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gwahodd, wahodd, gofyn, ngofyn, ngwahoddgwahoddwch, gofynnych, gofynned, gofynna’, gofynasai, gofynasant, gofynasech, gofynasem, gofynasent, gofynasid, gofynasit, gofynasoch, gofynasom, gofynaswn, gwahodda, gofynnaf, gofynnai, gofynnais, gofynnaist, gofynnan, gofynnant, gofynnech, gofynnem, gofynnith, gofynno, gofynnent, gofynner, gofynnes, gofynnest, gofynnet, gofynni, gofynnid, gofynniff, gofynnir, gofynnwyf, gofynnen, gofynnoch, gofynnodd, gofynnom, gofynnon, gofynnont, gofynnwch, gofynnwn, gofynnwyd, gwahoddasech, gwahoddasem, gwahodda’, gwahoddaf, gwahoddai, gwahoddais, gwahoddaist, gwahoddan, gwahoddant, gwahoddasai, gwahoddasant, gwahoddych, gofyn, gwahoddasent, gwahoddasid, gwahoddasit, gwahoddasoch, gwahoddasom, gwahoddaswn, gwahoddech, gwahodded, gwahoddem, gwahoddith, gwahoddo, gwahoddent, gwahodder, gwahoddes, gwahoddest, gwahoddet, gwahoddi, gwahoddid, gwahoddiff, gwahoddir, wahoddem, gwahodden, gwahoddoch, gwahoddodd, gwahoddom, gwahoddon, gwahoddont, gwahoddwn, gwahoddwyd, gwahoddwyf, ofynasom, ofynnych, ofynna’, ofynasai, ofynasant, ofynasech, ofynasem, ofynasent, ofynasid, ofynasit, ofynasoch, ofynnwyf, ofynaswn, wahodda, ofynnaf, ofynnai, ofynnais, ofynnaist, ofynnan, ofynnant, ofynnech, ofynned, ofynnith, ofynnoch, ofynnent, ofynner, ofynnes, ofynnest, ofynnet, ofynni, ofynnid, ofynniff, ofynnir, ofynnem, ofynno, ofynnen, ofynnodd, ofynnom, ofynnon, ofynnont, ofynnwch, ofynnwn, ofynnwyd, wahoddasant, wahoddych, wahoddasem, wahodda’, wahoddaf, wahoddai, wahoddais, wahoddaist, wahoddan, wahoddant, wahoddasai, wahoddwyf, wahoddasech, ofyn, wahoddasent, wahoddasid, wahoddasit, wahoddasoch, wahoddasom, wahoddaswn, wahoddech, wahoddith, wahoddo, wahoddent, wahodder, wahoddes, wahoddest, wahoddet, wahoddi, wahoddid, wahoddiff, wahoddir, wahodded, wahodden, wahoddoch, wahoddodd, wahoddom, wahoddon, wahoddont, wahoddwch, wahoddwn, wahoddwyd
Invite :
- gwahoddGwahoddwydgwahoddedigiongwahoddiadaugwahodd

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Noun(1) a colloquial expression for invitation
Verb(1) increase the likelihood of(2) invite someone to one's house(3) give rise to a desire by being attractive or inviting(4) ask someone in a friendly way to do something(5) have as a guest(6) ask to enter(7) request the participation or presence of(8) express willingness to have in one's home or environs

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(1) We have a formal where we invite every alum whose ever been through to come back.(2) By 1865, to paint the circle of Manet and Fantin was to invite more criticism for the group.(3) They are questions which we would invite your Lordship to certify as questions of general public importance.(4) The Council is one of the first to set up commissioning bodies which invite groups to apply to provide services.(5) The films he made look simple at first glance, yet already invite a more complicated response.(6) Yeah, I know about the Baccinalia stuff which is why I went for more of an invite than a full-on summoning.(7) I don't often use my bell as it seems impatient and may invite further criticism(8) no one turns down an invite to one of Mickey's parties(9) Piloting will provide a guide for rephrasing questions to invite a richer response.(10) Watt's paintings of antique fabric especially invite such a variety of responses.(11) I didn't think to myself it would invite more criticism, which I definitely should have thought.(12) We invite readers to put their questions so they can attend a question time session during his visit to the city.(13) This would invite or ignite horrible reaction in the Middle East.(14) his use of the word did little but invite criticism(15) In fact in some instances they may invite more criticism than praise.(16) Wood certainly does not intend to invite a dry, studious response.
Related Words
1. ask ::
2. ask for ::
gofyn am
3. provoke ::
4. ask round ::
gofyn rownd
5. receive ::
6. call for ::
galw am
7. tempt ::
8. ask in ::
gofyn mewn
9. pay for ::
talu am
10. bid ::
Different Forms
invite, invited, invitees, invites, inviting
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