English to Welsh Meaning :: support

gefnogi, cefnogi, chefnogi, gynnal, cynnal, ategasem, ateged, atega’, ategaf, ategai, ategais, ategaist, ategan, ategant, ategasai, ategasant, ategasech, ategych, ategasent, ategasid, ategasit, ategasoch, ategasom, ategaswn, ategech, atego, ategith, cefnogaswn, ategent, ateger, ateges, ategest, ateget, ategi, ategid, ategiff, ategir, ategwyf, ategen, ategoch, ategodd, ategom, ategon, ategont, ategwch, ategwn, ategwyd, cefnogasai, cefnogwyd, cefnogasant, cefnoga, cefnoga’, cefnogaf, cefnogai, cefnogais, cefnogaist, cefnogan, cefnogant, cefnogwn, cynheli, cefnogasech, cefnogasem, cefnogasent, cefnogasid, cefnogasit, cefnogasoch, cefnogasom, cyfnerthem, cefnogiff, cefnogith, cefnogem, cefnogen, cefnogent, cefnoger, cefnoges, cefnogest, cefnoget, cefnogid, ategem, cefnogir, cefnoged, cefnogo, cefnogoch, cefnogodd, cefnogom, cefnogon, cefnogont, cefnogwch, cyfnerthwyd, cefnogych, cyfnertha, cyfnertha’, cyfnerthaf, cyfnerthai, cyfnerthais, cyfnerthaist, cyfnerthan, cyfnerthant, cyfnerthasai, cyfnerthasant, cyfnerthasech, cyfnerthasem, cyfnerthasent, cyfnerthasid, cyfnerthasit, cyfnerthasoch, cyfnerthasom, cyfnerthaswn, cyfnerthech, cyfnerthed, chyfnerthasem, cyfnerthen, cyfnerthent, cyfnerther, cyfnerthes, cyfnerthest, cyfnerthet, cyfnerthi, cyfnerthid, cyfnerthiff, cynhalioch, cyfnerthith, cyfnertho, cyfnerthoch, cyfnerthodd, cyfnerthom, cyfnerthon, cyfnerthont, cyfnerthwch, cyfnerthwn, cynaliasoch, cynaliasom, cyfnerthwyf, cyfnerthych, cynaliasai, cynaliasant, cynaliasech, cynaliasem, cynaliasent, cynaliasid, cynaliasit, cynhaliwyf, cefnogwyf, cynaliaswn, cynhali, cynhalia’, cynhaliaf, cynhaliai, cynhaliais, cynhaliaist, cynhalian, cynhalio, cynhalied, cynhaliem, cynhalien, cynhalient, cynhalier, cynhalies, cynhaliest, cynhaliet, cynhaliff, cynhaliant, cynhaliech, cynhaliodd, cynhaliom, cynhalion, cynhaliont, cynhalith, cynhaliwch, cynhaliwn, cynhaliwyd, chefnogaf, chefnogai, cynheliais, cynheliaist, cynhelid, cynhelir, cynheliwch, cynheliych, cynnail, chefnoga, chefnoga’, chefnogodd, chefnogom, chefnogais, chefnogaist, chefnogan, chefnogant, chefnogasai, chefnogasant, chefnogasech, chefnogasem, chefnoger, chefnoges, chefnogasit, chefnogasoch, chefnogasom, chefnogaswn, chefnogech, chefnoged, chefnogem, chefnogen, chefnogent, chefnogasent, chefnogasid, chefnogest, chefnoget, chefnogid, chefnogiff, chefnogir, chefnogith, chefnogo, chefnogoch, chyfnertha’, chyfnertho, chyfnerthaf, chefnogon, chefnogont, chefnogwch, chefnogwn, chefnogwyd, chefnogwyf, chefnogych, chyfnertha, chyfnerthith, dalies, chyfnerthai, chyfnerthais, chyfnerthaist, chyfnerthan, chyfnerthant, chyfnerthasai, chyfnerthasant, chyfnerthasech, chyfnerthen, chyfnerther, chyfnerthasid, chyfnerthasit, chyfnerthasoch, chyfnerthasom, chyfnerthaswn, chyfnerthech, chyfnerthed, chyfnerthem, daliaf, chyfnerthent, chyfnerthasent, chyfnerthes, chyfnerthest, chyfnerthet, chyfnerthi, chyfnerthid, chyfnerthiff, chyfnerthir, chynaliasai, chynaliasant, chyfnerthodd, chyfnerthom, chyfnerthon, chyfnerthont, chyfnerthwch, chyfnerthwn, chyfnerthwyd, chyfnerthwyf, chyfnerthych, chynhaliom, chynhalion, chynaliasech, chynaliasem, chynaliasent, chynaliasid, chynaliasit, chynaliasoch, chynaliasom, chynaliaswn, chynhalien, chynhalient, chynhaliaf, chynhaliai, chynhaliais, chynhaliaist, chynhalian, chynhaliant, chynhaliech, chynhalied, chynhaliem, chynhali, chynhalia’, chynhalier, chynhalies, chynhaliest, chynhaliet, chynhaliff, chynhalio, chynhalioch, chynhaliodd, chynheliaist, dalier, chynhelid, chynhaliont, chynhalith, chynhaliwch, chynhaliwn, chynhaliwyd, chynhaliwyf, chynheli, chynheliais, atega, chyfnerthoch, chynhelir, chynheliwch, chynheliych, chynnail, chynnal, dal, dali, dalia’, daliasent, daliasit, daliais, daliaist, dalian, daliant, daliasai, daliasant, daliasech, daliasem, cefnogech, daliasid, daliai, daliasoch, daliasom, daliaswn, daliech, dalied, daliem, dalien, daliwyd, daliff, dalio, dalioch, daliodd, daliom, dalion, daliont, dalith, ddaliech, daliwn, daliet, daliwyf, deil, deli, deliais, deliaist, delid, delir, eiliaf, ddeli, ddaliasech, ddali, ddalia’, ddaliaf, ddaliai, ddaliais, ddaliaist, ddalian, ddaliant, deliwch, ddaliasant, ddeliais, ddaliasem, ddaliasent, ddaliasid, ddaliasit, ddaliasoch, ddaliasom, ddaliaswn, daliwch, daliest, ddaliodd, ddaliem, ddalien, ddalient, ddalier, ddalies, ddaliest, ddaliet, ddaliff, ddalio, eiliasent, ddalied, ddaliom, ddalion, ddaliont, ddalith, ddaliwch, ddaliwn, ddaliwyd, ddaliwyf, hategoch, eiliai, ddeliaist, ddelid, ddelir, ddeliwch, ddeliych, eili, eilia, eilia’, ddeil, ddal, eiliais, eiliaist, eilian, eiliant, eiliasai, eiliasant, eiliasech, gyfnerthasant, ddalioch, eilier, eiliasit, eiliasoch, eiliasom, eiliaswn, eilid, eiliech, eilied, eiliem, eiliom, eilient, eiliasid, eilies, eiliest, eiliet, eiliff, eilio, eilioch, gefnogasem, gefnogwyf, gefnogith, eiliodd, gefnoga, eilion, eiliont, eilir, eilith, eiliwch, eiliwn, eiliwyd, eiliwyf, eiliych, gefnogo, gefnoga’, gefnogaf, gefnogai, gefnogais, gefnogaist, gefnogan, gefnogant, gefnogasai, eilien, gefnogen, eiliasem, gefnogasent, gefnogasid, gefnogasit, gefnogasoch, gefnogasom, gefnogaswn, gefnogech, gefnogasant, gefnogem, gefnogasech, gefnogent, gefnoger, gefnoges, gefnogest, gefnoget, gefnogid, gefnogiff, ddaliasai, deliych, gefnogych, gefnogoch, gefnogodd, gefnogom, gefnogon, gefnogont, gefnogwch, gefnogwn, gefnogwyd, gefnogir, hateger, gyfnertha, gyfnertha’, gyfnerthaf, gyfnerthai, gyfnerthais, gyfnerthaist, gyfnerthan, gyfnerthant, gefnoged, gynaliasoch, dalient, gyfnerthasech, gyfnerthasem, gyfnerthasent, gyfnerthasid, gyfnerthasit, gyfnerthasoch, gyfnerthasom, gyfnerthaswn, gyfnerthech, gyfnerthed, gyfnerthem, gyfnerthen, gyfnerthent, gyfnerther, gyfnerthes, gyfnerthest, gyfnerthet, gyfnerthi, gyfnerthid, gyfnerthiff, gyfnerthir, gyfnerthith, gyfnertho, gyfnerthoch, gyfnerthodd, gyfnerthom, gyfnerthon, gyfnerthont, gyfnerthwch, gyfnerthwn, gynhaliwyf, gyfnerthwyf, gyfnerthych, gynaliasai, gynaliasant, gynaliasech, gynaliasem, gynaliasent, gynaliasid, gynaliasit, gyfnerthasai, gynhaliant, gynaliasom, gynaliaswn, gynhali, gynhalia’, gynhaliaf, gynhaliai, gynhaliais, gynhaliaist, gynhalian, hatega, gynhaliech, gynhalied, gynhaliem, gynhalien, gynhalient, gynhalier, gynhalies, gynhaliest, gynhaliet, gynhaliwyd, gynhalio, gynhalioch, gynhaliodd, gynhaliom, gynhalion, gynhaliont, gynhalith, gynhaliwch, gynhaliwn, gyfnerthwyd, gynhaliff, gynheli, gynheliais, gynheliaist, gynhelid, gynhelir, gynheliwch, gynheliych, gynnail, hategasid, hategai, hategais, hategaist, hategan, hategant, hategasai, hategasant, hategasech, hategasem, heili, hategaf, hategasit, hategasoch, hategasom, hategaswn, hategech, hateged, hategem, hategen, heiliodd, hategodd, hateges, hategest, hateget, hategi, hategid, hategiff, hategir, hategith, hatego, hategent, heiliem, hategom, hategon, hategont, hategwch, hategwn, hategwyd, hategwyf, hategych, hategasent, hatega’, heilia, heilia’, heiliaf, heiliai, heiliais, heiliaist, heilian, heiliant, heiliasai, heiliasant, heiliasech, heiliasem, heiliasent, heiliasid, heiliasit, heiliasoch, heiliasom, heiliaswn, heilid, heiliech, heilied, heilien, heilient, heilier, heilies, heiliest, heiliet, heiliff, heilio, heilioch, cyfnerthir, heiliom, heiliont, heilir, heilith, heiliwch, heiliwn, heiliwyd, heiliwyf, heiliychcefnogi, cynnal, ategu, cyfnerthu, chyfnerthu, dal, dala, ddala, eilio, gyfnerthu, nghefnogi, nghyfnerthu, nghynnal, hategu, nal, nalacefnogaeth, gefnogaeth, chefnogaeth, gynhaliaeth, ategiad, gynhaliad, chynheiliaid, chynheiliad, chynhalydd, chynhaliaeth, chynhaliad, cynheiliaid, cynheiliad, cynhalydd, cynhaliaeth, cynhaliad, ategion, ategiadau, ateg, hategion, hategiadau, hategiad, hateg, nghynheiliaid, nghynheiliad, nawdd, nghynhaliaeth, nghynhaliad, nghefnogaeth, gynheiliaid, gynheiliad, gynhalydd, nghynhalydd
Support :
- cymorthnonsupporteu cefnogiCefnogircefnogwr

