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treth, dreth, threth, nhrethdrethu, trethu, nhrethu, threthutrethi, drethoch, drethaf, drethasoch, drethasit, drethasid, drethasent, drethasem, drethasech, drethasant, drethasai, drethant, drethan, drethaist, drethais, drethai, dretha’, drethaswn, drethech, drethed, drethem, drethen, drethent, drether, drethes, drethest, drethet, drethid, drethiff, drethir, drethith, dretho, trethan, drethodd, drethom, drethon, drethont, drethwch, drethwn, drethwyd, drethwyf, drethych, tretha, tretha’, trethaf, trethai, trethais, dretha, threthasem, trethant, trethasai, trethasant, trethasech, trethasem, trethasent, trethasid, trethasit, trethasoch, trethasom, trethaswn, trethech, trethed, trethem, trethaist, threthasant, trethent, trether, trethes, trethest, trethet, trethid, trethiff, trethir, trethith, tretho, trethoch, trethodd, trethom, trethon, threthasech, threthet, threthasai, threthant, threthan, threthaist, threthais, trethont, threthaf, thretha’, thretha, trethych, trethwyf, trethwyd, trethwn, trethwch, threthai, threthid, threthasent, threthasid, threthasit, threthasoch, threthasom, threthaswn, threthech, threthed, threthem, threthen, threthent, threther, threthes, threthest, trethen, drethasom, threthiff, threthir, threthith, thretho, threthoch, threthodd, threthom, threthon, threthont, threthwch, threthwn, threthwyd, threthwyf, threthych
Tax :
- trethpretaxtrethadwytrethiantdrethu

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Noun(1) charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
Verb(1) levy a tax on(2) set or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine(3) use to the limit(4) make a charge against or accuse

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(1) It was not the case for either side that I should split the issue into parts and so resolve the position, nor was it the case that I should attempt to tax or assess the costs.(2) A carbon tax is a tax on the use of energy.(3) More than two-thirds of those surveyed said higher-income workers should pay tax on all their wages.(4) The empirical results indicate that a tax cut produces revenue and incentives to save.(5) Doing so will decrease their total tax bill on personal income when compared to reasonable salary levels.(6) the tax on fuel has been increased(7) she knew that the ordeal to come would tax all her strength(8) The only tax on the reader's mind is to remember as many facts as possible.(9) It would have replaced the corporate income tax with a tax on the net return to capital for all businesses.(10) In short, the income tax was not initially a tax on wages, nor on the working class.(11) The problem of what to do with clapped-out electronic equipment continues to tax the EU's best minds.(12) the Land Rover slowly disintegrates and no one has bothered to tax it(13) You will definitely have to earn it, though, because I will often tax every physical and mental resource that you possess.(14) she knew that the ordeal to come must tax all her strength(15) The general property tax was thus a tax on rent of land and the interest from its associated capital.(16) they will have to pay tax on interest earned by savings
Related Words
(1) income tax ::
Treth incwm
1. duty ::
2. burden ::
3. taxation ::
5. strain ::
6. assess ::
7. task ::
Different Forms
pretax, tax, taxable, taxation, taxed, taxer, taxers, taxes, taxing
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