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di-ri, aneirif, uncounted, numberless, unnumbered, myrdd, ddiddiwedd, uncountable, aruthrol, anfesuradwy, amhrisiadwy, measureless, anghymesur, incomputable, gormodol
di-ri, numberless, anfesuradwy, aneirif, uncountable, unnumbered

Countless    :di-ri


Countless - di-ri


Related Words

1. countless times :: gwaith di-ri


1. innumerable :: aneirif

2. numerous :: niferus

3. untold :: ofnadwy

4. a legion of :: lleng o

5. without number :: heb rhif

6. numberless :: numberless

7. unnumbered :: unnumbered

8. limitless ::

9. multitudinous :: multitudinous

10. incalculable :: anfesuradwy

11. umpteen :: umpteen

12. no end of :: dim diwedd

13. a slew of :: laddodd o

14. loads of :: llawer o

15. stacks of :: pentyrrau o

16. heaps of :: tomenni o

17. masses of :: llu o

18. oodles of :: beth wmbredd o

19. zillions of :: zillions o

20. gazillions of :: gazillions o

21. bajillions of :: bajillions o

22. myriad :: myrdd

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English to Welsh Dictionary: countless
Meaning and definitions of countless, translation in Welsh language for countless with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of countless in Welsh and in English language.

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What countless means in Welsh, countless meaning in Welsh, countless definition, examples and pronunciation of countless in Welsh language.

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