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gwrthrych, wrthrych, gwrthrychau, bwrpas, bwrpasau, ngwrthrych, ngwrthrychau, mhwrpas, mhwrpasau, pwrpas, pwrpasau, phwrpas, phwrpasau, wrthrychaugwrthwynebu, wrthwynebu, ngwrthwynebugwrthwynebent, gwrthwyneba’, gwrthwynebaf, gwrthwynebai, gwrthwynebais, gwrthwynebaist, gwrthwyneban, gwrthwynebant, gwrthwynebasai, gwrthwynebasant, gwrthwynebasech, gwrthwynebo, gwrthwynebasent, gwrthwynebasid, gwrthwynebasit, gwrthwynebasoch, gwrthwynebasom, gwrthwynebaswn, gwrthwynebech, gwrthwynebed, gwrthwynebem, gwrthwyneben, gwrthwyneboch, gwrthwyneber, gwrthwynebes, gwrthwynebest, gwrthwynebet, gwrthwynebi, gwrthwynebid, gwrthwynebiff, gwrthwynebir, gwrthwynebith, gwrthwyneba, gwrthwynebasem, gwrthwynebodd, gwrthwynebom, gwrthwynebon, gwrthwynebont, gwrthwynebwch, gwrthwynebwn, gwrthwynebwyd, gwrthwynebwyf, gwrthwynebych, wrthwynebent, wrthwyneba’, wrthwynebaf, wrthwynebai, wrthwynebais, wrthwynebaist, wrthwyneban, wrthwynebant, wrthwynebasai, wrthwynebasant, wrthwynebasech, wrthwynebo, wrthwynebasent, wrthwynebasid, wrthwynebasit, wrthwynebasoch, wrthwynebasom, wrthwynebaswn, wrthwynebech, wrthwynebed, wrthwynebem, wrthwyneben, wrthwyneboch, wrthwyneber, wrthwynebes, wrthwynebest, wrthwynebet, wrthwynebi, wrthwynebid, wrthwynebiff, wrthwynebir, wrthwynebith, wrthwyneba, wrthwynebasem, wrthwynebodd, wrthwynebom, wrthwynebon, wrthwynebont, wrthwynebwch, wrthwynebwn, wrthwynebwyd, wrthwynebwyf, wrthwynebych
Object :
- gwrthrychGwrthwyneboddyn gwrthwynebugwrthwynebyddgwrthrychau

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Noun(1) a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow(2) the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable(3) (grammar(4) the focus of cognitions or feelings(5) (computing
Verb(1) express or raise an objection or protest or criticism or express dissent(2) be averse to or express disapproval of

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(1) The text of the Preamble to the Convention is an important source for determining its object and purpose.(2) What we object to are the attitudes that lurk beneath the surface his writing such as the persistent and recurring notion that contemporary art is guilty until proven innocent.(3) No child custody issues were implicated whatsoever under the Ninth Circuit ruling, only the father's rights to object to unconstitutional conduct.(4) If you do not declare yourself immediately, you arouse expectation, especially when the importance of your position makes you the object of general attention.(5) In this particular case the major reason for opposing an increase of a handful of dwellings was to object to a precedent being set.(6) It is an object , a goal, a future state of being to be passively wished for and waited upon.(7) If one of the parties does so and the other is unaware of the illegal purpose the party whose object is illegal cannot enforce the obligation of the other.(8) disease became the object of investigation(9) Earlier forerunners rely entirely on intransitive or quasi-transitive verbs, with the object preceded by a preposition.(10) They are the object of public pity for their heroic battles against addiction.(11) The photogram technique uses only light, an object and light-sensitive materials, such as ice, water and glass.(12) Verbs can be either transitive or intransitive a transitive verb governs an object , whereas an intransitive verb does not.(13) But he has links to men who are the object of a federal investigation into a West Coast laboratory.(14) This was unsatisfactory because the external object is something foreign or hostile to self-consciousness.(15) The result would hardly prove consistent with the object and purpose of the Statute and its intent to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes.(16) In 1899 he founded the magazine World of Art, with the object of interchanging artistic ideas with Western Europe.
Related Words
(1) object to ::
1. thing ::
2. target ::
3. objective ::
Different Forms
object, objected, objecting, objector, objectors, objects
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