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diswyddo, ddiswyddo, diswyddasoch, diswydda’, diswyddasit, diswyddasid, diswyddasent, diswyddasem, diswyddasech, diswyddasant, diswyddasai, diswyddant, diswyddan, diswyddaist, diswyddais, diswyddai, diswyddaf, diswyddith, diswyddoch, diswyddaswn, diswyddech, diswydded, diswyddem, diswydden, diswyddent, diswydder, diswyddes, diswyddest, diswyddet, diswyddi, diswyddid, diswyddiff, diswyddir, diswyddodd, ddiswyddant, diswyddom, diswyddon, diswyddont, diswyddwch, diswyddwn, diswyddwyd, diswyddwyf, diswyddych, ddiswydda, ddiswydda’, ddiswyddaf, ddiswyddai, ddiswyddais, ddiswyddaist, ddiswyddent, ddiswyddan, ddiswyddasai, ddiswyddasant, ddiswyddasech, ddiswyddasem, ddiswyddasent, ddiswyddasid, ddiswyddasit, ddiswyddasoch, ddiswyddasom, ddiswyddaswn, ddiswyddech, ddiswydded, ddiswyddem, diswydda, ddiswyddwn, ddiswydden, ddiswyddes, ddiswyddest, ddiswyddet, ddiswyddi, ddiswyddid, ddiswyddiff, ddiswyddir, ddiswyddith, ddiswyddoch, ddiswyddodd, ddiswyddom, ddiswyddon, ddiswyddont, ddiswydder, wfftiest, wfftiasant, wfftiasai, wfftiant, wfftian, wfftiaist, wfftiais, wfftiai, wfftiaf, wfftia’, wfftia, wffti, ddiswyddych, ddiswyddwyf, ddiswyddwch, ddiswyddwyd, wfftiasech, wfftiasem, wfftiasent, wfftiasid, wfftiasit, wfftiasoch, wfftiasom, wfftiaswn, wfftid, wfftiech, wfftied, wfftiem, wfftien, wfftient, wfftier, wffties, diswyddasom, wfftiet, wfftiff, wfftio, wfftioch, wfftiodd, wfftiom, wfftion, wfftiont, wfftir, wfftith, wfftiwch, wfftiwn, wfftiwyd, wfftiwyf, wfftiychdiswyddo, hwfftian, hwfftio, niswyddo, wfftian, wfftio
Dismiss :
- diswyddodiswyddodiswyddoyn diswyddoyn gwrthod

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Verb(1) bar from attention or consideration(2) cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration(3) stop associating with(4) terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position(5) end one's encounter with somebody by causing or permitting the person to leave(6) declare void

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(1) It had been easy for Johnny to dismiss the harsh words of Adam Tanner.(2) I did what I normally did when she was analyzing me: I looked at her position from all angles in order to dismiss it.(3) Until January, 2000, the forces were legally allowed to dismiss servicemen and women if they were found to be gay or lesbian.(4) Regardless, don't dismiss weightlifting as a sport for Vikings and East German women only.(5) Once we give permanent status it ought not take an act of Congress in order to dismiss a teacher that is ineffective.(6) They then rated the unpleasantness of the intrusive thought, their attempts to dismiss the thought from consciousness, and their perceived success in reducing the frequency of the thought.(7) In this village, no matter how cruel it may sound, this was how we lived; we were not allowed to dismiss the woman on this part, no matter what the situation.(8) it would be easy to dismiss him as all brawn and no brain(9) But political opponents sought to dismiss the latest moves to modernise.(10) Even without such resistance, a little flexibility proved useless, since managers wanting to cut costs were not allowed to dismiss workers.(11) The agreement allowed the company to dismiss its entire South Coast underground workforce and re-hire the retrenched workers as casual or contract labour.(12) He offered critiques that required you to read and understand old theories, not new theories that allowed you to dismiss everything prior as irrelevant.(13) Opponents of the thesis dismiss this identity label as elitist.(14) Peremptory challenges allow a lawyer to dismiss a small number of potential jurors from the jury pool without giving a reason.(15) If you please, may I first before you dismiss me have a word with Shaugay.(16) he told his company to dismiss
Related Words
2. send away ::
anfon i ffwrdd
3. banish ::
gael gwared
4. usher out ::
tywysydd allan
5. give notice ::
rhoi rhybudd
6. push aside ::
gwthio o'r neilltu
7. dissolve ::
9. send packing ::
anfon pacio
1. employ ::
2. engage ::
3. hire ::
4. retain ::
Different Forms
dismiss, dismissal, dismissals, dismissed, dismisses, dismissing, dismissive
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