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goddef, dioddef, ngoddef, harin, nioddefgoddef, oddef, dioddef, ddioddef, dioddefwyf, dioddefech, dioddefasech, dioddefa, dioddefa’, dioddefaf, dioddefai, dioddefais, dioddefaist, dioddefan, dioddefant, dioddefasai, dioddefasant, dioddefych, dioddefasem, dioddefasent, dioddefasid, dioddefasit, dioddefasoch, dioddefasom, dioddefaswn, dioddefith, dioddefir, ddioddefed, dioddefen, dioddefent, dioddefer, dioddefes, dioddefest, dioddefet, dioddefi, dioddefid, dioddefiff, dioddefwyd, dioddefem, dioddefo, dioddefoch, dioddefodd, dioddefom, dioddefon, dioddefont, dioddefwch, dioddefwn, ddioddefasant, ddioddefasech, ddioddefa, ddioddefa’, ddioddefaf, ddioddefai, ddioddefais, ddioddefaist, ddioddefan, ddioddefant, ddioddefasai, ddioddefwyd, ddioddefwyf, ddioddefasem, ddioddefasent, ddioddefasid, ddioddefasit, ddioddefasoch, ddioddefasom, ddioddefaswn, ddioddefech, ddioddefir, ddioddefith, ddioddefen, ddioddefent, ddioddefer, ddioddefes, ddioddefest, ddioddefet, ddioddefi, ddioddefid, ddioddefiff, dioddefed, ddioddefem, ddioddefo, ddioddefoch, ddioddefodd, ddioddefom, ddioddefon, ddioddefont, ddioddefwch, ddioddefwn, goddefant, goddefwyd, goddefasant, oddefych, oddefwyf, goddefa’, goddefaf, goddefai, goddefais, goddefaist, goddefan, goddefwn, goddefasai, goddefwyf, goddefasech, goddefasem, goddefasent, goddefasid, goddefasit, goddefasoch, goddefasom, goddefaswn, goddefiff, goddefir, goddefem, goddefen, goddefent, goddefer, goddefes, goddefest, goddefet, goddefi, goddefid, goddefech, goddefed, goddefith, goddefo, goddefoch, goddefodd, goddefom, goddefon, goddefont, goddefwch, oddefant, oddefasai, goddefych, ddioddefych, oddefwyd, oddefa’, oddefaf, oddefai, oddefais, oddefaist, oddefan, oddefwch, oddefwn, oddefasant, oddefasech, oddefasem, oddefasent, oddefasid, oddefasit, oddefasoch, oddefasom, oddefid, oddefiff, oddefed, oddefem, oddefen, oddefent, oddefer, oddefes, oddefest, oddefet, oddefi, oddefaswn, oddefech, oddefir, oddefith, oddefo, oddefoch, oddefodd, oddefom, oddefon, oddefont
Tolerate :
- goddefgoddefgoddefgoddef

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Verb(1) put up with something or somebody unpleasant(2) recognize and respect (rights and beliefs of others(3) have a tolerance for a poison or strong drug or pathogen or environmental condition(4) allow the presence of or allow (an activity

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(1) So how can a community tolerate a custom or practice which itself is criminal?(2) We might tolerate or even allow prostitution but we do not encourage or commend it.(3) My brother, her own son, could hardly tolerate being in her presence.(4) However, even those banished to the outer reaches of the town are not willing to tolerate bad conditions.(5) Like most trees, they prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade.(6) Horses tolerate these doses well with few cases of diarrhea or stomach irritation.(7) Those who knew him were aware he would not tolerate dissent like that, but would pick his time.(8) He has also been seen by an endocrinologist who confirms that, medically, he can tolerate the drug.(9) Leafy vegetables tolerate some shade, but fruiting types such as squash need sun.(10) The peace lily is an indoor plant and will not tolerate frosty conditions.(11) a regime unwilling to tolerate dissent(12) lichens grow in conditions that no other plants tolerate(13) What company could tolerate an employee violating a basic rule of employment and of security?(14) Many a factory or office worker would not tolerate these conditions, calling on the union rep to take action.(15) how was it that she could tolerate such noise?(16) You don't tolerate restrictions of your freedom and mobility, needing to be constantly on the move.
Related Words
(1) tolerate ::
1. allow ::
2. endure ::
1. bar ::
2. block ::
3. constrain ::
4. prevent ::
Different Forms
tolerate, tolerated, tolerates, tolerating
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