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Noun(1) the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities(2) aiding the cause or policy or interests of(3) something providing immaterial assistance to a person or cause or interest(4) a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel(5) documentary validation(6) the financial means whereby one lives(7) supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation(8) the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening(9) a musical part (vocal or instrumental(10) any device that bears the weight of another thing(11) financial resources provided to make some project possible
Verb(1) give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to(2) support materially or financially(3) be behind; approve of(4) be the physical support of; carry the weight of(5) establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts(6) adopt as a belief(7) support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm(8) argue or speak in defense of(9) play a subordinate role to (another performer(10) be a regular customer or client of(11) put up with something or somebody unpleasant

Show Examples

(1) It is still illegal in South Korea to advocate support for North Korea or its regime.(2) The strikers have won overwhelming public support for their campaign to escape poverty.(3) She screamed abuse at her managers after the support band finished its set.(4) The girls are going to be the support band, so I may try to take some more photos for their website.(5) she clutched the sideboard for support(6) I arrived a little late, after problems parking, but managed to catch around half of the support act.(7) There are already more people than our planet can support on an ongoing basis.(8) They have no back up system, no organisation to which they can turn to for support and financial assistance.(9) Performing at the dance will be the Irish band Seamus Moore and his JCB Band plus a support band.(10) Sheila found herself clutching the sideboard for support as a surge of vertigo threatened to overcome her.(11) Roger hopes to arrange for local rock bands to play support during each Keighley concert.(12) Nervous observers sketched doomsday scenarios, but the president received widespread bipartisan support .(13) Eventually he shuffled off leaving half the crowd blissfully unaware there had even been a support act.(14) He unified his state in order to support an army strong enough to defend it.(15) What's interesting about this is that the 3.06GHz Pentium 4 was the first P4 to officially support Hyper-Threading.(16) Once the record was out, we started to do gigs as a support act to bands like A Certain Ratio and Inspiral Carpets.
Related Words
(1) to support ::
1. pillar ::
2. maintenance ::
cynnal a chadw
3. encouragement ::
4. comfort ::
6. backing ::
7. advocacy ::
9. livelihood ::
10. documentation ::
12. financial backing ::
cefnogaeth ariannol
13. accompaniment ::
15. provide for ::
yn darparu ar gyfer
16. comfort ::
17. substantiate ::
18. help ::
19. back ::
yn ôl
20. advocate ::
21. underpin ::
yn sail
22. endure ::
23. subscribe ::
25. defend ::
26. plump for ::
plump am
27. corroborate ::
28. patronage ::
1. disprove ::
2. rebut ::
3. refute ::
Different Forms
nonsupport, nonsupporting, support, supportable, supported, supporter, supporters, supporting, supportive, supports
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

We\'re going to need their support in the war
your son started.

We're going to need their SUPPORT in the war your son started.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 3

My daughter thinks I don\'t love her
enough to support her...

My daughter thinks I don't love her enough to SUPPORT her...

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 9

(STUTTERS) A toast, thank you all
for your support

(STUTTERS) A toast, thank you all for your SUPPORT

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 23

Well, I don\'t know about you,
but I support our boys overseas.

Well, I don't know about you, but I SUPPORT our boys overseas.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 18

for their sustenance and support.

for their sustenance and SUPPORT.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9

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