English to Welsh Meaning :: incite

gymell, anogasid, cymhellem, anogasent, anogasem, anogasech, anogasant, anogasai, anogant, anogan, anogaist, anogais, anogai, anogaf, anoga’, anoga, anogasoch, anogiff, anogasit, cymhellen, anogasom, anogaswn, anogech, anoged, anogem, anogen, anogent, anoger, anoges, anogest, anoget, anogi, anogid, anogir, anogoch, anogwn, cymellasem, cymellasech, cymellasant, cymellasai, cymell, anogych, anogwyf, anogwyd, cymellasent, anogwch, anogont, anogon, anogom, anogodd, cymhelled, anogo, anogith, cymellasid, cymellasit, cymellasoch, cymellasom, cymellaswn, cymhella’, cymhellaf, cymhellai, cymhellais, cymhellaist, cymhellan, cymhellant, cymhellech, cymhellid, cymhellon, cymhellom, cymhellodd, cymhelloch, cymhello, cymhellith, cymhellir, cymhelliff, chymhellych, cymhelli, cymhellet, cymhellest, cymhelles, cymheller, cymhellent, cymhellont, chymhellwyf, cymhellwch, cymhellwn, cymhellwyd, cymhellwyf, cymhellych, chymell, chymellasai, chymellasant, chymellasech, chymellasem, chymellasent, chymellasid, chymellasit, chymellasoch, chymellasom, chymhellest, chymhellet, chymhella’, chymhellaf, chymhellai, chymhellais, chymhellaist, chymhellan, chymhellant, chymhellech, chymhelled, chymhellem, chymhellen, chymhellent, chymheller, chymhelles, hysiasai, chymellaswn, chymhelli, chymhellid, chymhelliff, chymhellir, chymhellith, chymhello, chymhelloch, chymhellodd, chymhellom, chymhellon, chymhellont, chymhellwch, chymhellwn, chymhellwyd, gymellasid, gymhellais, gymhellai, gymhellaf, gymhella’, gymellaswn, gymellasom, gymellasoch, gymellasit, gymhellaist, gymellasent, gymellasem, gymellasech, gymellasant, gymellasai, gymhellan, hanogen, hanoged, gymhello, gymhellant, gymhellech, gymhelled, gymhellem, gymhellen, gymhellent, gymheller, gymhelles, gymhellest, gymhellet, gymhelli, gymhellid, gymhelliff, gymhellir, gymhellodd, hanogais, gymhelloch, hanogai, hanogaf, hanoga’, hanoga, hannog, gymhellych, gymhellwyf, gymhellwyd, gymhellwn, gymhellwch, gymhellont, gymhellon, gymhellom, gymhellith, hanogem, hanogaist, hanogan, hanogant, hanogasai, hanogasant, hanogasech, hanogasem, hanogasent, hanogasid, hanogasit, hanogasoch, hanogasom, hanogaswn, hanogech, hanogom, annog, hanogont, hanogent, hanoger, hanoges, hanogest, hanoget, hanogi, hanogid, hanogiff, hanogir, hanogith, hanogo, hanogoch, hanogodd, hysiwyf, hanogon, hysiych, hanogwch, hanogwn, hanogwyd, hanogwyf, hanogych, hysi, hysia, hysia’, hysiaf, hysiai, hysiais, hysiaist, hysian, hysiasem, hysiaswn, hysies, hysier, hysient, hysien, hysiem, hysied, hysiech, hysid, hysiest, hysiasom, hysiasoch, hysiasit, hysiasid, hysiasent, hysiant, hysiasech, hysiasant, hysiet, hysiff, hysio, hysioch, hysiodd, hysiom, hysion, hysiont, hysir, hysith, hysiwch, hysiwn, hysiwydannog, cymell, nghymell, hysian, hysio
Incite :
- ysgogiysgogwydanogaethincitesannog

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Verb(1) give an incentive for action(2) provoke or stir up(3) urge on; cause to act

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(1) The Public Order Act of 1986 made it a criminal offence to incite racial hatred - but its provisions do not extend to sexual orientation.(2) they were seen as likely to incite crime(3) It makes it an offence to attempt to commit any such offence, or to solicit, incite or endeavour to persuade another person to do so, or to aid or abet its commission.(4) She said it showed a desire to incite hatred and violence against non-British citizens, even if those fantasies had never been acted out.(5) At this time it became a crime to incite someone to commit a ÔÇÿhomosexualÔÇÖ act.(6) They send their minions to incite and encourage lewd behaviour in attempts to take their cash.(7) If I threaten to harm someone or I incite someone else to harm them, then I am committing a criminal offence.(8) I am aware that Britain has legislation which makes it a criminal offence to incite racial hatred.(9) Section 5 of the Act makes it an offence to incite religious hatred.(10) This ÔÇÿknowledgeÔÇÖ is often designed to foster hatred and to incite violence and hostility against us.(11) they conspired to incite riots(12) And it did not incite me to physical violence, but it changed me, materially, and my world.(13) So you can incite someone to do something bad without even realising you're doing it.(14) It means Jackson cannot cause harassment, alarm or distress, or incite anyone to engage in anti-social behaviour.(15) And refusing to sponsor, support or supply those who incite hatred of racial, religious or sexual minorities.(16) Britain must be free to act against extremists who stir up hatred and incite terrorism.
Related Words
(1) to incite ::
i ysgogi
1. stir up ::
2. egg on ::
ar wy
3. prompt ::
4. instigate ::
Different Forms
incite, incited, incitement, incitements, incites, inciting
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