English to Welsh Meaning :: maintain

gynnal, cynnal, chynnal, cynaliasech, cynhalia’, cynaliasem, cynaliasent, cynaliasid, cynaliasit, cynaliasoch, cynaliasom, cynaliaswn, cynhali, cynhalier, cynhaliaf, cynhaliai, cynhaliais, cynhaliaist, cynhalian, cynhaliant, cynhaliech, cynhalied, cynhaliem, cynhalien, cynhalient, cynhaliest, cynhaliwn, chynhali, cynhaliet, cynhaliff, cynhalio, cynhalioch, cynhaliodd, cynhaliom, cynhalion, cynhaliont, chynheliych, cynhaliwch, cynaliasant, cynhaliwyd, cynhaliwyf, cynheli, cynheliais, cynheliaist, cynhelid, cynhelir, cynheliwch, cynheliych, cynhalith, chynhaliaf, chynaliasant, chynaliasech, chynaliasem, chynaliasent, chynaliasid, chynaliasit, chynaliasoch, chynaliasom, chynaliaswn, chynhalient, chynhalia’, chynaliasai, chynhaliai, chynhaliais, chynhaliaist, chynhalian, chynhaliant, chynhaliech, chynhalied, chynhaliem, chynhalien, dalien, chynhaliwch, chynhalies, chynhaliest, chynhaliet, chynhaliff, chynhalio, chynhalioch, chynhaliodd, chynhaliom, chynhalion, cynnail, chynhalith, chynhalier, chynhaliwn, chynhaliwyd, chynhaliwyf, chynheli, chynheliais, chynheliaist, chynhelid, chynhelir, chynheliwch, chynhaliont, daliasem, dali, dalia’, daliaf, daliai, daliais, daliaist, dalian, daliant, daliem, daliasant, daliasech, dal, daliasent, daliasid, daliasit, daliasoch, daliasom, daliaswn, daliech, dalied, daliasai, ddaliech, daliont, dalient, dalier, dalies, daliest, daliet, daliff, dalio, dalioch, daliodd, ddeli, dalion, ddalied, dalith, daliwch, daliwn, daliwyd, daliwyf, deil, deli, deliais, daliom, chynnail, ddaliant, delir, deliwch, deliych, ddal, ddali, ddalia’, ddaliaf, ddaliai, ddaliais, ddaliaswn, ddalian, delid, ddaliasai, ddaliasant, ddaliasech, ddaliasem, ddaliasent, ddaliasid, ddaliasit, ddaliasoch, ddaliasom, ddaliaist, ddaliodd, ddaliem, ddalien, ddalient, ddalier, ddalies, ddaliest, ddaliet, ddaliff, deliaist, ddalioch, cynhalies, ddaliom, ddalion, ddaliont, ddalith, ddaliwch, ddaliwn, ddaliwyd, ddaliwyf, cynaliasai, ddalio, faentumiasai, ddeliwch, ddeliych, faentumi, faentumia, faentumia’, faentumiaf, faentumiai, faentumiais, faentumiaist, faentumid, faentumiant, ddelir, faentumiasant, faentumiasech, faentumiasem, faentumiasent, faentumiasid, faentumiasit, faentumiasoch, faentumiasom, faentumiaswn, faentumian, faentumioch, faentumiech, faentumied, faentumiem, faentumien, faentumient, faentumier, faentumies, faentumiest, faentumiet, faentumiff, ddelid, gynhalien, faentumiodd, faentumiom, faentumion, faentumiont, faentumir, faentumith, faentumiwch, faentumiwn, ddeliaist, faentumio, gynhali, faentumiych, gynaliasai, gynaliasant, gynaliasech, gynaliasem, gynaliasent, gynaliasid, gynaliasit, gynaliasoch, gynhaliem, gynaliaswn, faentumiwyf, gynhalia’, gynhaliaf, gynhaliai, gynhaliais, gynhaliaist, gynhalian, gynhaliant, gynhaliech, gynhalied, gynaliasom, gynhaliont, gynhalient, gynhalier, gynhalies, gynhaliest, gynhaliet, gynhaliff, gynhalio, gynhalioch, gynhaliodd, faentumiwyd, gynhalion, maentumiant, gynhalith, gynhaliwch, gynhaliwn, ddeliais, gynhaliwyd, gynhaliwyf, gynheli, gynheliais, gynhelid, gynhaliom, honasoch, gynhelir, gynheliwch, gynheliych, gynnail, honasai, honasant, honasech, honasem, honasent, honnant, honasit, ddeil, honasom, honaswn, honna, honna’, honnaf, honnai, honnais, honnaist, honnan, honasid, honnir, honned, honnem, honnen, honnent, honner, honnes, honnest, honnet, honni, gynheliaist, honniff, maentumied, honnith, honno, honnoch, honnodd, honnom, honnon, honnont, honnwch, honnwn, honnid, maentumiasai, honnwyf, honnych, maentumi, maentumia, maentumia’, maentumiaf, maentumiai, maentumiais, maentumiaist, maentumian, maentumiech, maentumioch, maentumiasant, maentumiasech, maentumiasem, maentumiasent, maentumiasid, maentumiasit, maentumiasoch, maentumiasom, maentumiaswn, maentumid, maentumiodd, maentumiem, maentumien, maentumient, maentumier, maentumies, maentumiest, maentumiet, maentumiff, maentumio, honnwyd, honnech, maentumiom, maentumion, maentumiont, maentumir, maentumith, maentumiwch, maentumiwn, maentumiwyd, maentumiwyf, maentumiychcynnal, dal, dala, ddala, nghynnal, honni, maentumio, nal, nala
Maintain :
- cynnalcynnal a'u cadwcynnalcynhaliwrcynnal

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Verb(1) cause to continue in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g., `keep clean'(2) keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction(3) supply with necessities and support(4) state categorically(5) have and exercise(6) maintain for use and service(7) maintain by writing regular records(8) state or assert(9) support against an opponent(10) stick to correctly or closely

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(1) Nothing about their philosophical positions requires them to maintain that extreme view.(2) Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God?(3) Governments don't always maintain the integrity of the sites they own.(4) In my humble view, the current mobilizations are a reminder of exactly why we maintain an Army reserve.(5) Please let us know of your efforts to help train and maintain the Military Intelligence Corps.(6) They all have their place in today's world, but unfortunately computers cannot repair and maintain homes.(7) The government plans to maintain its control long enough to restore its profitability then sell it off to big business.(8) Lack of funding hampered the force, for without money or men it could not maintain units.(9) The rate of dextrose infusion needed to maintain stable blood glucose levels was monitored.(10) Costs to maintain existing equipment and code will begin to cost more than buying new systems.(11) You are able to maintain stability in professional situations and retain a position of authority!(12) Its high potassium, phosphorus and calcium help maintain high energy levels.(13) the king swears he will maintain the laws of God(14) Stinchcomb considered these septate forms a distinct family and the authors maintain that position.(15) Money is also needed to maintain existing defences and pay for better flood forecasting.(16) On top of these figures, council continues to service loans for the library facilities and maintain the buildings.
Related Words
(1) maintain order ::
gadw trefn
1. preserve ::
2. keep in good condition ::
cadw mewn cyflwr da
3. support ::
5. defend ::
6. keep ::
7. observe ::
8. exert ::
9. asseverate ::
10. sustain ::
11. uphold ::
1. deny ::
2. gainsay ::
Different Forms
maintain, maintainable, maintained, maintainer, maintainers, maintaining, maintains
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