English to Welsh Meaning :: contradict

gwrth-ddweud, wrth-ddweud, croes-ddweud, chroes-ddweud, groes-ddweud, nghroes-ddweud, ngwrth-ddweudcroesddywedasid, croesddywedasit, croesddyweda’, croesddywedaf, croesddywedai, croesddywedais, croesddywedaist, croesddywedan, croesddywedant, croesddywedasai, croesddywedasant, croesddywedasech, croesddywedasem, croesddywedasent, chroesddywedasech, chroesddywedasem, croesddywedasoch, croesddywedasom, croesddywedaswn, croesddywedech, croesddyweded, croesddywedem, croesddyweden, croesddywedent, croesddyweder, croesddywedes, croesddywedest, croesddywedwyd, croesddywedwyf, croesddywedid, croesddywediff, croesddywedir, croesddywedith, croesddywedo, croesddywedoch, croesddywedodd, croesddywedom, croesddywedon, croesddywedont, croesddywedwch, croesddywedwn, croesddywedet, croesddywedi, croesddywedych, chroesddywed, chroesddyweda’, chroesddywedaf, chroesddywedai, chroesddywedais, chroesddywedaist, chroesddywedan, chroesddywedant, chroesddywedasai, chroesddywedasant, croesddywed, chroesddywedes, chroesddywedasent, chroesddywedasid, chroesddywedasit, chroesddywedasoch, chroesddywedasom, chroesddywedaswn, chroesddywedech, chroesddyweded, chroesddywedem, chroesddyweden, chroesddywedent, chroesddyweder, groesddywedem, chroesddywedest, chroesddywedet, chroesddywedi, chroesddywedid, chroesddywediff, chroesddywedir, chroesddywedith, chroesddywedo, chroesddywedoch, chroesddywedodd, chroesddywedom, chroesddywedon, groesddywedant, groesddywedasai, chroesddywedwch, chroesddywedwn, chroesddywedwyd, chroesddywedwyf, chroesddywedych, groesddywed, groesddyweda’, groesddywedaf, groesddywedai, groesddywedais, groesddywedaist, groesddywedan, wrthddywedasoch, chroesddywedont, groesddywedasant, groesddywedasech, groesddywedasem, groesddywedasent, groesddywedasid, groesddywedasit, groesddywedasoch, groesddywedasom, groesddywedaswn, groesddywedech, groesddyweded, gwrthddywedo, groesddywedent, groesddyweder, groesddywedes, groesddywedest, groesddywedet, groesddywedi, groesddywedid, groesddywediff, groesddywedir, groesddywedith, groesddywedo, groesddywedoch, groesddywedodd, groesddywedom, groesddywedon, groesddywedont, groesddywedwch, groesddywedwn, groesddywedwyd, groesddywedwyf, groesddywedych, gwrthddywed, gwrthddyweda’, gwrthddywedaf, gwrthddywedai, gwrthddywedais, gwrthddywedaist, gwrthddywedan, gwrthddywedant, gwrthddywedasai, gwrthddywedasant, gwrthddywedasech, gwrthddywedasem, gwrthddywedasent, gwrthddywedasid, gwrthddywedasit, gwrthddywedasoch, gwrthddywedasom, gwrthddywedaswn, gwrthddywedech, wrthddywedir, gwrthddywedem, gwrthddyweden, gwrthddywedent, gwrthddyweder, gwrthddywedes, gwrthddywedest, gwrthddywedet, gwrthddywedi, gwrthddywedid, gwrthddywediff, gwrthddywedir, gwrthddywedith, wrthddywedaf, wrthddywedai, gwrthddywedoch, gwrthddywedodd, gwrthddywedom, gwrthddywedon, gwrthddywedont, gwrthddywedwch, gwrthddywedwn, gwrthddywedwyd, gwrthddywedwyf, gwrthddywedych, wrthddywed, wrthddyweda’, wrthddywedych, groesddyweden, wrthddywedais, wrthddywedaist, wrthddywedan, wrthddywedant, wrthddywedasai, wrthddywedasant, wrthddywedasech, wrthddywedasem, wrthddywedasent, wrthddywedasid, wrthddywedasit, wrthddywediff, wrthddywedaswn, wrthddywedech, wrthddyweded, wrthddywedem, wrthddyweden, wrthddywedent, wrthddyweder, wrthddywedes, wrthddywedest, wrthddywedet, wrthddywedi, wrthddywedid, gwrthddyweded, wrthddywedasom, wrthddywedith, wrthddywedo, wrthddywedoch, wrthddywedodd, wrthddywedom, wrthddywedon, wrthddywedont, wrthddywedwch, wrthddywedwn, wrthddywedwyd, wrthddywedwyf
Contradict :
- gwrth-ddweudgwrth-ddweudgwrthddweudgwrth-ddweudgwrthddweud

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Verb(1) be in contradiction with(2) deny the truth of(3) be resistant to(4) prove negative; show to be false

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(1) As a child I would never have dared to contradict my parents.(2) What is relevant is to consider, does this statement tend to challenge or contradict the testimony of the witness?(3) If you can reason from self-evident propositions and not contradict the laws of logic as you reason, anything you deduce can only be true.(4) No one will dare contradict you or insinuate that you've taken your ideas from others!(5) that evaporation seems to contradict one of the most fundamental principles of physics(6) Expectations that contradict actual experience cause stress for survivors and potential conflicts with family, work, and the medical team.(7) he did not contradict what he said last week(8) don't contradict me!(9) Some sought to contradict him, while others tried, unsuccessfully, to ignore his prying.(10) Recent events in the eponymous capital, however, contradict this declaration of openness and tolerance.(11) However, a healthy body of evidence would appear to contradict my assertion.(12) This has become particularly necessary with the increasing number of observations that contradict the theory's predictions.(13) None of these officials has dared to contradict Carter on this.(14) I hesitated to contradict him, but I believed he was missing the point.(15) That wasn't true, but I didn't contradict her because I knew that would just make things worse.(16) the survey appears to contradict the industry's claims
Related Words
(1) to contradict ::
i wrth-ddweud
1. deny ::
2. argue against ::
dadlau yn erbyn
3. conflict with ::
gwrthdaro â
4. oppose ::
5. negate ::
6. belie ::
7. contravene ::
Different Forms
contradict, contradicted, contradicting, contradictory, contradicts
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