fagaist, fagan, fagant, fagasai, fagasant, fagasech, fagasem, bridiff, fag, fagasit, fagasoch, fagasom, fagaswn, fagech, faged, fagem, fagen, fagent, fager, fages, fridiant, megych, fagith, fago, fagoch, fagodd, fagom, fagon, fagont, fagwch, fagwn, fagwyd, fagwyf, fegais, fegaist, fegi, fegid, fegir, fegwch, fegych, fridi, fridia, fridia’, fridiaf, fridiai, fridiais, fridiaist, fridian, fridiech, fridied, fridiont, fridiasai, fridiasant, fridiasech, fridiasem, fridiasent, fridiasid, fridiasit, fridiasoch, fridiasom, fridiaswn, fridid, magom, fagiff, fridiem, fridien, fridient, fridier, fridies, fridiest, fridiet, fridiff, fridioch, fridiodd, fridiom, fridion, magaist, magan, fridith, fridiwch, fridiwn, fridiwyd, fridiwyf, fridiych, mag, maga, maga’, magaf, magai, magais, bridi, fridir, magant, magasai, magasant, magasech, magasem, magasent, magasid, magasit, magasoch, magasom, magaswn, magech, maged, magem, magen, magent, mager, mages, magest, maget, magi, magiff, magith, mago, magoch, magodd, epilia’, magon, magont, magwch, magwn, magwyd, magwyf, megais, megaist, megi, megid, megir, megwchbridio, magu, fagu, epilio, hepilio, mridio
Breed :
- bridiobridiwrbridiobridiauinbreed

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Noun(1) a special variety of domesticated animals within a species(2) a special type
Verb(1) call forth(2) copulate with a female, used especially of horses(3) cause to procreate (animals(4) have young (animals, organisms

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(1) Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurs are still a rare breed in both countries.(2) The origin of the Maltese as a distinct breed has never been precisely determined.(3) It was said that entrepreneurs were a special breed , more driven to succeed than the rest of us.(4) At remote Point Bennett on San Miguel, seals and sea lions breed and pup in spectacular numbers.(5) Once you decide which breed you want, you will need to consider the age of the dog.(6) If we were to breed you for hosts, how could we keep you knowledgeable, but subservient?(7) He was a transition figure - the last of the World War II heroic generals and the first of a new breed , the managerial generals.(8) It takes a certain kind of breed of person to jump on the back of a bull.(9) Once you decide which breed you'd like to raise, what kind of facilities will you need?(10) For to breed the dog would be to cause a worse-off rather than a better-off individual to exist.(11) In the spring, she had plans to breed him with Snow.(12) I present a new breed of cultural critic, unleashing a fresh brand of polysyllabic pontification.(13) Regardless of what breed you choose, or where it comes from, ALL dogs need training.(14) What are the general factors that breed terrorism?(15) You can also breed your dogs, and either keep them or sell the puppies to your friends via link up.(16) The new breed of woman writer has a $500,000 first contract and a very specific aesthetic and social profile.
Related Words
(1) half-breed ::
1. reproduce ::
2. bring up ::
yn dod i fyny
3. cause ::
4. cover ::
5. engender ::
6. multiply ::
7. variety ::
8. type ::
9. stock ::
Different Forms
breed, breeder, breeders, breeding, breeds, inbreed, inbreeds
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