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profiad, brofiad, phrofiad, profiadau, brofiadau, mhrofiad, mhrofiadau, phrofiadaubrofi, profi, brofoch, brofaf, brofasoch, brofasit, brofasid, brofasent, brofasem, brofasech, brofasant, brofasai, brofant, brofan, brofaist, brofais, brofai, brofasom, brofaswn, brofech, brofed, brofem, brofen, brofent, brofer, brofes, brofest, brofet, brofid, brofiff, brofir, brofith, brofo, brofodd, profan, brofom, brofon, brofont, brofwch, brofwn, brofwyd, brofwyf, brofych, prawf, profa, profa’, profaf, profai, profais, brofa, brofa’, profant, profasai, profasant, profasech, profasem, profasent, profasid, profasit, profasoch, profasom, profaswn, profech, profed, profem, profaist, phrofasech, profer, profes, profest, profet, profid, profiff, profir, profith, profo, profoch, profodd, profom, profon, profont, phrofasem, profent, phrofasant, phrofasai, phrofant, phrofan, phrofaist, profwch, phrofai, phrofaf, phrofa’, phrofa, profych, profwyf, profwyd, profwn, phrofais, phrofid, phrofasid, phrofasit, phrofasoch, phrofasom, phrofaswn, phrofech, phrofed, phrofem, phrofen, phrofent, phrofer, phrofes, phrofest, phrofet, profen, phrofasent, phrofiff, phrofir, phrofith, phrofo, phrofoch, phrofodd, phrofom, phrofon, phrofont, phrofwch, phrofwn, phrofwyd, phrofwyf, phrofych, phrofiprofi, mhrofi
Experience :
- profiadprofiadolprofiadauprofi

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Noun(1) the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities(2) the content of direct observation or participation in an event(3) an event as apprehended
Verb(1) undergo or live through a difficult experience(2) have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations(3) go through (mental or physical states or experiences(4) undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind(5) undergo

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(1) Others, however, who stay to gain management experience as officers and NCOs are highly regarded.(2) Along the way, your team gains experience and develops their skills.(3) Bill is never a paragraph away from an anecdote, and everything he says is rooted in experience and fact.(4) an opportunity to experience the excitement of New York(5) Let us hope that the choice is made before families here have to experience the grief and suffering now being felt in Spain.(6) None of this denies the epistemic role of experience , of observation, in scientific inquiry.(7) it was an enjoyable experience(8) Students, as you may already know through experience or observation, do not have much money.(9) She treasured and shared this experience and kept contact with the friends she made there.(10) audition day is an enjoyable experience for any seven-year old(11) You have to go to a few shows to fully experience this event that ebbs and flows like water.(12) No experience is necessary, as professional instructors will provide full training.(13) for the younger players it has been a learning experience(14) In fact, my experience on the ground in the region also highlights an extremely difficult road ahead.(15) The fact that we need experience to grasp this meaning is irrelevant.(16) We intend to provide an opportunity for others to experience the joy and also comfort our faith brings to us.
Related Words
(1) work experience ::
profiad Gwaith
1. skill ::
2. incident ::
3. involvement in ::
gymryd rhan mewn
4. undergo ::
5. have ::
6. go through ::
mynd trwy
7. feel ::
8. know ::
9. get ::
1. inexperience ::
diffyg profiad
Different Forms
experience, experienced, experiences, experiencing
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