English to Welsh Meaning :: attract

denu, ddenu, apelio, atynnu, dynnu, hapelio, lygad-dynnu, llygad-dynnu, nenu, nhynnu, tynnu, thynnuapeliasent, apelia, apelia’, apeliaf, apeliai, apeliais, apeliaist, apelian, apeliant, apeliasai, apeliasant, apeliasech, apelient, apelir, apeliasid, apeliasit, apeliasoch, apeliasom, apeliaswn, apelid, apeliech, apelied, apeliem, apelien, apeliasem, denasech, apelier, apelies, apeliest, apeliet, apeliff, apelio, apelioch, apeliodd, apeliom, apelion, apeliont, atynnir, apelith, apeliwch, apeliwn, apeliwyd, apeliwyf, apeliych, atynasai, atynasant, atynasech, atynasem, atynasent, atynnech, atynasoch, atynasom, atynaswn, atynna, atynna’, atynnaf, atynnai, atynnais, atynnaist, atynnan, atynniff, atynasit, atynned, atynnem, atynnen, atynnent, atynner, atynnes, atynnest, atynnet, atynni, atynnid, atynnant, atynnych, atynnith, atynno, atynnoch, atynnodd, atynnom, atynnon, atynnont, atynnwch, atynnwn, atynnwyd, atynasid, dynnid, dena, dena’, denaf, denai, denais, denaist, denan, denant, denasai, denasant, atynnwyf, denodd, denasem, denasent, denasid, denasit, denasoch, denasom, denaswn, denech, dened, denem, denen, dynasech, dener, denes, denest, denet, deni, denid, deniff, denir, denith, deno, denoch, apeli, denom, denon, denont, denwch, denwn, denwyd, denwyf, denych, dyn, dynasai, dynasant, denent, dynasem, dynasent, dynasid, dynasit, dynasoch, dynasom, dynaswn, dynna, dynna’, dynnai, dynnais, dynnwyd, dynnan, dynnant, dynnech, dynnem, dynnen, dynnent, dynner, dynnes, dynnest, dynnet, dynni, ddenasant, dynniff, dynnir, dynnith, dynno, dynnoch, dynnodd, dynnom, dynnon, dynnont, dynnwch, dynnwn, dynnaist, dynnwyf, dynnych, ddena, ddena’, ddenaf, ddenai, ddenais, ddenaist, ddenan, ddenant, ddenasai, tynnai, ddenasech, ddenasem, ddenasent, ddenasid, ddenasit, ddenasoch, ddenasom, ddenaswn, ddenech, ddened, ddenem, ddenodd, ddener, ddenes, ddenest, ddenet, ddeni, ddenid, ddeniff, ddenir, ddenith, ddeno, lygad-dynasech, ddenent, ddenom, ddenon, ddenont, ddenwch, ddenwn, ddenwyd, ddenwyf, ddenych, lygad-dynasai, lygad-dynasant, ddenoch, lygad-dynnaist, lygad-dynasent, lygad-dynasid, lygad-dynasit, lygad-dynasoch, lygad-dynasom, lygad-dynaswn, lygad-dynna, lygad-dynna’, lygad-dynnaf, lygad-dynnai, llygad-dynno, llygad-dynaswn, lygad-dynnan, lygad-dynnant, lygad-dynnech, lygad-dynned, lygad-dynnem, lygad-dynnen, lygad-dynnent, lygad-dynner, lygad-dynnes, lygad-dynnest, lygad-dynnais, lygad-dynnwn, lygad-dynnid, lygad-dynniff, lygad-dynnir, lygad-dynnith, lygad-dynno, lygad-dynnoch, lygad-dynnodd, lygad-dynnom, lygad-dynnon, lygad-dynnont, llygad-dynasom, lygad-dynni, lygad-dynnwyd, lygad-dynnwyf, lygad-dynnych, llygad-dynasai, llygad-dynasant, llygad-dynasech, llygad-dynasem, llygad-dynasent, llygad-dynasid, llygad-dynasit, llygad-dynasoch, llygad-dynnen, llygad-dynna, llygad-dynna’, llygad-dynnaf, llygad-dynnai, llygad-dynnais, llygad-dynnaist, llygad-dynnan, llygad-dynnant, llygad-dynnech, llygad-dynned, lygad-dynnet, lygad-dynasem, llygad-dynnent, llygad-dynner, llygad-dynnes, llygad-dynnest, llygad-dynnet, llygad-dynni, llygad-dynnid, llygad-dynniff, llygad-dynnir, llygad-dynnith, llygad-dynnem, tynasant, llygad-dynnodd, llygad-dynnom, llygad-dynnon, llygad-dynnont, llygad-dynnwch, llygad-dynnwn, llygad-dynnwyd, llygad-dynnwyf, llygad-dynnych, tyn, tynnaf, llygad-dynnoch, tynasech, tynasem, tynasent, tynasid, tynasit, tynasoch, tynasom, tynaswn, tynna, tynna’, tynasai, tynnest, tynnais, tynnaist, tynnan, tynnant, tynnech, tynned, tynnem, tynnen, tynnent, tynner, ddenen, thynnem, tynnet, tynni, tynnid, tynniff, tynnir, tynnith, tynno, tynnoch, tynnodd, tynnom, tynnes, thynasit, tynnwch, tynnwn, tynnwyd, tynnwyf, tynnych, thynasai, thynasant, thynasech, thynasem, thynasent, thynnech, tynnont, thynasoch, thynasom, thynaswn, thynna, thynna’, thynnai, thynnais, thynnaist, thynnan, thynnant, thynasid, thynno, thynnen, thynnent, thynner, thynnes, thynnest, thynnet, thynni, thynnid, thynniff, thynnir, tynnon, lygad-dynnwch, thynnoch, thynnodd, thynnom, thynnon, thynnont, thynnwch, thynnwn, thynnwyd, thynnwyf, thynnych, thynnith
Attract :
- denuatyniadwyattractantDenoddgan ddenu

