English to Welsh Meaning :: draw

Draw :
dynnu, tynnu, thynnu, denu, arlunio, darlunio, ddenu, gwehynnu, ngwehynnu, anelu, luniadu, lluniadu, narlunio, nenu, nhynnu, wehynnu, haneludynfa, dynfeydd, nhynfa, nhynfeydd, tynfa, tynfeydd, thynfa, thynfeyddanelwyf, anelasech, anela’, anelaf, anelai, anelais, anelaist, anelan, anelant, anelasai, anelasant, anelwyd, anelasem, anelasent, anelasid, anelasit, anelasoch, anelasom, anelaswn, anelech, aneled, anelir, anelen, anelent, aneler, aneles, anelest, anelet, aneli, anelid, aneliff, arlunioch, anelem, anelo, aneloch, anelodd, anelom, anelon, anelont, anelwch, anelwn, denoch, anelych, arlunia, arlunia’, arluniaf, arluniai, arluniais, arluniaist, arlunian, arluniant, arluniasai, arluniasant, arluniasech, arluniasem, arluniasent, arluniasid, arluniasit, arluniasoch, arluniasom, arluniaswn, arluniech, arlunied, arluniem, arlunien, arlunient, arlunier, arlunies, arluniest, arluniet, arlunio, anelith, arluniodd, arluniom, arlunion, arluniont, arluniwch, arluniwn, arluniwyd, arluniwyf, arluniych, darluniwyf, darluniaist, arlunnid, arlunniff, arlunnir, arlunnith, darlunia, darlunia’, darluniaf, darluniai, darluniais, darluniwyd, darlunian, darluniant, darluniasai, darluniasant, darluniasech, darluniasem, darluniasent, darluniasid, darluniasit, darluniest, darluniasom, darluniaswn, darluniech, darlunied, darluniem, darlunien, darlunient, darlunier, darlunies, dener, darluniasoch, darlunio, darlunioch, darluniodd, darluniom, darlunion, darluniont, darluniwch, darluniwn, arlunni, darluniych, darlunni, darlunnid, darlunniff, darlunnir, darlunnith, dena, dena’, denaf, denai, denais, denaist, denan, denant, denasai, denasant, denasech, denasem, denasent, denasid, denasit, denasoch, denasom, denaswn, denech, dened, denem, denen, denent, ddenasom, denes, denest, denet, deni, denid, deniff, denir, denith, deno, dynnith, dyn, denodd, denom, denon, denont, denwch, denwn, denwyd, denwyf, denych, dynnir, dynasai, dynasant, dynasech, dynasem, dynasent, dynasid, dynasit, dynasoch, dynasom, dynnem, dynnen, dynna, dynna’, dynnai, dynnais, dynnaist, dynnan, dynnant, dynnech, ddarluniech, dynaswn, dynnent, dynner, dynnes, dynnest, dynnet, dynni, dynnid, dynniff, anela, dynno, dynnoch, dynnodd, dynnom, dynnon, dynnont, dynnwch, dynnwn, dynnwyd, dynnwyf, dynnych, ddarlunia, ddarlunia’, ddarluniaf, ddarluniai, ddarluniais, ddarluniaist, ddarlunian, ddarluniant, ddarluniasai, ddarluniasant, ddarluniasech, ddarluniasem, ddarluniasent, ddarluniasid, ddarluniasit, ddarluniasoch, ddarluniasom, ddarluniaswn, gwehynasech, ddarlunied, ddarluniem, ddarlunien, ddarlunient, ddarlunier, ddarlunies, ddarluniest, ddarluniet, ddarlunio, ddarluniych, ddarlunni, ddarluniodd, ddarluniom, ddarlunion, ddarluniont, ddarluniwch, ddarluniwn, ddarluniwyd, ddarluniwyf, ddenest, ddenet, ddarlunnid, ddarlunniff, ddarlunnir, ddarlunnith, ddena, ddena’, ddenaf, ddenai, ddenasoch, ddenan, ddenant, ddenasai, ddenasant, ddenasech, ddenasem, ddenasent, ddenasid, ddenasit, ddenais, ddenaist, ddenaswn, ddenech, ddened, ddenem, ddenen, ddenent, ddener, ddenes, ddenom, ddenon, ddeni, ddenid, ddeniff, ddenir, ddenith, ddeno, ddenoch, ddenodd, gwehynnent, ddarlunioch, ddenont, ddenwch, ddenwn, ddenwyd, ddenwyf, ddenych, gwehynasai, gwehynasant, gwehynnaf, gwehynnai, gwehynasent, gwehynasid, gwehynasit, gwehynasoch, gwehynasom, gwehynaswn, gwehynna, gwehynna’, darluniet, gwehynasem, gwehynnais, gwehynnaist, gwehynnan, gwehynnant, gwehynnech, gwehynned, gwehynnem, gwehynnen, hanelen, gwehynnoch, gwehynnes, gwehynnest, gwehynnet, gwehynni, gwehynnid, gwehynniff, gwehynnir, gwehynnith, gwehynno, hanelem, gwehynnodd, gwehynnom, gwehynnon, gwehynnont, gwehynnwch, gwehynnwn, gwehynnwyd, gwehynnwyf, gwehynnych, hanelasech, hanela’, hanelaf, hanelai, hanelais, hanelaist, hanelan, hanelant, hanelasai, hanelasant, harluniasid, hanela, hanelasent, hanelasid, hanelasit, hanelasoch, hanelasom, hanelaswn, hanelech, haneled, lluniadasit, hanelent, haneler, haneles, hanelest, hanelet, hanelo, haneloch, hanelodd, hanelom, hanelon, hanelont, hanelwch, hanelwn, hanelwyd, hanelwyf, hanelych, harlunia, harlunia’, harluniaf, harluniai, harluniais, harluniaist, harlunian, harluniant, harluniasai, harluniasant, harluniasech, harluniasem, harluniasent, hanelasem, harluniasit, harluniasoch, harluniasom, harluniaswn, harluniech, harlunied, harluniem, harlunien, harlunient, luniaden, harluniwch, harlunies, harluniest, harluniet, harlunio, harlunioch, harluniodd, harluniom, harlunion, harluniont, luniadem, harluniwn, harluniwyd, harluniwyf, harluniych, harlunni, harlunnid, harlunniff, harlunnir, harlunnith, luniadasech, luniada’, luniadaf, luniadai, luniadais, luniadaist, luniadan, luniadant, luniadasai, luniadasant, lluniadais, luniada, luniadasent, luniadasid, luniadasit, luniadasoch, luniadasom, luniadaswn, luniadech, luniaded, harlunier, luniadent, luniader, luniades, luniadest, luniadet, luniadi, luniadiff, luniadith, luniado, luniadoch, luniadodd, luniadom, luniadon, luniadont, luniadwch, luniadwn, luniadwyd, luniadwyf, luniedais, luniedaist, luniedi, luniedid, luniedir, luniedwch, luniedych, lluniada, lluniada’, lluniadaf, lluniadai, thynnon, lluniadaist, lluniadan, lluniadant, lluniadasai, lluniadasant, lluniadasech, lluniadasem, lluniadasent, lluniadasid, tynasit, lluniades, lluniadasoch, lluniadasom, lluniadaswn, lluniadech, lluniaded, lluniadem, lluniaden, lluniadent, lluniader, tynasid, lluniadest, lluniadet, lluniadi, lluniadiff, lluniadith, lluniado, lluniadoch, lluniadodd, lluniadom, lluniedid, lluniedir, lluniadont, lluniadwch, lluniadwn, lluniadwyd, lluniadwyf, lluniedais, lluniedaist, lluniedi, tynnon, lluniadon, lluniedwch, lluniedych, tyn, tynasai, tynasant, tynasech, tynasem, tynasent, gwehynner, tynasoch, tynasom, tynaswn, tynna, tynna’, tynnaf, tynnai, tynnais, tynnaist, tynnan, tynnant, tynnech, tynned, tynnem, tynnen, tynnent, tynner, tynnes, tynnest, tynnet, tynni, tynnid, tynniff, tynnir, tynnith, tynno, tynnoch, tynnodd, tynnom, wehynnent, tynnont, tynnwch, tynnwn, tynnwyd, tynnwyf, tynnych, thynasai, thynasant, thynasech, thynnai, thynnais, thynasent, thynasid, thynasit, thynasoch, thynasom, thynaswn, thynna, thynna’, wehynasech, wehynasem, thynnaist, thynnan, thynnant, thynnech, thynnem, thynnen, thynnent, thynner, thynnom, thynnet, thynni, thynnid, thynniff, thynnir, thynnith, thynno, thynnoch, thynnodd, thynnes, thynnest, thynnont, thynnwch, thynnwn, thynnwyd, thynnwyf, thynnych, wehynasai, wehynasant, wehynnaf, wehynnai, wehynasent, wehynasid, wehynasit, wehynasoch, wehynasom, wehynaswn, wehynna, wehynna’, wehynnych, thynasem, wehynnais, wehynnaist, wehynnan, wehynnant, wehynnech, wehynned, wehynnem, wehynnen, wehynno, wehynnoch, wehynnes, wehynnest, wehynnet, wehynni, wehynnid, wehynniff, wehynnir, wehynnith, luniadasem, wehynner, wehynnodd, wehynnom, wehynnon, wehynnont, wehynnwch, wehynnwn, wehynnwyd, wehynnwyf - tynnudynnulluniaduyn tynnu
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Show English Meaning

