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gwaharddiad, embargo, ataliad, taboo, waharddiad, cloi allan, gwahardd, a drodd yn fethiant, curse, darn, damn, anathema, cuss, eliffant
gwaharddiad, anathematize, beshrew, imprecate
gwaharddiad, embargo, curse, imprecate, execrate, Gyfrannog ymwrthod, damn, gwahardd, feto, enjoin, eithrio, ddiarddel, Extrude, gael gwared

Ban    :gwaharddiad


Ban - gwaharddiad

Banes :: banes

Bans :: gwaharddiadau


Related Words

1. lift a ban :: godi gwaharddiad


1. prohibition :: gwaharddiad

2. exclusion :: gwahardd

3. proscription :: proscription

4. forbidding :: gwahardd


5. prohibit :: gwahardd

6. exclude :: eithrio

7. banish :: gael gwared

8. censor :: sensro

9. ostracise :: ostracise


1. allow :: caniatáu

2. let :: gadewch

3. permit :: trwydded

4. suffer :: yn dioddef

Different forms

ban, bans

English to Welsh Dictionary: ban
Meaning and definitions of ban, translation in Welsh language for ban with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ban in Welsh and in English language.

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What ban means in Welsh, ban meaning in Welsh, ban definition, examples and pronunciation of ban in Welsh language.

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