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Verb(1) direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes(2) be attractive to(3) exert a force on (a body

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(1) he hoped this strategy would attract foreign investment by multinationals(2) It was following that announcement that the city council and its partners launched a strategy to attract inward investment.(3) The two ions of opposite charge attract each other and an ionic bond is formed.(4) the negatively charged ions attract particles of dust(5) The venture had failed to attract enough private funding.(6) Electronegativity refers to the ability of an atom in a compound to attract electrons.(7) The use of effective language on a resume will attract the attention of an employer.(8) a campaign to attract more visitors to Shetland(9) I did not want to attract attention(10) Today's call for a weekly farmers' market in York is likely to attract widespread support.(11) a campaign to attract more visitors to West Virginia(12) A lot of its activities either break even or lose money in order to attract visitor interest here.(13) A combined project is more likely to attract senior management attention and support.(14) Computers cause static electricity and so attract dust and bacteria.(15) If New Zealand wants to progress and prosper, we must attract foreign investment to this country.(16) The other approach is to attract foreign investment, which brings technology with it.
Related Words
(1) to attract ::
i ddenu
1. draw ::
2. entice ::
3. appeal ::
Different Forms
attract, attractable, attractant, attractants, attracted, attracting, attracts
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

...might attract the attention
of the hotel detective?

...might ATTRACT the attention of the hotel detective?

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 19

That sounds like something
that would attract the wrong crowd.

That sounds like something that would ATTRACT the wrong crowd.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 13

...of the money you attract to smuggle
your grandfather out of Pyongyang.

...of the money you ATTRACT to smuggle your grandfather out of Pyongyang.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 12

we\'d attract

we'd ATTRACT something.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 15

You know what they say, opposites attract.

You know what they say, opposites ATTRACT.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 8

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