Noun(1) a gully that is shallower than a ravine(2) an entertainer who attracts large audiences(3) the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided(4) anything (straws or pebbles etc.(5) a playing card or cards dealt or taken from the pack(6) a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer(7) (American football(8) poker in which a player can discard cards and receive substitutes from the dealer(9) the act of drawing or hauling something
Verb(1) cause to move by pulling(2) get or derive(3) make a mark or lines on a surface(4) make, formulate, or derive in the mind(5) bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover(6) represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface(7) take liquid out of a container or well(8) give a description of(9) select or take in from a given group or region(10) elicit responses, such as objections, criticism, applause, etc.(11) suck in or take (air(12) move or go steadily or gradually(13) remove (a commodity, a supply source(14) choose at random(15) earn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher(16) bring or lead someone to a certain action or condition

Show Examples

(1) It doesn't take much to chart really, just a program that lets you draw a straight line.(2) you're at art college, you must be able to draw(3) The winner will be the first entry selected after the draw closes at midnight.(4) Sometimes I go through spells when I just draw , when I just write, when I just paint.(5) Two more weeks remain in this league followed by a fun bowling Friday at which time new team members are selected by a blind draw .(6) before establishing his diamonds, declarer must draw trumps(7) We create attractive cost efficient websites that will draw visitors and customers to your business or personal web pages.(8) After a great match a draw was probably a fair result in the end.(9) it was a draw(10) This is part of the Swindon Music Festival and children taking part have been asked to design and draw a picture that represents the festival.(11) now I just draw out a spending allowance every week(12) Sue has a lot of past experience to draw on(13) She lifted the cigar to her lips and took a draw , turning her head over to look at him and exhaling the smoke.(14) Books on self-improvement have been a big draw at book fairs.(15) Celtic are a famous club and will be an attractive draw for our fans.(16) he had to learn to draw the ball├ö├ç├Ânot least for the tee shots at Augusta
Related Words
(1) draw up ::
(2) to draw ::
i dynnu
(3) draw on ::
tynnu ar
(4) draw out ::
tynnu allan
(5) draw a picture ::
dynnu llun
(6) draw back ::
tynnu yn ôl
(7) draw attention ::
tynnu sylw
(8) draw off ::
tynnu oddi ar
(9) draw in ::
dynnu i mewn
(10) draw the line ::
tynnu llinell
1. tie ::
2. attraction ::
3. standoff ::
4. drawing card ::
cerdyn lluniadu
5. lot ::
6. hook ::
7. haul ::
8. draw poker ::
tynnu poker
9. sketch ::
10. pull ::
11. move ::
12. close ::
13. drain ::
15. withdraw ::
tynnu'n ôl
16. breathe in ::
anadlu i mewn
17. attract ::
18. deduce ::
19. eviscerate ::
20. quarter ::
21. string ::
22. get ::
23. drag ::
24. soak up ::
25. make ::
26. guide ::
27. tie ::
28. take out ::
cymryd allan
30. cast ::
31. describe ::
32. reap ::
1. drive ::
2. propel ::
3. push ::
Different Forms
draw, draws
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

to see how many parallelograms
I could draw

to see how many parallelograms I could DRAW

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 13

Draw your own

Draw your own conclusions.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 2

Draw! Light them up.

Draw! Light them up.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 9

that a warrior will draw
a burning sword from the fire.

that a warrior will DRAW a burning sword from the fire.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 1

<i>Matt Peterson-- Win the draw, Englehart
wins the draw, back to Peterson,</i>

Matt Peterson-- Win the DRAW, Englehart wins the DRAW, back to Peterson,

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15

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